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April 8th 2010
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In large part due to the cacophony of the millions of roosters that seem to live in Ubud, I was awake bright and early. What is a girl to do at 5:45 am with nowhere to go ... email her mother of course! There were some serious questions about souvenir ideas that needed to be answered! The boys (that's you dad and JF!) are hard to shop for and I refuse to get another damn t-shirt! I headed to b... Read Full Entry

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Bali Day 6 043Bali Day 6 043
Bali Day 6 043

The one that crossed right in front of me ... so close I felt his tail on my forehead
Bali Day 6 045Bali Day 6 045
Bali Day 6 045

If you look closely ... she has a sleeping baby in her arms
Bali Day 6 046Bali Day 6 046
Bali Day 6 046

Colourful flowers in Ubud
Bali Day 6 048Bali Day 6 048
Bali Day 6 048

He was playing cards and kept looking over at me ... so I took his picture!
Bali Day 6 047Bali Day 6 047
Bali Day 6 047

Colourful kites in Ubud

8th April 2010

I recall how amazed we were at seeing a couple monkeys in the trees in Belize {?} So I can only imagine how it was to see so many of them all over the place! They steal out of the offerings to the Gods??? Yikes!!! Then again, I am sure the Gods have a good laugh more than anything else!!! All is well at home. I visit Charlotte every other day this time but I stay longer. A good compromise:) Oh! and meant to tell you...YES! those sweet potato slices are highly addictive! Be safe and keep enjoying Bali without a worry in the world*
8th April 2010

Que de singeries ...
... une belle vie quand même ... et une gang de comiques! Bon repos ...

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