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September 23rd 2008
Published: November 11th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Ok Fearon, sounds great.

This was the entry into India, an invitation from a friend whom crossed paths during an evening in Thailand down South, to receiving an invite to an area where it was for sure known that cups of tea are famous for its being. A spontaneous entry into Calcutta following the intention of a cheap plane ticket from Bangkok, leading to an apartment housed by beautiful Irish lasses hanging out helping whipper snappers in the area of TullyGunge, leading to a weekend with Fearons Mum and two of her friends who were heading into Darjeeling for the experience and to catch up with some friends of old.

Today is a Thursday, which means exactly two weeks in India, and far out what a trip so far, its quite a ride. Taking a few days here in a place called Rishikesh which was made famous courtesy of the Beetles in the 60's to rest, catch some sleep and regain the health, can not remember the last time I traveled so hard, if ever is actually the case. Travel, travel, travel, you could move around India for a whole year and keep on moving and even better you will never go broke.

On the evening of arrival in Calcutta after dinner at Tullys on Park Street it was on an overnight train straight away to Siliguri, then a 3 hour jeep trip up the mountain to Darjeeling at 2,000m, stunning. Colonial, decaying, vibrant, quaint, fresh air, and the few places in India where you would want to purchase woolen garments to wear, like those sweet Himalayan Hats you see all over the world, they make them here. Devin shire Tea, Fine Dining, early start on Tiger Hill for a sunrise, Haircut at a training school, music and West Bengal welcomes in the tradition of a scarf.

From here it was back to Calcutta for a few days, spent out and about with Fearon shopping for globes, books, making dinner for the girls at home, going out for dinner at Peter Cats to say goodbye, spending a couple of days with two local lads who spend as much time as possible playing in a band, and picking up girls. It was a great chance to see the real Calcutta from another view. Love the place. Also will be hard pressed to get ripped off having seen how much things really are being around the boys.

From here to Varanasi, overnight train again, and onwards to Delhi. Varanasi is a busy place, famous for the burning ghats, if you are lucky enough to die there you are burned on the river bank of the Ganges, or Ganga. We hope you die here. Shit, I would. Lucky enough, I get to keep on going. The place was a bed stay mainly, got a nice little tummy disorder and enjoyed being close to the bathroom. Did get around though and enjoyed the company of Marion another Kiwi, as well as discovering a great German Bakery. Go figure.

Couch surfed in Delhi with a top guy who speaks English as a first language and Hindu as a second, another side of India. We spent the evening at his mates pad drinking beer eating great food and talking shit, good shit, it was a great evening in the big city. Then off to the place of Yoga, Meditation and sought after transformation, Rishikesh...the Beetles wrote an album here, not sure which one...its a double disk I think.

Today was great, first, I got an Ayrvedic consultancy but tomorrow I'm going back to exchange my rubbish liver cleanse pills for some money cause my guest house Mum says they are shit, plus the bottle has a picture of lungs, not a liver, so so much for not getting ripped off again, learning though. Then I got some Henna all over my right arm, this is a temporary Indian Tattooing. Then a really Stoned Sadhu sought my company and after attempting to sell me a quantity of Hash kept in his hat we managed to enjoy some local chapatis together in a restaurant, quite a random day I have to say. You just don't know what is going to happen in India when you wake up.

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Tenzing MemorialTenzing Memorial
Tenzing Memorial

Climbed with Sir Ed up the big one, he was from Darjeeling, India

Ganges River, Burning Ghats

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