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Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 31st 2008

These were taken at Hong Kong Disneyland on a short weekend trip at the end of March 2008. ... read more
Hong Kong Street Scene
Train for Hong Kong Disneyland
Train for Hong Kong Disneyland

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 31st 2008

sharing with you - some big-sitting-buddha-inspired writings from my day on Lantau Island - She glanced up at the hills that gave shape to the sky above... she notices it in the distance, in a mountain crevass. she was on a buss to see it, but witnessing him sitting there came as a shock. she felt belittled, a bit frightened, and somewhat intimidated. This view was not meant for her. She did not and would never understand its full beauty and wisdom. She was a girl from a small town on an island oceans away. She was not catholic, buddhist, or religious of any sort. And here she was, climbing the hills to witness the world's largest sitting Buddha, on an island far away. The rickety bus winded the hill and hugged the mountain's curves like ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 27th 2008

Day 4 - Hong Kong Another early start today as we were off on a tour to Lantau Island. Our driver couldn't speak a word of English and though we had told him our names and got a member of the hotel staff to translate he still spent 40minutes trying to find us and leaving various messages in our room while we were already happily sat on the bus. Finally though we were off with a stop at the Avenue of stars which is a bit like the Hollywood walk of fame for Asian stars. Nugget the monkey was very excited to see that his hands, feet and body fit in all of Jackie Chan's hand print. Afterwards a half hour drive took us towards the country which was a nice change from the polluted city. ... read more
lantau island
Giant buddha at the Po Lin monastery
Houses on stilts

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 3rd 2008

Hong Kong - We ventured up to the Victoria peak where the views of Hong Kong are quite spectacular. The tram trip up is so steep that the tall sky scrapers look like they are at a 45 degree angle. The view from the top has not changed since the last time i visited but the whole experience has now been made into the typical tourist attraction, making you walk through levels of tacky nic-nak shops before you actually reach the top. The same day we also decided to go to Stanley market, where we saw the perfect present for Carl Smith (hope you like them!!). We got the cable car accross the water to the top of a mountain where there is the biggest budder in the world - looked a little like tom :) ... read more
Where's Wally?

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island February 17th 2008

15th February - Lantau Island After a quick change over from the returning ferry from Macau we were on another half an hour ferry journey over to Lantau. We weren't wasting any time! We arrived at Mui Wo and caught the bus through the mountains to Ngong Ping where the only International Youth Hostel is situated on the island. The scenery was amazing with so much greenery covering the mountainous landscape. Arriving at Ngong Ping the main tourist sight, the Big Bhudda, dominated the little village. The village felt very isolated and the lack of an ATM machine shows just how out of the way the place is. Arriving at the hostel check in was allowed only after 4pm when the owner returned. After waiting for an hour we met the legendary Mr. Man who owned ... read more
Noodle time
Lantau Peak
Clouds on the peak


Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island February 8th 2008

Well feeling much better now and have been out and about looking at the city and surrounding areas. On Wednesday we went to Lantau to see the Giant Bronze Buddha that sits on top of the mountain. It was amazing how such a big statue could get so high up without any kind of machinery. The monastary next to it was lovely with golden statues and lots of insense. Yesterday we went looking around Central District and went into 2 Temples which we celebrating the new year by burning massive insense coils hung from the roof. The decoration on the outside of the temples was amazing, so detailed and colourful. We also went to watch the new year parade which was no match to honitons! there were gaps in the parade between the floats of about ... read more
Chinese Cuisine

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island January 26th 2008

Tonight we flew from Hong Kong to Auckland to begin our trip to Chile, Easter Island, Papette, Tonga and Auckland! ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island January 15th 2008

TUESDAY: BIG BUDDHA LANTAU ISLAND: Ratko wanted a late start today, same with Erin. We decided to not have breakfast at the hotel but go and have yum cha (they call it dim sum here) for breakfast. A bit unusual having dim sum for breakfast. The one that was recommended was Maxims at Central. We arrived at 10.30 to find it didn't open til 11! The food was beautiful, but once again nothing different to what we have in Chinatown. Then our adventure began. We started our journey to see the big buddha on Lantau Island. It was around a 40 minute train trip to Tung Chun - the end of the line on Lantau & one stop past the Disneyland change (I was tempted to get off here and go back to Disneyland). We arrived ... read more
over the water -scarey
our first view of Buddha
These are not ants....

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island January 14th 2008

MONDAY - DISNEYLAND: I couldn't wait for this day to come. None of us have been to Disneyland. I know this one is smaller and probably doesn't compare with the others in the States but for us it was a great adventure. Ratko and Erin were still complaining about going on Sunday night, saying it was for kids and I said so what we have never been to one. They decided that half a day would be enough ignoring my protests. We had breakfast in the hotel and headed out. It takes 3 train chanages and about an hour to get there. Hong Kong Disneyland is the only one with a Disney train to take you from Sunny Bay to the Park. It has mickey shaped windows and the holding handles are mickey shapes. All along ... read more
the only Disney train in the world
walking up to the entrance
Main Street

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island November 30th 2007

Weather in Hong Kong can get a bit unpredictable around this time of year, I am starting to realise! Last weekend I went on a camping trip to Lantau Island. It was beautiful Sunshine when I woke up in my tent and I spent the morning laying on the I find myself needing more of a winter wardrobe for school because it is cold?! About 40 of us went to Pui O campsite on Lantau Island last Saturday afternoon, about an hour away by ferry/bus. We had beers and a barbecue for hours and lots of laughs. Laying on the beach looking up at the full moon, listening to the waves, it was so nice and chilled out. We stayed up late sitting on the beach chatting and having a laugh, then eventually climbed into ... read more
On the beach
Gangsta on the beach
Chatting on the beach!

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