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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 21st 2006

There's not much to report about today as I have been knocked out with a bout of gastric flu :-(( I spent all night yesterday burning up with a high fever and I've hardly eaten for 3 days, so I thought I ought to see a doctor before leaving for Beijing on Friday. At first I had thought I was just suffering from some kind of heat exhaustion (it's hot and about 90% humidity here) but the doctor said different. I'm glad to have a diagnosis and I now have a colourful array of pills to take. You have to pay privately for seeing the doctor and for the medicine but it turned out to only cost HK$250 which is about £17.50. Needless to say, I haven't left the hostel room today other than that but ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 19th 2006

Sorry there hasn't been a blog for a couple of days but it's been a bit of a quiet time for us. Saturday, our last day in Japan, was a complete washout again with heavy rains limiting what we could get up to. As a result we headed back to the covered shopping arcade in Temma in search of a Hello Kitty umbrella (yes, I am developing an obsession!). We found one but didn't have enough local currency left to buy it and it seemed silly to get more money out when we would be leaving at the crack of dawn the next day. That just about sums up Saturday... Yesterday we journey over the the second country on our list - Hong Kong. We left the delightfully named Hotel Kinki in Osaka at 7am and ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 18th 2006

I made my previous entry just a few hours before taking my plane to hong kong on Thursday June 15th in Vancouver. After writting my blog entry in downtown Vancouver I took the bus to the airport and within an hour and 3 bus transfers later I was in Vancouver International Airport. My flight was with Air Canada so I did the check-in/baggage check at their booth. I've heard so much bad things about Air Canada I almost feel bad not to join the chorus but I must say every time I flew with them they have been good. The employees are nice and helpful, everything is on time and they're generally cheaper than the competition. Anyway, on the flight I was sitting next to a very nice canadian-hongkongnese named Kathy who came to Canada to ... read more
Night skyline
Night skyline 2
View from my room

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 7th 2006

We haven't done much sightseeing since we were holding off on the good stuff for Marty. Instead, my family had been concentrating on shopping, eating, and spending time with family. Every day was a new mall and restaurant. ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 3rd 2006

Hi all, Well we are back in NZ now so I thought one last blog to finish our tales would be appropriate! After 5 days in Florianopolis (Brazil) we parted company with Gary who was headed to Rio de Janeiro and Mike and I back to Buenos Aires so we could arrange out flights back to Auckland. Floripa was awesome although for the last three days the weather packed it in however we had rented a car and so were still able to travel around the island and do some sightseeing. It was a place full of pristine beaches and stunning water - summer would definately be a goer here as the population swells to about 800,000 - mostly Americans though - pity really :@) Anyhow Mike and I after 26 hours on three different buses ... read more


Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 2nd 2006

You want a cup of noodles or something? This is my fourth trip to HK, the first being on holiday with my parents aged 14 and the last three being work related. HK is an amazing city, vibrant and very much alive! Whenever I'm here I sink my teeth into Sushi like there's no tomorrow. If shopping is your thing, then look no further...from tailor made suits to Jade ornaments HK is the Bomb!!! I mean take for example today - Friday (03/06/06) the streets were drenched, very loud thunder storms like I've never heard before...yet the streets were packed with tourists and locals making their way either to work or a shopping plaza. Being under British Rule for quite some time almost everyone speaks english and rather good for that matter. Tip 1: Avoid Bait ... read more
Awsome City
Seafood Galore

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 2nd 2006

Code Name: Mission CHAV It was a cold, wet, miserable Friday. Just like any other Friday. I phoned my special woman, 'sweet cheeks', to do a little job for me in the big city. She's a pretty face, cute ass, and a good little worker. The job was at a joint down town, they call it Burberry. A classy little joint with some damn good neck wear. The mission was to get past security and to 'touch the sheep', as they say. It was gonna be a tough one but I knew 'sweet cheeks' had it in her. At precisely 1300 hours I made the call and as arranged 'sweet cheeks' was there right on cue. It was the usual affair, you know the type - this message will self destruct yadda yadda yadda.... Then 'sweet ... read more
I thought it was 5 seconds!!!
Sweet Cheeks checks out the joint
On her way in

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 1st 2006

I forgot my camera cord so any and all pictures up until Marty gets here with my camera cord are from my brother's digital camera. He bought this digital camera from his friend for ten bucks so it's a little weird. A lof of the pictures come out blurry, random focus issues. o_O It's also hard to take a lot of pictures when your brother doesn't want to take pictures or get his picture taken unless he's in the mood. Dude, Hong Kong is so tiring. I guess that's alright though because walking equals exercise. Yesterday we spent the day with the aforementioned family members Uncle Wing, his wife, May, and their daughter, 11 year old Tracy. They took us to the Hong Kong Museum of Science which was pretty neat. It was like any other ... read more
Bed of Nails
Tiny Room
Spinny thing

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 1st 2006

I am recovering from an allergy attack which was caused by eating a mango. I tell this story with chagrin, as I should have learned my lesson the last time I ate a mango and had an allergic reaction - albeit less severe than the current one. I had hoped that the previous time I had merely ate the wrong type of mango. I now know differently. So, one of my great pleasures in Hong Kong where I eat very little chocolate, my other great pleasure, is to eat mangos. But, I’ll have to forego this hedonistic tendency for now. The rash which had covered my face, neck, and upper chest is, thankfully, receding now. But, Tuesday was miserable, and I spend the majority of yesterday in bed, due to the drowsiness side effect of ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon May 31st 2006

Laura - Not an incredibly eventful day. We got the Star Ferry again to HongKong Island and went to find the world's longest escalator. It's really very lame and not very impressive - more practical for locals than it is spectacular for visitors. It's apparently over 800m long but this a lie because it is broken up into about 12 seperate escalators. Pretty dull really. Still it got us half way up a big hill without having to break out into a sweat! We found a more amusing escalator later in a shopping mall that was no more than 1 metre high. So unneccesary! After the excitement of the escalator we walked to a 'zoological and botanical park' (?!) which had lots of trees and lots of monkeys. Plus a rather crappy 'reptile house' which had ... read more
Hong Kong is taken over by pirates...
Laura on tram
Hong Kong skyscrapers

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