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December 6th 2009
Published: December 6th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

I've been meaning to take more photos of how many electric bikes / motor scooters there are in China, but each time I see a large number of them together, the angle is too wide to get a good photo. I happened to turn the corner yesterday and see a shop selling these bikes, and got a decent shot of them. However, this is just a fraction of what they were selling. The entire inside of the store was packed with them, and down the street there was a similar shop, and then another further down.... Suffice it to say, electric bikes are much more common than cars and bicycles in Huzhou. This is with good reason, because they are very convenient and cheap. For example, the electric bikes in the photo are only ¥1500, or roughly $220, and they look so shiny and colorful....


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