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Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi August 31st 2011

Time to leave Azerbaijan and see what Georgia has to offer. Ilgar's brother in law had collected me from the bus station on arrival, but Ilgar assured me that is was an easy walk back. It was down hill, but when carrying about 20kilos of luggage, a 30-40min walk is a long way. I stumble across the bus station accidentally as the directions I was given were wrong. The next minibus to Balakan is not for an hour, and it says Zaqatala on the front. It means I get a seat anyway which is good, many people have to stand and I am too tall for these minibuses. Also means that my legs are too long too so the ride is uncomfortable whichever way I travel. Only two hours to Zaqatala, there is meant to be ... read more
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Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District August 15th 2011

From August 15th to 18th... read more
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Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi August 4th 2011

Balconies en masse OK we admit that cheat a little bit this time. Most of the text, and it isn't much, we have simply copied from a blog entry we wrote last year. But we spend so much time writing all the other blog entries that once in a while we think we can allow ourselves to put together one without effort. When we were in Tbilisi we walked through the streets and we were surprised over how many different styles of balconies they had in town. We started taking photos of them and the more we looked for balconies the more interesting they became. After a few hours we had quite a collection of photos of balconies. When we started this blog in 2006 the main purpose was to make it possible for us to ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi August 3rd 2011

In Georgia there are lots of churches and fortresses If we are asked to describe Georgia using only three words we would say "churches and fortresses". If you visit a few places in Georgia you quickly realise that there are churches and fortresses everywhere. Many of them are really old and are also in very good condition. We knew already before we arrived that we couldn't visit them all because we would get bored after the first dozen or so. But even though we skipped many churches we still visited quite a few. In this blog entry we have focused on the capital Tblisi and the places we visited around Tbilisi. First we would like to write a little bit about a town a few hours by car north of Tbilisi, a town called Kazbegi. Kazbegi ... read more
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Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District July 23rd 2011

June 2011: To Georgia: six hours …on a marshrutka (shuttle) ! At B&B in Yerevan: Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head… found my way downstairs and drank a cup, looking up I noticed I was late… skipped breakfast, walked out, saw a taxi, arrived at marshrutka (minibus) station, guy runs up yelling “Tbilisi?” - grabs my backpack and we’re off to Georgia. ET: 17:00, ahhhh. Nevertheless, the driver’s urgency faded as we stopped in the first town at a grocery store then waited five extra minutes for the barely walking old guy to return from the can. Then, ditto the second town, old guy and all, then 20 minutes later a lunch stop… I complained, asking how many stops on this 6-hour trip? We also needed about 45 minutes at ... read more


Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District July 12th 2011

OK wow what a weekend! so this weekend we went khevsureti, a region in northern georgia near the chechen border. since this isnt the official blog i can write that we went to the border here or else teh school would flip out. i didnt feel the least bit scared and it was not dangerous or anything. I am not gonna write about the history of the khevsureti because u can read it here on wikipedia : of course the journey was just as fun as the destination. it was a 2 day trip and they told us to pack warmly and be ready to hike a lot. so we get to the meeting place at 7am like tehy told us. so we are sitting in the bus waiting for everyone to come cuz obviously ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi June 30th 2011

ok so its been a while. honestly work hasn't been that stressful, in fact i wouldn't mind some more assignments. so i am not even gonna talk about work. so last saturday we finally were able to go to kazbegi, a village on the georgian military highway. this road was built in the 1800s and honestly i dont think it has been updated/fixed since. the roads are pretty crappy but not as bad as i expected. so this road was built to connect tbilisi to vladikavkaz in russia. nowadays, obviously u cant go to russia and borders are crossed and kazbegi is the last major town/village. kazbegi is famous for 2 things: 1. mount kazbek, the 3rd highest mountain in Georgia 2. the Holy Trinity Church and monastery on top of another mountain. for anyone who ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi June 20th 2011

ok so much to write about, i don't even know where to begin. i dunno if i should write about some observations i have made recently or what i have been doing. i will try to attempt both. i am just gonna go in order of events that have taken place in teh last couple of weeks. so last week we went and saw georgian dancing. wow is all i can say. holy crap. i dont know how it is physically possible to jump up in the air and land on your toes! or land on your knees and 'bounce' back up. it was amazing to watch. it really nice too cuz we were there with our entire host family and it was a nice "family" outing. the show was supposed to start at 8 but ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi June 5th 2011

ok, sorry i havent written in a while, been busy with internship work. this weekend was a lot of fun. on saturday we went to the hold narihala fortress and the sulphur baths. first i will talk about the fortress.i have no idea how old it, but it is old and has been built, destroyed and rebuilt a million times and has passed through the hands of georgians, persians, and russians at some point in the last 10 centuries. it was quite a trek up to the fortress. tbilisi reminds me a lot of sf because of the hills. it doesnt help that it felt like a billion degrees outside and it was humid and i was carrying a back pack up the huge hill. but it was worth it for the view. the fortress is ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi May 25th 2011

FYI-this is the unoffical blog meant for family and friends, it reflects ONLY my views and of nobody else i am alive and well in tbilisi gerogia. after 27 hours in transit i finally landed on sunday at 4am in tbilisi. i couldnt see much from the airplane but i was still really excited and nervous. i don't speak georgian and while many georgians speak russian i was and still am a bit nervous to use it because of all the conflict/dislike between the two countries. I was greeted by host mom, her daughter and my classmate who is interning with me in georgia. as the sun began to rise on the drive home i saw my first glimpses of tbilisi. it is really beautiful. there are lush green hills surrounding the city with beautiful old ... read more

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