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Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island June 16th 2008

"Why do you bow?" I asked the guest master monk sitting across from me. Light flows through the window and the open door. From the forested Hong Kong hills fresh, cool, early spring air meets our noses as we sit. We sit at a table near the corner. This room is where guests 'register' to stay in the temple area; the guest master's house. Large book cases filled with giant encyclopedia like books, the whole library of Zen scripture and commentary, along with hundreds of other books line the back and opposite wall. Pictures of monks and masters, a wood carving of an old, enlightened master's thin, long, thoughtful and wrinkled face, a long scroll hangs on the wall bearing one extended ink-black character "Fo" which means 'Buddha.' In the center of the room is an ... read more
Alley towards home
5 little creatures
Temple gardens and crops

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island May 14th 2008

We are almost home. Sunday night we spend our last night in Athens at Monastiraki. On restaurant row. we had been there before.Tonight we sit on the promenade. against the fence. flocks of pedestrians pass by. as we wait for our meal we notice a number of marble plinths and other assorted antiquities lying in a small fenced off area between us and the rail line. We are next to the Agora. In 1913 part of the Agora was ripped up to make way for the railway. So it goes. This is a city so steeped in history that it can aford to have antiquities lying around like a kind of marble dump. The promenade is lined with hawkers peddling their wares. In Europe, footpath hawkers are part of the landscape. Gucci sunglasses and Prada bags ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island April 18th 2008

I love Hong Kong! I've been hanging out with my friend Kit here, who I met on flickr- she's a fantastic photographer. Yesterday I spent the day on Lantau island- I rode a cable car up to the Big Buddha, which is about 34 meters high. It takes about half an hour to get there by cable car and then you walk up stairs for 15 minutes to get to the top. I also caught a bus out to the old fishing village of Tai O. It's amazing that something like this exists such a short distance away from Hong Kong island. I've been to some busy cities before- London, NYC- Hong Kong is a million times busier than any place I've ever seen. When the crosswalk signal turns green, you become lost in a sea ... read more
Big Buddha from far away
Tian Tan statues at the Big Buddha
Big Buddha close up

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island April 16th 2008

Kavin Lantaun saarella katsomassa Buddhan patsasta. Menin lautalla, siita sitten patsaalle ja luostariin bussilla. 60 dollarilla sai sisaanpaasyn ja kasvisruuan luostarin ravintolassa. Kavin ensin syomassa, sitten kiipesin patsaalle. Ajoin toisella bussilla metroasemalle. Se oli metron paateasema ja sen ymparilla oli parikymmenkerroksisia taloja. Palasin hostellille metrolla. Ilma oli eilista hiostavampi. Metrossa oli iltakuuden aikaan vakea niin paljon etta piti jonottaa jonkin aikaa rullaportaisiin, ennen kuin asemalta paasi pois. Koska lahettyvilla oli kaupan kaikenlaista elektroniikkaa, ostin itselleni 4 gigan muistitikun ja 2 gigan muistikortin kameraan. Kummankin toimivuuden testasin.... read more
pienempi patsas
En viihtyis pitkaan

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island April 3rd 2008

I'm at the airport and my flight is set to leave in... 2 hours and 20 minutes. It's been an active (sort of) last few days. At least, I've moved over large distances! I left Beijing on the train, and after some panicky moments where I didn't think I was going to find the right entrence, some guy from Hong Kong helped me find the right place. Customs was fairly basic, except when the girl at the desk called another girl at the desk over to examine my picture, and they both laughed. That was a little odd. I was in a room on the train with the young guy and girl, who didn't speak a word of english (well, to be fair, the guy spoke about as much english as I spoke mandarin). I read ... read more


Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 31st 2008

These were taken at Hong Kong Disneyland on a short weekend trip at the end of March 2008. ... read more
Hong Kong Street Scene
Train for Hong Kong Disneyland
Train for Hong Kong Disneyland

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 31st 2008

sharing with you - some big-sitting-buddha-inspired writings from my day on Lantau Island - She glanced up at the hills that gave shape to the sky above... she notices it in the distance, in a mountain crevass. she was on a buss to see it, but witnessing him sitting there came as a shock. she felt belittled, a bit frightened, and somewhat intimidated. This view was not meant for her. She did not and would never understand its full beauty and wisdom. She was a girl from a small town on an island oceans away. She was not catholic, buddhist, or religious of any sort. And here she was, climbing the hills to witness the world's largest sitting Buddha, on an island far away. The rickety bus winded the hill and hugged the mountain's curves like ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 27th 2008

Day 4 - Hong Kong Another early start today as we were off on a tour to Lantau Island. Our driver couldn't speak a word of English and though we had told him our names and got a member of the hotel staff to translate he still spent 40minutes trying to find us and leaving various messages in our room while we were already happily sat on the bus. Finally though we were off with a stop at the Avenue of stars which is a bit like the Hollywood walk of fame for Asian stars. Nugget the monkey was very excited to see that his hands, feet and body fit in all of Jackie Chan's hand print. Afterwards a half hour drive took us towards the country which was a nice change from the polluted city. ... read more
lantau island
Giant buddha at the Po Lin monastery
Houses on stilts

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 3rd 2008

Hong Kong - We ventured up to the Victoria peak where the views of Hong Kong are quite spectacular. The tram trip up is so steep that the tall sky scrapers look like they are at a 45 degree angle. The view from the top has not changed since the last time i visited but the whole experience has now been made into the typical tourist attraction, making you walk through levels of tacky nic-nak shops before you actually reach the top. The same day we also decided to go to Stanley market, where we saw the perfect present for Carl Smith (hope you like them!!). We got the cable car accross the water to the top of a mountain where there is the biggest budder in the world - looked a little like tom :) ... read more
Where's Wally?

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island February 17th 2008

15th February - Lantau Island After a quick change over from the returning ferry from Macau we were on another half an hour ferry journey over to Lantau. We weren't wasting any time! We arrived at Mui Wo and caught the bus through the mountains to Ngong Ping where the only International Youth Hostel is situated on the island. The scenery was amazing with so much greenery covering the mountainous landscape. Arriving at Ngong Ping the main tourist sight, the Big Bhudda, dominated the little village. The village felt very isolated and the lack of an ATM machine shows just how out of the way the place is. Arriving at the hostel check in was allowed only after 4pm when the owner returned. After waiting for an hour we met the legendary Mr. Man who owned ... read more
Noodle time
Lantau Peak
Clouds on the peak

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