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Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island July 15th 2014

Hey Everyone! I made it to what I will now call Beautiful Hong Kong. The pictures below sort of show what my flight was like and I must tell you, it did NOT feel like 16 hours. I have had 2 hour flights that were more painful. I normally don't board very soon, but today (well, yesterday technically) I boarded as soon as we were allowed. I had seat 11A which was the first row of business class. It was a "pod" seat meaning that I had my own little area to hang out in. We left about 23 minutes late as customs was doing some spot checks on about 15 pax and that delayed us a little bit. Before takeoff one of five identical flight attendants came by with a bar cart asking if I ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island June 8th 2014

June 8, 2014 (Hong Kong) We all work up early and went down for an early breakfast at the hotel restaurant. A half hour cab ride will all five of us and all the luggage packed in and we were at Terminal 4 Dragon Airlines. An uneventful check in, quick pass through security and unremarkable pass through immigration and we're at our gate with an hour to spare. Leaving for Chengdu from gate 48 on Dragon Air 0820...should be at our destination by early afternoon. All of China is on a single time zone, so no additional jet lag likely. We are staying at a different hotel this time...we've been used to staying at the Tien Chen Lou for over a decade, so new adventures in figuring out the flow, food, and services. Maybe the midnight ... read more
HKG Gate 48

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island June 6th 2014

June 6, 2014 (Hong Kong) after an uneventful 14 hours in the air we have landed safely in HKG! Gathering luggage (for those who check luggage), money exchange and off to Kowloon to the hotel. Feel quite good actually! :)... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island May 23rd 2014

What up What up friends, so some of you have been asking me about my travels and I figured in order to not spam Facebook I will make a separate blog to share my experiences. If you're here to hate, I suggest you stop reading now. Because I don't care about the opinions of close-minded people. Anyways let me begin. So this year started off pretty rough, I'll save the details. Thankfully I saved up some money to travel and decided that I would hit up a couple of places this summer, the first destination that I am visiting is Hong Kong. Now when you hear Hong Kong, the first thing you probably think of is high-rise urban buildings and people cluster. However, where I am staying in Hong Kong is not the stereotypical overpopulated, people ... read more
View from condo

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island April 6th 2014

We slipped into Victoria Harbor on a cool spring morning, sailing past the landmark buildings in Hong Kong and Kowloon and docking, as usual, at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. We were busy packing up and making our farewells to our shipboard friends. Since we were staying another week in Hong Kong, we decided to ship most of our cruise clothes home using Luggage Free. This is a convenient and fairly reasonable way to lighten your load if you don’t want to be schlepping your bags around. Luggage Free comes right to the ship, picks up your stuff, sends it to the United States via Fed Ex, clears it through customs and delivers it to your front door, or in our case to our dock, in no time. It is a very handy service. On our last ... read more


Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island January 13th 2014

Today I went to Lantau Island and the Big Buddha (everybody kept talking about Big Buddha so I felt I had to see it.) I took the ferry across from Central and then a bus through Lantau Island to the village where Big Buddha stands. It was a nice, pleasant ride up. The island is beautiful, barely anybody lives there apart from the giant statue of Buddha at the top of it. In fact quite a few of the islands are beautiful and deserted in Hong Kong, yet it seems all residents of Hong Kong and half of China crowd onto Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. I would love to know why. The ferry ride took an hour and from the port, the bus took half an hour or so and dropped us at a beautiful, ... read more
lantau island
po lin monastery

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island November 12th 2013

Sometime in October we had an e-mail from our friend Dave in the UK who had managed to co-ordinate his holiday time with one of our trips to Hong Kong in mid-November. Unfortunately, we would only have one day and one night before Dave and his friend, Rob were due to fly to Cambodia so we jumped at the chance to meet up. As regular visitors to Hong Kong we were racking our brains for a new thing we could do while we were on this visit. We have already been up Victoria Peak more times than we’d like to admit and we knew that Dave and Rob wouldn’t want to shop all day . So we decided on an action plan - visit the Big Buddha on Lantau island, afternoon cocktails and then a nice ... read more
US Navy ship
View from the top
Neil isn't looking too sure now...

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island August 23rd 2013

This is not the best time of year to visit Hong Kong: every day the islands are shrouded in thick cloud. I had been hoping for a clearer day to visit Ngong Ping, but none had materialised, so I gave up and went anyway. I have been on quite a few cable car journeys on this trip but this was by far the most vertigo-inducing, travelling way above the river and hills up to the Buddha. The immediate area around the Buddha is very built up and full of sellers (Would I like to buy a ticket for lunch at the temple? A photo of myself on the cable car? A souvenir t-shirt?) and the temple is being re-developed into what looks like a several-story mega-temple so is covered in scaffolding, but most people don't venture ... read more
Locals collecting shellfish in the river below
Vertigo-inducing view from Ngong Ping cable car
The Buddha

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island April 6th 2013

It rained heavily overnight so I slept late to avoid it in the morning. By the time I left things had dried considerably. My strategy worked! I took the MTR to Lantau and then took bus 23 to the Big Buddha. The cable car is nicer (and easier on the stomach) but the bus is far cheaper. The Buddha looked glorious as the sun was poking through the clouds for the first time in weeks. I skipped a proper visit, though. Due to the holiday, it was a bit crowded. I took a quick look around the monastery--I'd never visited before--and then continued onwards to the Wisdom Path, fifteen minutes further along the path. I'd been hoping to stop and have some tea at the Tea Garden, but it looks very closed and like it hasn't ... read more
The monastery
What a view!

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island March 2nd 2013

That's it...we've done Hong Kong! Shopping seems to be what keeps the city's heart pulsing and the hearts,of its inhabitants too. Even sitting ( an almost impossible thing to do as,there are no seats to be found anywhere ) in the airport departure lounge level the designer boutiques are everywhere, populated by Asian travellers spending for the last time before they board their flight. The new money is definately in their pockets as the only white people spending anything are the ones in Mc Donalds! India is going to be quite a contrast as from tomorrow.... read more

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