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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 13th 2013

Days 221 - 225 (Tues 16th – Sat 20thApril) Bangalore A very early start for me being around 7am to give me time to get showered and to the station in Chennai to head onwards to Bangalore. The trip took around 6 hours and it’s safe to say that the second class seating is not comfortable at all. It certainly isn’t as good as a virgin voyager service back home. I arrived mid afternoon and got into a taxi and headed out to my guesthouse. Obviously being the way here the taxi driver took me saying he knew where it was when he didn’t. After a phone call to the guesthouse I waited for a couple of minutes with the taxi driver and a bloke on a motorbike turned up to take me to the right ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari April 23rd 2013

Yes, I'm still in Bangalore, enjoying a lazy life and good company, however, that is all about to change as I prepare to go it alone in India. I finally pulled my finger out and started planning a rough itinerary, although I've only pin-pointed and booked one destination so far. It's a start. I'll figure the rest out as I'm going along. In the last few days, I've experienced more amazing food, but also what I'm assuming to be meat withdrawal. For two days I was devoid of all energy and unbelievably sleepy. I wasn't consciously craving meat, but my body clearly was. On Friday, I chilled at Big Straw (Vidya and Ashish's bubble tea cafe), and sampled various fruit lattes with aloe vera chunks, mango stars (awesome!) and mango bombs. They knock the socks off ... read more
My money was just begging to be spent....
In my new kurta

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore April 23rd 2013

Hey again, So....I made it to India in one piece. Erica and I spent the last night in Amsterdam with our two friends and got on the plane at 5 am the next day. We met up with Robyn, another girl in our program, in Paris, where we met at the gate for our flight to Bangalore. Everything went fine until Paris, where we were stuck on the tarmack for three hours because of technical difficulties with the plane. Not an encouraging thing to happen just before a 9 hour flight. However, we landed in Bangalore safely, and spent the night at a family owned hotel near the airport. Now, this is where the networking began. We talked with the wife of the hotel owner in the morning and she had connections in the city which ... read more
Sultans Burial Place

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari April 18th 2013

I touched down in Bangalore just before midnight on Monday, and was greeted at arrivals by Veena and her friend, Indu. We took the hour's drive back to V's place and after a short catch-up on the balcony, my tiredness got the better of me and I turned in. For some reason, I'd stayed wide awake for the full four and a half hour flight, which is very unlike me. I usually can't sit still for five minutes without drifting off. I somehow managed to zonk out whilst riding in a Cambodian tuk-tuk for goodness' sake! And those of you that have ridden in Cambodian tuk-tuks will understand how difficult a task that should be. The next day, we just chilled before heading out late afternoon. We went to Frazer Town and had a coffee at ... read more
Watch it, people!
Random monkeys

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore April 16th 2013

How to reach there The shiva statue is located in the old airport road of Bangalore. If you are going from MG Road side, you have go on the old airport road for about 4kms till you find a shopping complex called “Total Mall” (earlier called Kids Kemp). The Statue is located behind this building, slightly visible to outside. There is an entry at the side of the building, mentioned as “Pahadi Siva dhama Yatra”. You have to mark it from close or you may miss it. About the temple The interesting fact of the temple is that it is open in 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. This is something rare for any other temple in India. Although people feel that the place has been commercializ... read more


Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari April 3rd 2013

When in India it wont take long to realize that power outages occur frequently regardless of the standard of City living or small life towns. Throughout my stay in India I've learned to deal with the power outages in various places. In my first apartment in Delhi I learned very quickly to take the stairs the three stories rather than the convenience of the elevator. In Himachal Pradesh I spent a chilly night without a heater or candle in my flat and instead relied on my fading laptop battery to keep the cold and darkness out of my mind as I sat alone in my room. And in Bangalore the daily power outages were so common to me that my ability to shower in complete black became an odd skill set of mine. Electricity is something ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 2nd 2013

How to reach there You have to go on Bangalore - Hyderabad National Highway 7. On this road do not take a deviation to the airport. But still proceed until you reach a circle for Devanahalli township marked towards right. You have to go half km further and take a right turn from the highway. Actually the fort is about 100 mtrs from the highway and visible from the road. But because the fort looks old and not attractive, you are very likely not to notice it from the road. I had never noticed the fort although I had gone more than 50 times on that highway. But this time after coming from the fort I realized that it is in fact visible from the highway. About the Fort There is a fort in D... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 2nd 2013

St. Mary’s Basilica St. Mary’s Basilica is the oldest church in Bangalore. It is located in the Shivaji nagar, next to Shivaji nagar bus stop. The institution was raised to the status of a Basilicaon the order of Pope John Paul VI in the year 1973. Mary’s Feast is celebrated with grand processions in this church every year. As the church is centrally located, you can approach the church from Queen’s road side, from MG road, from Commercial Street, from Ulsoor lake side etc. However the place being in the heart of the city is overcrowded all the time. The Mary’s feast celebration The Mary’s f... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore February 10th 2013

Nous sommes maintenant dans l'etat de Karnataka ou les gens parlent kannada! De quoi se meler quand ils nous demandent d'ou nous venons, hi! hi! MYSORE - coup de coeur On appelle Mysore la ville de palais. Tipu Sultan avait construit 7 et le maharaja en a rajoute d'autres. Mais ce n'est pas seulement a cause de ça qu'elle est notre coup de coeur. C'est une ville raisonnablement grande (approx. 800 000 habitants), propre, sans trop de mendiants, avec de beaux trottoirs, de grands boulevards et de rond points immenses au milieu desquels il y a de belles statues (Tipu Sultan, le dernier maharaja, Ghandi, etc). Les chauffeurs de tuk-tuk ne sont ni trop agressifs ni trop trompeurs! Il y a une belle atmosphère d'un autre siècle. Le soir au bazar c'est ahurissant de couleurs et ... read more
Mysore - arche, vendeur de parfums
Mysore - marche, fruits
Mysore - marche, notre "vaisselle"

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 15th 2013

Trouver un appartement à Bangalore n'est pas une mince affaire... En effet, cette ville improbablement moderne et bardée de compagnies indiennes et internationales est extrêmement chère dans la mesure où ce sont généralement les entreprises qui paient les loyers de leurs employés. Bon, comme pour nous ça n'est pas le cas, nous avons accès aux standards indiens qui sont, comment dire, indiens... De fait, quel est l'intérêt d'avoir une piscine dans laquelle on ne peut se baigner qu'habillé, et sur les bords de laquelle il est impossible de lézarder en bikini avec un bon bouquin, à moins de ne pas craindre retrouver une video de soi téléchargée sur youtube ou devenue le must have du père de famille avant de se coucher le soir près de sa chère épouse... Ici, un homme souvent malhonnête, parlant fort, ... read more

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