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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai » Elliot's Beach March 16th 2014

Best of Southern India - week 1 Well firstly let me start off by apologising...its been a while since my last blog....I have be tearing around Kerala and Karnataka and not had wifi in most places! So, since I last blogged quite a lot has happened...will try to do it justice with a few words and pics! Thursday 6th. Up early again and off to Delhi Airport for 6am flight to Kochi. Flight was uneventful, which is always a good thing! Jumped in a taxi and drove to my hotel for a few rest days prior to the start of the 2 week tour in South India. Spent the rest of the day chilling and watching old films! Friday 7th & Saturday 8th Total relaxation days, involving sleeping, reading, watching films and eating curry! Sunday 9th ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Bolpur March 16th 2014

About Holi This year Holi Utsab held at Shantinikatan on 16thMarch 2014. I and my family with my friend attend this festival. This is the traditional festival so I am trying to give some synopsis . ... read more
Shantiniketan Holi Utsab
Shantiniketan Holi Utsab

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi March 15th 2014

Recently I was fortunate enough to lead a group to India for two hectic weeks of sightseeing. Totally different to the usual standard of travel we do (luxury instead of backpacking) but got to visit some amazing hotels. If anyone gets the chance, stay at the Leela Palace in delhi... stunning hotel! A place that we visited for the first time was a town called Orcha which is between Agra and Khajuraho. Other than the seeing the Taj, Orcha was the biggest highlight for the group. It is just a stunning place that is not expected. Very limited tourists and if anyone going to India is looking for something of the beaten track this is worth the effort. It was the first time that I have visited Khajuraho also. The only reason to visit here is ... read more
Orachha (23)
Varnassi (31)
Orachha (18)

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mandi March 14th 2014

Delhi 11th March 2014 “Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side” Lou Reed “Leave it to me as I find a way to be Consider me a satellite forever orbiting I know all the rules but the rules did not know me“ Eddie Vedder, Guaranteed I needed to take Gladys the wonder bike for some minor work and found The Bike Club workshop in Pahar Gange run by a lovely guy known as “DD” and his offsider “Jimmy”. Holi was fast approaching and as is their tradition, the Hijra were working the streets for money. Hijra denote transexual or transgender people (also known as Aravani or Jagappa in other parts of India). The hijra community is diverse and complex, and their place in society goes deeper than being just men who have feminine gender ... read more
Hijra at a workshop on HIV and AIDS in Bhubaneswar 2010
Hijra fashion parade organised by community activists as awaremess raising event. Bhubaneswar 2010

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata March 14th 2014

Kolkata, or more widely known as and still used by most of the local population, Calcutta, is situated in the north east of India in the state of West Bengal. The former capital of the British Raj of India has a somewhat split personality - the old British developed and organised colonial heartland and the surrounding chaotic Indian areas which merge together to form a wonderful city. Our first afternoon, which passed in somewhat of a blur due to tiredness and jet lag, consisted of a tour around the colonial buildings - Victoria Memorial, St John's Church, St Paul's Cathedral and Government buildings. Next day our tour of Calcutta continued with a very varied program. We visited the Sheetalnathji Jain Temple which was painted in brightly coloured pastel shades with pink towers looking somewhat reminiscent of ... read more
Flower Market
Jain Temple
The Black Hole of Calcutta Monument


Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 11th 2014

Our last day in India was supposed to be a quiet day with nothing to do. Things don’t always turn out as planned. Mr Ali advises us when we leave Mysore that our airport hotel in Bangalore is a 3 ½ hour drive away, so we ask to stop off at one more temple on the way. It’s a small but imposing 13th century temple with just a French woman and a group of three Indians as the only other visitors. As ever, we are told to leave our sandals at the entrance. We stack them neatly in a concrete compartment and look round the temple, which takes under 20 minutes. When we come to leave, Sara’s blue sandals have been replaced with a small black pair. Some mistake, surely? Gradually the awful truth dawns that ... read more
Mrs Bond in the Temple of Doom
David at Somnathpur
A typical Karnataka road scene

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi March 10th 2014

There’s nothing better than the Indian Railways for the intrepid traveller to experience India in all its insane unity and diverse perversity. But then, India is a large country, which means one must be prepared to spend 24 hours or more on board a train. Often, the combined anatomical and gastronomical challenges posed by crammed coaches, cramped berths and jammed toilets might overwhelm you and prevent you from performing even the simplest of tasks like breathing, eating, changing clothes or shaving. This in turn could cramp your enthusiasm (if not your innards) and very easily spoil your holiday. But despair not! With a few simple tips, you can be as comfortable on the train as you are at home, and do all your routine tasks as well—with a few innovative modifications as needed. Buoyed by this ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore March 10th 2014

Mysore overall is a very pleasant city – wide avenues, fine municipal buildings, though of course very much an Indian city. On our last full day here we went early to the Ranganathittu bird reserve near to Sriringapatna on the Cauvery river. We paid for a trip in a boat with other people, declining a private boat for INR2000. Suddenly the price came down to INR1000 (£10) at which price we said yes. Surprisingly we were not offered a receipt, I wonder if the two rangers declared our payment to their boss? The reserve comprises a number of small islands in the river. It is a beautiful serene place, with very few people if you arrive early. But peaceful it is not – instead the air is full of the sounds of thousands of birds cooing, ... read more
Nest building stork
The trainspotter
Obelisk at Sringapatna

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore March 9th 2014

Sunday morning. David is still recovering from Everton’s loss to Arsenal in the FA Cup. Continuing to meet our craving to eat something different, we reverse yesterday’s move from Indian to European food, and swap out the toast and omelette breakfast of the last ten days for an Indian breakfast of wada, sambur, yoghurt and lassi. Mr Ali, reliable as ever, collects us at 9am and we head to the Chamundi Hills which overlook Mysore. At the top is an old temple, still in use and absolutely heaving with people as today is Sunday and hence a day off. Mr Ali informs us that people start arriving at 5am. We decide not to join the queue, but instead wander back to the car through the numerous stalls selling trays of fruit and flowers for temple offerings ... read more
Lalitha Mahal Palace faded grandeur
Mysore palace
Sara with another nandi

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore March 9th 2014

We went back to the palace this evening to see it lit up. What an amazing sight - thousands of lights strung all over the place all shining brightly. turning it into a version of Cinderella's castle.... read more
Mysore palace at night

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