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Asia » India June 9th 2014

05/06/14 Our tour today apart from being dirty was very informative. Our guide stated that Colombo is the 34th busiest port in the world, and there has been marine traffic coming and going all day. The Navy are based here as well and they all live in accommodation here at the port. All education is free, even university, and colleges, however, there was a protest outside a university today as we drove past, the students were complaining about rising costs of hostel style accommodation. All hospital and medical treatments are also free, *Please take note Australian governments. Today being Thursday there were numerous games of cricket, soccer, and even rugby being played at various venues around the city. We were supposed to slip our lines at 7:30 p.m. and head out to sea but had to ... read more
Giant condom
Mumbai Ladyboys
Temple Delhi

Asia » India June 9th 2014

Back in the hotel after a hot morning and as such we decided not to go and see the ancient fort, it was just too hot. We have relaxed in the Hotel air conditioning and have caught up on some emails blogging etc. We even managed to FaceTime Macarla and family in Cairns, tried Kellie and Rodney without success, also tried Lyn Nottingham but no joy either. At our hotels lunch and evening meals they have consisted of Indian type banquets, I don't mind as I can handle the curries but Colleen is finding it a bit tough. In Delhi there have been concerns about the number of road fatalities that happen when the streets are unmanned by the local police between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. In the first 5 months there have been 325 ... read more

Asia » India » Punjab » Chandigarh June 4th 2014

We made it out of Shimla on Tuesday morning. We hired a private car to take us down the mountain to Chandigarh. Total cost for the new Toyota Elios and a very good driver was $49 US. The ride took 3 hours and with every kilometer we breathed easier due to the increase in oxygen and the knowledge that we were a kilometer closer to leaving India. We came to like, if not love, Shimla. It is a beautiful locale and in the end we met some very kind and helpful people but not enough to offset the tremendous hassle of traveling in this most vexing of lands. I would like to return someday to hike the Kashmir area but only with another person capable of taking care of themselves. Somebody like Noah, Greg, Reed, Montgomery, ... read more
Our Windows
Morning Of Our Depature

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Shimla June 2nd 2014

I did not know that cows could climb stairs. As a youngster I think I saw an episode of Mr. Ed where he used an elevator and those horses in 'The Long Riders' galloped through a general store making their getaway but I never saw a cow climbing stairs until yesterday. We are in Shimla, India. An old British hill station town north of Delhi. We are tucked into northwest India an area bordered by Nepal, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are at an altitude of about 9,000 feet. The days are temperate and the evenings refreshingly cool but walking up a hill here can make you feel like you're one lung short and there are nothing but hills here. Big beautiful green ones that run all the way to the Indian Himalaya. We cannot see ... read more
And Away We Go
Baby Monkey Burglar
Our Train To Shimla

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi June 1st 2014

After I hit the guy the men around him took a step back and didn't give me a second glance. The train info officer behind the window smiled at me and politely inquired, "How may I help you sir?" New Delhi is definitely a 'Walk softly but carry a big stick, kind of town. We flew out of Kathmandu on a cloudy morning. I awoke that day with a particularly pointed case of Gastro that I had consumed along with a very good pancake the previous day in Bakhtapur. So today's routine went along the lines of; Go to airport, go to bathroom, check-in, go to bathroom, clear security, go to bathroom.... You get the drift. I took a fist full of pills and told the girls that they were going to have to take the ... read more
The ITB At Last!
KJ and Karlie Going Away Dinner


Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi » Dwarka June 1st 2014

Athens and back to Delhi..... Tuesday 20th Today saw me get up early, go for a morning stroll down to town, then wander back in time for check out at 12pm. I sat in the courtyard for an hour in the sun whilst waiting for my lift to the port. At 1pm the owner of the hotel dropped me over to the port in time for my 2pm ferry to Piraeus in Athens. The journey was just under 6 hours long on a cool ferry which was very much like a P&O ferry but without the duty free shops! Lol I found a comfy seat and sat and finished my book and listened to music until arrival at 8pm. I then wandered along the harbour and upto my hotel. Which was about a 5 minute stroll! ... read more

Asia » India May 30th 2014

The Magical Mystery Tour is complete after 15 weeks (105 days) of traveling. I trekked through Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Nepal, India, and then some decompression time in Texas with friends and family. I’ve just arrived in California and this will be my last travelogue for some time. I am thinking about having a cocktail party at my house to show some of my travel photos. Send me a private message or comment if you are interested in joining (so I can pick the best day). When I last posted, I was scrambling around Nepal armed with a lonely planet guide and an increasingly dilapidated backpack. Subsequently, I joined forces in India with Alexa La Plante, who is a former colleague that was doing charity work in West Bengal before starting a tour of Northern India. ... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Puttaparthi May 28th 2014

The area that I am staying in is called Kokulum, a small village between Enumulapalli and Puttaparthi, there is very little distance in between them . I turn left when I leave the flat walking for about twenty minutes, takes me to Enumulapalli where the center is situated, turning off the main road and up a small hill. It is very picturesque, especially near the river with the hills in the background. The village is traditional with lots of little brick built houses, some of them colourfully painted and quite elaborately decorated. Some of them have electricity but water is fetched either at the river or at wells, it's incredible to see the women carrying these large urns on there heads, they make it look so easy. A few of the houses have little sheds attached ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai May 27th 2014

It was mid of may and local people say that it is agnivarsha nakshtram the hottest days in south. Chennai heat was bleeding us so we decide to go to tada falls for seeking refuge. Tada falls is something like 100 kilometers on Chennai which is very much accessible by road and train from Chennai. Our wolf pack decided to go by bike as usual all the plans for starting early fell flat. And we reached the tada Village at 12 P.M. The road is pretty much navigable and there were no traffic issues. We bought water bottles at the village. This is the last stop where u can get water at reasonable rate. Since it was hot and the trek was challenging we packed ourselves with sufficient water and snacks. We reached the forest gate ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling » Rimbick May 26th 2014

It was an interesting trip from Kolkata to Radhikapur (North Dinajpur District near Raiganj) by train where 11 of us made so much noise that the TTE ( Train Ticket Examiner) remarked to another passenger that this 'lot' must be travelling in train for the first time. It just happened that the 'other passenger' happened to be one of us! We reached Radhikapur station in the morning mist of things which is really not the nice cold mist but that of pollution. We were warmly received by the extended family followed by all the pets (parrot, dog). Time flew as I learned to play football in the open field. We also played various board games. The occasion was to attend the festival at Swaminath temple. There were over 50,000 visitors on the occasion of Buddha Purnima ... read more
Lebong Tea Estate
Mountains and Mist

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