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Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Saranath March 19th 2012

A Gath-ok tortenesei megunhatatlanok. Csak viccbol elkezdtuk szamolni, hogy ha elindulunk a gath-ak setanyan es leulunk valahova, mennyien szolitanak meg minket kereskedelmi, szolgatataskinalo esetleg egyeb haszonszerzesi szandekkal, fel ora utan mar tob mint 10-nel tartottuk ugyhogy abbahagytuk. Negyen megakartak maszirozni, harman hajokazni vittek volna, hiaba mondtuk, hogy mar voltunk az elmult 12 oraban ketszer, ami igaz is mert tegnap naplementekor meg ma napfelkeltekor is Gangeszoztunk, kepeslap, matrica, festekpor dealerek cserelgettek egymast, eszmet csereltunk egy meditaciotanar-szentemberrel nehany ritualis furdozovel,egy az allitasa szerint a ferje altal elcsufitott arcu holggyel, gyerekek, koldusok, vidam korzozok. Aki itt ugy erzi, hogy unatkozik az foduljon szakemberhez mert valami komoly gond lehet vele. Ma ellatogattunk Sarnathba ahol a megvilagosodott Buddha az elso besz... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Saranath January 10th 2012

Day Five 10/01/12 I woke early as is usual when the rest of the world wakes around you, banging and clattering, shouting and singing, ringing and chiming. There has been chanting and bells every morning I have been here. I assumed it was a group of people getting together for a morning singsong but this morning I ventured out early to get some snaps before Mayur arrived and found that it is in fact many people separately worshipping their chosen gods in their miniature shrines on the street. When I arrive back at the hostel I meet Mehdi and Sahi, a brother and sister from Iran. I mention that I plan to go to Sarnath today and they ask to tag along. I'm glad of the company and it turns out they are both into photography ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Saranath April 5th 2011

I killed one more day in and around Varanasi at a place called Saranath, checking out where Buddha gave his first sermon. After achieving enlightenment Buddha or 'Siddhartha Gautama' gave his first sermon, known as The First Turning of the Wheel of Law. He delivered the sermon to his disciples - 5 ascetics that he had fasted with before attaining enlightenment. The sermon was based on the four noble truths that are: 1. Life is rooted in suffering (dukkha). 2. Suffering is caused by craving (tanha) for power, pleasure and long life 3. By eliminating this craving there is release from suffering and so the chance to achieve nirvana. 4. The way to eliminate craving and thus suffering is to follow the Noble Eight fold path. The Noble Eight fold path was what Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Saranath October 14th 2009

Herasimme jo neljan jalkeen. Puoli kuudelta lahdettiin ulos ja otettiin tunnin veneajelu. Aurinko nousi sen aikana. Virta olikin aika voimakas. Nahtiin yksi polttohautauskin. Kokko oli juuri sytytetty ja jalat nakyivat. Veneajelun jalkeen kavin yksin tutkimassa lahikortteleita. Aamupalalle menimme puoli kahdeksan maissa ja puoli kymmenelta lahdettiin jo paivakaynnille Saranathiin. Sinne mentiin riksalla, joka oli tilattu hotellista. Temppelissa seuraamme lyottaityi mies, jonka palkkasin edullisesti oppaaksi. Poikkesimme viela museossa. Paluumatkalla kuski vei meidat muslimikortteliin. Ostin sielta huiveja ja tilasin Olgalle ylioppilasmekon. Katsottiin kangas ja otettiin mitat raatalia varten. Ostoskeskuksessa (Mall) kavimme elokuvissa. Talla kertaa vuorossa oli toimintaleffa. Polkupyorariksalla tulimme hotellin lahelle ja kavimme ravintolassa, jonka edellisillan opas oli meille... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Saranath March 13th 2009

Hello Everyone, It has been ages since I have been able to update the blog. There has been very little power here. In fact, I came about 2 weeks ago to update the blog and wrote a 7-8 paragraph page. and right before i was able to send it, the power cut out. So hopefully this one will go through. I am in Sarnath, near Varanassi. I have been here since Feb 19th. And will stay until March 28th. I have been attending teachings of Thrangu Rinpoche (my teacher) and have also taken ordination and become a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Right now that the teachings have ended, my goal is to continue study of the tibetan language. After the 28th, i will be in Dharamsala for the rest of my trip. I know u all are ... read more


Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Saranath February 7th 2009

Saranath is the city that the Buddha gave his first lecture after receiving enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya. We traveled there with Anil youngest daughter who traveled by train from Delhi to be our guide. She is 26 yrs old and is an accountant in Delhi. We hired an all day Taxi to drive the 12 k from Varanassi. 900 rupees all day. We visited the Museum and walked the grounds of the old ruins of the temple that used to be there. At the ruins we had a little run in with local guides who were giving are friend a hard time. Telling her that she was not a registered guide and could not act like on. I told her she was our guide and friend and to leave us alone. They did ... read more
Richard on Veranda
Indian Squat Toilet
Under our Window

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Saranath January 30th 2009

The Indian tourism bureau gave us a map and it's listed as "Sarnath." After a bit of research online, I can only conclude that either spelling is correct. After our Ganges boat ride we had a driver for the rest of the day. We decided to get out of the city and head to Sarnath a few km away. Sarnath is where the Buddha first preached his first sermon about the Dharma or Four Noble Truths and is considered a holy pilgrimage site. There are many Buddhist temples and monasteries: Tibetan, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Burmese. We visited the Tibetan Monastery and Japanese Monastery. We didn't see the others. Or at least, our driver didn't show them to us. There are also Buddhist stupas scattered around the town. The main Buddhist temple in Deer Park, Mulagandhakuti ... read more
Deer Park
Inside the new temple
Inside the new temple

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Saranath September 11th 2008

I forgot to update everyone regarding my expenditures. In August I spent 11,587.5 rupees. More than July, cheifly due to travel expenses and the purchase of some shoes. Still, not too terrible (I expect this month, with lots of travel, to be a bit worse). Today I visisted Sarnath, the place where the Buddha first taught his message to mankind. While relaxing under the shade of a particularly grand and elderly tree, two teenage boys sat by me and started a conversation. They were bored, and one of them drew my picture (no sales pitch involved). I wrote my name under the drawing, and the younger (17) kid said "that's my name!" Here it is pronounced more like "Brindin". I am very pleased. Maybe I am destined to spend many years in this country.... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Saranath January 11th 2007

Apart from a handful of minibuses and the big autorickshaws that could accommodate a dozen passengers (and long distance trains, of course), public transport is scarce between Varanasi and Saranath. But the wary traveller doesn’t need a route map on the road to Saranath. Houses, shops, gates, billboards…everything features a familiar leitmotif - Ashoka Chakra, the wheel with 24 spokes. Ashoka Chakra, the motif on the Indian tricolour, and Ashoka Stupa, the national emblem, come from the excavated monastery complex of Saranath. The stupas (columns) and sculptures patronized by Ashoka, the Mauryan emperor-turned-Buddhist monk, are the prized possessions in the archeological museum. Here you can see the fourth lion, hidden behind its three companions stamped on all coins and national insignia. Centuries before the formation of the Indian republic and decades before the Mauryan emp... read more
Way of the word
Circle of faith
Existence vs Enlightenment

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