Pilgrimage into the cow's mouth.

This journal has been deleted.

16th December 2010

Wow...that scenery is....wow....sounds like a really great experience! Thanks for a great read.
16th December 2010

This is one of the hardest shots to get right: sun fading, clouds rolling in, distant mountains reflecting tons of snow. One of the best shots I've seen on Travelblog in a while. Well done.
18th December 2010

Awesome picture!
18th December 2010

I love it
This place is very rocky.
24th December 2010

Nice work
Great stuff, however who ever takes this pics has just made awesome work, that's why you like nice in this pics.. :)
23rd April 2011

About images
Hi, You have done a great job.I appreciate your way of seeing the things.Great pics god bles you.

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