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July 4th 2011
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Well, My first week has come to an end in the wonderful country of India.

I am currently in Virudhunagar, 40 minutes south of Madurai on a medical placement in Lysander Hospital. In the first week here I was discovered a lot about myself and where I see myself in a few years.

I left Perth on the 27th June, where the flight was delayed. I arrived in Singapore and was delayed and after arriving in Chennai, you guessed it, I was delayed. I finally reached Madurai 20 hours after I left Perth. What an awesome start.

The first thing you notice about Madurai is how modern the airport is while after only driving maybe a kilometre from the airport the poverty begins. You pass the famous engineering college where everybody is smilling on their way to classes and you pass people lying on the street in the rubbish. Even though you expect it when you leave your home country to actually see it is another thing all together.

After getting my project details I was whisked off to the bible college guesthouse where I would spend the first night. I had my own room, air conditioning and my own bathroom. and fell into a deep slumber for four hours until the banging began. every two minutes. for two hours.

The next day I was driven to Virundhunagar and given my first taste of a small Indian town. I love it. I went and met the doctors who would be my mentors over the next month and was shown my accomodation. Right above the hospital are apartments where I am staying with a lovely german girl.

These first few days were a blur of finding my surroundings, getting used to the heat and being away from home.

Here is a list that I have prepared of things I have learnt my first week in India:

1. Heat + me = fainting. Yup, going on rounds in the hospital, after about 2.5 hours with no water I go nighty night. Although if you are going to faint a hospital is probably the best place to do it.
2. Eating mangoes from shop seller number 4 (there are like 30 in the same street) means violent case of the runs, probably e.coli. and in the words of Dr. Cox from scrubs "its just not e.coli unless its firing out both ends." Although I must mention the mangoes were worth it.
3. Do not become too friendly witht the room service guys at the hotels on the weekends. This will result in a marriage proposal.
4. Beware of abscesses. they have an inordinate amount of pus in them which love to squirt over the walls and anything standing in the way of the walls.
5. Thongs bought from their version of coles will result in very sore blisters
6. Make sure your taxi driver knows some basic english or you get the words written down for hotel, supermarket and temple. Otherwise, this will result in a standstill between you and the driver while you try to explain hotel to him. Oh and decide on a price before you get in or you will get ripped off.
7. Being blessed by an elephant is cool, until it snots all over you.

Anyways, Thats it for my first week.

Much love,

Frozen Raspberries.


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