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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 30th 2013

After a 9 hour flight with Quantus we landed in Hong Kong. The change in temperature was phenomenal! We left Melbourne at 14c and entered Hong Kong who were experiencing an enormous heatwave at 34c at 5pm. We jumped onto the city flyer bus which was pretty posh compared to our local buses and made our way to our hostel. We got off the bus on a busy street called Nathan Road where it was shops upon shops and from there it was just a short 2 minute walk to our hostel, Hop Inn. We entered the lobby of our building and were both pretty worried as it was basically a construction site. We took the lift to our floor and nervously waited for the doors to open. The doors opened and the cool aircon hit ... read more
Star Ferry
Victoria Peak
Michael Jackson Tribute

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai July 30th 2013

Now what? Now where? In my world of finite resources and the fear of running out of them. Do I stretch them a bit further or embark on some future plans? that will make the Gobi seem like the proverbial cake walk. After all that’s what this has been about, transition and hopefully a little strength building for an uncertain future. Perhaps a little trip from Ulaan to Lake Baikal, just over the Mongolian border then on to find Solzhenitsyn’s Gulags, as I have been enjoying a certain discipline of the travel, taking photos and writing about it. Friday we came into Ulaan from the Festival, saw the Kiwi contingent off about 10pm that night and Hamish Sunday morning for China, so Monday morning I am looking for visa help from travel agent, only to find ... read more
Kids enjoying day out with the transport
Mares Milk Cafes

Asia » Hong Kong July 22nd 2013

Day 2 - Victoria Peak A good nights sleep in a room for 9. That's a first! Got up ok and checked out of Yes Inn. We are going for a hike up/ to Victoria Peak. I did say it won't be about the food this time, but I had coconut bread, and raisin bread for breakfast! I was starving as I didn't get to eat last night! I would have eaten anything! We caught a tram the the bottom of Victoria Peak. I started we'll on the hike, but dipped out and got the tram! I decided I needed to see China before committing Hari Kari! It was just about a vertical climb. Myself and Louisa decided to take the easier option. All I can say is it was a good choice! The scenery from ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong July 21st 2013

Day 1 - Flights and arrival Up at 7.30, Claire picking me up at eight ish. Thanks Claire for getting me to Manchester in good time. I got out of Clair's car and was shocked by how heavy my backpack felt! I had been so careful to take less than las year. I really don't know what went wrong. I was teetering back and forth, as if I were going to keel over onto my back like a distressed tortoise! Manchester to Dubai flight, I watched about four films back to back, then because we arrived in Dubai an hour late, I had only a two hour transfer which went by pretty quick. I seemed to get off the first plane, then a short wait and straight onto the next one! Dubai to Bangkok, I slept ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen July 18th 2013

Hong Kong has almost become a second home to us, we know the city so well and visit so often, on our last visit, Neil had the idea of doing something different to what we normally do! Being the big kids we are, we decided to pay Ocean Park a visit. Not just an ordinary theme park, it opened in 1977 and has since grown to 35 attractions and rides – there is the amusement park part of Ocean Park as well as an oceanarium, marine mammal park and animal attractions, along with observatories, laboratories, education department and a whales and dolphins fund. Apparently, the park has won several awards, including the world’s 7th most popular amusement park and Forbes’ 33rd most visited tourist attraction in the world! Getting There We really couldn’t have chosen a ... read more
'Old Hong Kong'
Repulse bay and harbour
'Old Hong Kong'


Asia » Hong Kong July 13th 2013

Hong Kong is an exciting mix of skyscrapers, mountains and the sea. I had a hard time accepting the fact that skyscrapers could be so beautiful. But with a setting of mountains and the South China Sea, you really have the perfect setting for a large metropolitan city. Actually, Hong Kong is a 'Special Administration Region of the People's Republic of China'. If you don't know what that means, don't worry, neither did I. My Grandma has asked me if Hong Kong was a city or a country and to be honest I didn't know what to tell her. So we took part in a history tour of the city with an extremely knowledgeable tour guide who was willing to answer every stupid question I had. Essentially, Hong Kong was a British Empire until the late ... read more
View from the peak
Skyline at night

Asia » Hong Kong July 12th 2013

I spent four weeks in Hong Kong as part of the University of Toronto Summer Abroad Program, where I took a History of Hong Kong course at Hong Kong University from June 14 - July 12, 2013. I came to Hong Kong for 10 days in February 2009 and loved it. Hong Kong had been one of my favourite cities, so I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to go back there for four whole weeks! I got to live at the Hong Kong University Residence at 109 Pok Fu Lam Road (Lee Shaw Kee Hall.) Reading over my 2009 post, I realize the things i loved then about Hong Kong i still do, but having spent some more time there my opinions have changed regarding some of the things I wasn't too impressed by. ... read more
Bruce Lee, Avenue of Stars
HK Park
Utopia View

Asia » Hong Kong July 6th 2013

I visited Hong Kong for the last time on Thursday, June 20. It was another hot and humid day, so I kept ducking into 7-Elevens to pick up cold bottles of water. As in Guangzhou, I saw a lot of people carrying rags or small towels in order to mop the sweat off their faces: I guess that’s kind of uncouth, but definitely practical. Once I left the ferry terminal, I took the MTR to Tseun Wan, which is in the New Territories. (It’s the last stop on the MTR’s Red Line). Tseun Wan was one of the first of the “New Towns” built by the government in the 1960s. The area was chosen because of its rapid growth: in the early 1930s, it was a farming village with a population of around 5,000. By the ... read more
Avenue of the Stars (2)
Avenue of the Stars (3)
Aqua Luna (1)

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 19th 2013

Hong Kong Summer is here. To many people, the idea of summer is all blue skies, fluffy clouds and of course, sunshine! Every year, however, I am reminded that a Hong Kong summer is not quite that! Hong Kong summer requires me to carry round a pair of sunglasses as well as an umbrella, all the time! At any moment, the weather can change, and if you are caught without an umbrella, it is often not even possible to just get a bit wet....because it's usually torrential! I have been here for almost six years, and I still made this mistake the other day! Walking around Causeway Bay in the busy Times Square, it started to sprinkle a bit so I thought, I'm fairly close to the shopping mall, I'll just walk a bit faster. No, ... read more
Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings
French cafe in Soho
My favourite tree!

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 18th 2013

Headed south to the ancient city of Dali, with its impressive gateways and towering central pagoda and took a day-hike up into the surrounding Cang Shan mountain range for views over Erhai lake in the valley below. Scrambled beyond the usual tourist trails up overgrown paths up to a rocky landslide before heading down via peaceful Zonghe temple and its fusion of Buddhist-Tao imagery. Returning to our guest house enjoyed a handy mandarin lesson from our tour-leader, followed by a yak-burger meal and a few beers soaking up the atmosphere at a street-side bar. Next was a fleeting visit to the nearby city of Kunming - chatted about chinese politics with a friendly retired engineer and watched a spectacular laser and fountain show at Green Lake Park, before flying out the next day from the giant, ... read more
Water feature
South Gate at night
Cliff path

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