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Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island November 12th 2013

Sometime in October we had an e-mail from our friend Dave in the UK who had managed to co-ordinate his holiday time with one of our trips to Hong Kong in mid-November. Unfortunately, we would only have one day and one night before Dave and his friend, Rob were due to fly to Cambodia so we jumped at the chance to meet up. As regular visitors to Hong Kong we were racking our brains for a new thing we could do while we were on this visit. We have already been up Victoria Peak more times than we’d like to admit and we knew that Dave and Rob wouldn’t want to shop all day . So we decided on an action plan - visit the Big Buddha on Lantau island, afternoon cocktails and then a nice ... read more
US Navy ship
View from the top
Neil isn't looking too sure now...

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island November 10th 2013

I’ve literally been dreaming about this day for weeks and at last we are on our way to the buzzing centre of Hong Kong. We’ve heard and read so much about it, so we’re looking forward to finally joining the elite group of people who have actually visited it. It’s a crazy dash when we finish work to get some food and beer ready for the bus journey ahead. Travelling doesn’t really bother us much as we enjoy the anticipation of going somewhere new, and of course having a few bevvies along the way! The bus journey to the immigration check point doesn’t seem to take as long as we had anticipated, and before we know it, we’re making our way towards the border and can see HK beyond… That is until the security guard suddenly ... read more
HK at night
Me in HK

Asia » Hong Kong November 6th 2013

Nov 4/5 Hong Kong We left Calgary as it was starting to snow. The forecast was for 10-20 cm of snow so we were happy to leave early. A typhoon was sitting off shore of HK and we were concerned that there might be flight delays. There were none. After the typhoon.....rated was hard to complain about a bit of rain and the odd shower the next day. Deb and Francis had worked out a couple of places to visit on our 2 days in HK. The first day we went to visit a temple, a garden and nunnery/monastery. We were well away from the hustle and bustle of Kowloon which was nice. We had our fortunes told at the temple.. Next year is suppose to be a lucky year for me and also Jackson, ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong November 4th 2013

Up at the blessedly civilized hour of 7 am. Breakfast buffet at the hotel, which is decent. There's a muted TV in one corner of the room, and I'm amused to see coverage of the Rob Ford affair. Canada makes the news in China! Unfortunately, the cold bug has claimed victory over my immune system, and I am not in good shape at all today. It's a warm (29°), humid and overcast day. Charles meets us in the lobby at 9 to start our city tour. The bus first takes us up Victoria Peak, the highest point in the city. This is the area where multi-millionaires and billionaires live. Magnificent homes are perched in the most improbable locations on the steep mountainside. The bus climbs and climbs, and eventually we reach the viewing area, if not ... read more
Our motley crew, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, China
Literal junk, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, China
Stanley Market, Hong Kong, China

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island November 3rd 2013

Today is another travel day. Unfortunately, I wake up struck pretty hard by the cold that has been circulating. I am disappointed, because I thought I had already faced it down and staved it off. Violet is still coughing quite badly as well. Looks like we will finish this trip as a couple of sickies. Early start. By 8:15 am, we have had breakfast, checked out of the hotel and are on the bus. We are headed for the Shanghai international airport, not the domestic airport we arrived at. As I'm sure you know, while Hong Kong is now officially part of the country of China after being a British possession for 150 years, it is different and special in many ways. Flying to it is like flying to another country. You pass Chinese customs on ... read more


Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon October 31st 2013

So last day in Hong Kong before our flight to Sydney in the evening. Stocked up at breakfast buffet before heading out to the ferry to get on another bus tour. This time we took the green line which covers the peak tram and the sampan tour as well a Stanley market. Very hot day and there wasn't that much to do I between the main points on a tour that took 2 hours. Again commentary is very limited! Lots on how to use chopsticks!!! We did see the jockey club though which gave some reminders of the old colonial days. Apparently it's still the country's biggest tax payer. Sampan ride was fun. And then went off to the peak tram. This takes you up to Victoria peak and gives you amazing views over both sides ... read more
Repulse bay
Floating restaurant

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon October 30th 2013

So after very little sleep - that's me not the old man - the alarm goes off at 8 and we head down to breakfast. Lots on offer. Ian had dim sum for breakfast but I wasn't so adventurous and stuck to the standard international breakfast, the made to order omelette! Then off to the big bus tour which we have booked for the next two days. We thought this would give us maximum coverage in the time available. And you can't beat a big bus tour to a valid having to talk to people!!! Covered Kowloon today - probably best seen at night when all the lights are on but can't do it all...... Not as many facts as many bus tours we have done but I did learn that HK has twice as many ... read more
Queue outside Louis Vuitton

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon October 29th 2013

So the day starts 50,000 feet in the air snuggled in my flat bed duvet. Far too comfy. I only watched one film in a 12 hour flight! Foolishly thought I wouldn't bother with the sleep suit as I had dressed appropriately. But stuck out like a sore thumb from all the other passengers dressed in their identical grey trousers and tops. Won't make that mistake again. In fact most had them on before we took off. Do you think they came in them???? I did use the socks though. Arrival at Hong Kong airport went very smoothly. No visa required(!) but an arrivals card filled in as we marched through the queue. We decided on a taxi to the airport which was much quicker than we thought and into our hotel. Hotel ICON. We had ... read more
Lounge area
View of the harbour from our room

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island October 28th 2013

Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated areas in the world and currently a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, has a convoluted and romantic history. After growing from a small fishing village to a military outpost and trading port, Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire after the First Opium War until it was occupied by Japan during the Pacific War, after which the British resumed control and then, in 1997, China resumed sovereignty. These days the city-state is well-known as a cultural and economic powerhouse, and during my busy week there I was overwhelmed by choices of sights, restaurants and shopping. Hong Kong was also the perfect city to end our trip to China: accessible, easy to navigate, full of things to see and ways to spend any ... read more
Rooftop patio of Hop Inn on Carnarvan
Artwork in our room
Room/Bathroom at Hop Inn on Carnarvan

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon October 28th 2013

So today we finally set off on our 6 week adventure. We plan to spend 4 weeks in Australia and a couple in New Zealand, starting with a two night stopover in Hong Kong. It's been at least 20 years in the discussion, about a year in the planning. And Ian still said to me as we got off the plane "do we need visas for Hong Kong - I never thought......." Luckily the answer is no. Day 1 just consisted in panicking slightly about the storms and if we would get away, followed by lots of panicking about case sizes. We set off for Heathrow about 5.30 in our daughters boyfriends little KA. Which was quite funny when we arrived at the VIP check in drive through for virgin upper class. They were very good ... read more
Another - don't mind if I do!
In my seat

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