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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon January 21st 2014

Well we got here after a 12 hour flight through the night. Hong Kong airport is amazing. You have to get on a shuttle train to get to immigration after leaving the plane. The platform had glass doors that opened as the train arrived and it stopped so each train door matched the platform one!! Why can't we manage something like that. The airport is huge, very efficient and spotlessly clean. The luggage was waiting when we got to baggage collection in a huge baggage hall. We caught a taxi , again well organised, and ventured into Hong Kong rush hour traffic, not for the faint hearted. The journey took us across two spectacular bridges and through a multi laned tunnel with fantastic views of the harbour and hills all the way to our hotel in ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 16th 2014

We travelled to Hong Kong today which took about 3 hours from Beijing. Hong Kong again is very high rise but not as clean as Beijing and Shanghai. Got a couple of days here to do some touristy things. Including going on the only double decker tram in the world and visiting the night market.... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 15th 2014

Hi guys I'm new to this so I'm hoping I'll get an answer ASAP coz I'm a wee stuck here. I'm in Hong Kong with my wife and it seems impossible to find a way to Hanoi (Vietnam), I read by others that you can catch a bus from Hong Kong to nanning and then to Hanoi. One question? Do I need a visa if I'm entering china but not spending time in china?... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 14th 2014

I got the bus from Tai Mei Tuk (the beautiful alpine-looking village where my hostel is) back into Tai Po Market train station. I ran the gauntlet of the Tai Po market stalls in order to get to the Hong Kong Railway museum which turned out to be closed (it opens every day but Tuesday.) Instead I decided to take a local bus from Tai Po market to Hung Ham Long? where there is a famous wishing tree. It was a recommendation from my guide book. I arrived to find a little market place with a local temple, lots of locals sitting around eating noodles and drinking China milk tea, and incense everywhere. I paid a lady 50 pence and she gave me a fancy scroll and a pen with which to write my wish. I ... read more
the Gods
our wishes
Hong Kong's usual prohibitions in public places

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island January 13th 2014

Today I went to Lantau Island and the Big Buddha (everybody kept talking about Big Buddha so I felt I had to see it.) I took the ferry across from Central and then a bus through Lantau Island to the village where Big Buddha stands. It was a nice, pleasant ride up. The island is beautiful, barely anybody lives there apart from the giant statue of Buddha at the top of it. In fact quite a few of the islands are beautiful and deserted in Hong Kong, yet it seems all residents of Hong Kong and half of China crowd onto Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. I would love to know why. The ferry ride took an hour and from the port, the bus took half an hour or so and dropped us at a beautiful, ... read more
lantau island
po lin monastery


Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 12th 2014

I met Elaine and her family for lunch today. They were eating Dim sum (Hong Kong's equivalent to Spanish tapas.) She met me at Wong Tai Sin station (it's near her house) and she took me to where her family were eating in a big hall with lots of round tables which could fit 7 people around them. Elaine was with her mum, two of her mum's friends and her dad, then her sister joined us later. They are a lovely family and although none of them apart from Elaine could speak English, her mum made me laugh a lot. Elaine interpreted between us as her mum was asking me lots of questions, like which year was ยท born and which is my Chinese animal, Apparently it is a tiger but I would really love to ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong January 12th 2014

PM - At supper in the common room I began talking with a man from Hong Kong, who worked in finance in Edinburgh. It was great to speak to somebody well-educated, with manners and good English. He was educated in the UK and now lives in Edinburgh but was in Hong Kong to visit his friends and family. I asked him many questions about Hong Kong as I wanted to understand why my experience was so different to what I expected. I suppose I expected Hong Kong to be to China, what Gibraltar is to Spain, very little to do with it and everything to do with Great Britain. He told me that Hong Kong was populated by 50% Chinese people now whereas when governed by Britain it was mainly Hong Kong born Chinese. He explained ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon January 11th 2014

I walked all day today. I walked down to Victoria harbour from Tai Chi underground stop, I ate some local food (rice, two sausages and two slices of meat) and drank a lemon tea which actually was bitter. I went to the Art Museum which contained photos of HK, pottery, porcelain, ceramics and a few landscape paintings. I wasn't overly impressed but I did a pottery quiz to test different aspects of my personality and this took up most of my time. Afterwards, I walked around the whole of Kowloon park. It contained a mosque where lots of people were praying outside, it had lots of different mazes and gardens inside, it had playgrounds, lakes , fountains and lots of flamingos. Flamingos are the most beautiful ad elegant animals I've ever seen. From their colours to ... read more
kowloon park

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon January 10th 2014

This morning I walked along to Hong Kong park and the museum of teaware. I've been dying for a good cup of tea ever since I planned on going here one month ago... I walked along Causeway Bay and down the tram route on Hennessy Road. I didn't bother with the metro today as I wanted to get a real flavour of this city. Every time I come to a pedestrian crossing the crossing makes the relentless sound of somebody banging steel over and over with a hammer and only gives people enough time to dash across the road. Some days in the city the smog is so thick that you can't see far in front of you. I imagine this is what England was like in the Industrial Revolution. It is a requirement here that ... read more
different types of tea and their health properties
Hong Kong park
sticky rice inside leaves

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon January 10th 2014

EVENING I felt quite unwell after leaving the tea museum. I saw some caged orang-utans, and walked into the centre where I was overwhelmed by the amount of people on the streets. I hid in Mcdonalds for a while, went back to my hostel and had a nap. Mcdonalds has rescued me for the fourth time this trip, usually providing me with a big Mac or Filet of fish and fries. There I can eat safe in the knowledge that there is some hygiene standard and it gets me away from the noisy streets where I am constantly pushed around by busy people looking at their ipads, and not paying attention to anybody else. In fact in the evening I had a wonderful experience. I walked around to Causeway bay and along it past the ferry ... read more

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