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Happy 60th Birthday Nanny Dragon!!!! Hope you enjoy your presents from us and have a lovely day!! Love Lindsay, Andy, Matthew and William xxxxx... read more
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA April 21st 2014

It has been a busy weekend!! On Friday I decorated lots of eggs ready for our Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. The boys had a great time reading the clues and searching all over Green Park for them!! While we were hunting for eggs the Easter bunny followed behind us and left lots of little treats for Matthew and William!! In the afternoon we went to our second birthday party, one of Matthew's new friends from school. The whole class was there and it was nice for the boys to play with their new friends!! Matthew seems a lot more settled now and he really does have more than just 1 friend!! Next week is half term, Matthew is on count down!! The Monday is a bank holiday here so Andy is off work to - ... read more
.....................To this!!!!!

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA April 14th 2014

wow........the colours are amazing!! All of a sudden spring has sprung!! The weather has turned warm and the trees have the most amazing colours of blossom, so many different shades of reds and pinks and the smells are lovely. It is a very pretty time of year. We went to the Ancient Culture street last weekend. It was really busy but we saw lots of lovely things but next time I think leave the boys at home!! I found lots of stalls with colourful beads and Jade but William was not keen on stopping to look! The smells of foods all around was yummy, Next time....! Next we planned to go to the water park...........some how we ended up at the zoo next door instead!!! Mr lv was sure he took us to the right side ... read more
School Display...

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA April 14th 2014

Happy Easter to All!! The boys had a busy day yesterday, Green Park (where we live) put on an Easter art and craft afternoon in the garden for all the children who live here. They decorated pictures and painted Easter eggs and then we had a Easter Egg hunt. Well the children started the hunt before the lady in charge got the chance to start it!! Fab idea, they hid all of the eggs in the holes where the water sprinklers are - only William had other idea's and found the red lever to turn on the sprinklers and all of the children got wet!!! All of the security men came rushing over with William still in the middle of it all!! Only our child could cause this! This will be my first year with not ... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA April 4th 2014

A new month, a new us!!! April is the start of our new life and routine!! We are all settled in China now, we can find our way around, find where they sell the best bread and the yummiest pizza's!! All that we need is our container to arrive in 2 weeks time....we are on count down!! (well the boys are for their toys!!) Matthew is back to school now, his arm is still in a sling and he still has the splint on but he is much better.....think it is just his ego that is a little hurt!! This is what happens when you try to impress the girls at school but they are all fussing over him this week!!! William has started nursery this week, he goes Mon/Wed/Fri. This has been the hardest bit ... read more
Summer is here!!


Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA March 29th 2014

(hopefully I have got this correct!!) For Sunday in England!!!... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA March 23rd 2014

We have experienced our first trip to the SOS clinic and hospital with Matthew. I had the dreaded phone call from Matthew's school on Friday afternoon to say he has had a little accident at school. He fell off the monkey bars in the playground and he can't move his arm, hand or fingers and his wrist is very swollen, they think he needs to go to hospital to see a doctor and get an Xray. I felt like challenge Anneka!!! Get passports, enough money, find a taxi......there is always a taxi outside of our apartments but today he was nowhere to be seen so I had to walk all the way to the main road and flag one down!! Then when I got to the school I couldn't find the sick bay sign on ... read more
Summer is here!!

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA March 17th 2014

Matthew had a lovely birthday on Sunday! He spent his birthday money on a remote controlled helicopter and a remote controlled army truck.......a very happy boy! He spent most of the afternoon playing with these! I made a yummy chocolate was tasty even if I do say so myself!!... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA March 12th 2014

We have had a nice calming week!! Matthew was off school last Friday so he had a lovely long weekend. I took the boys to a new shopping mall, it is Matthew's birthday on the 16th march and he wanted to find a new toy shop to spend his birthday money from Nanny dragon and Grandad. We found one small little shop but something really great we found was a little stall that sold pick and mix sweets (not what we went out for!!) and we found jelly sweets that the boys like from back home, we found jelly bears, snakes and cola bottles!!! Yummy. I was hoping to be able to put the sweets in a bag for myself but the lady was very keen to help me.......I was thinking a couple of each sweets ... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA March 6th 2014

It's been another busy week here! Today was the Cat In The Hat fashion show at Matthew's school, we (I) have been busy making Matthew's hat to wear and I have to say he looked great!! The school put on a great show and the children looked great all dressed up. Matthew did a fab walk along the runway!!! I think the schools in England should take notes! There is no school tomorrow (Friday) So we have a lovely long weekend, it makes up for the long hours! Then as a nice treat to end the week we had Macdonalds!! Yum!! What else have we been up to? I helped William to make a great tent this week so he has a nice place to eat his popcorn and watch Mr Tumble! Built tunnels for our ... read more
Cat in the hat!
Cat In the hat!!
Cat in the hat!!

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