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Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA July 15th 2014

It's still the school holidays here in Teda, Andy is in the US so it's just me and the boys! We had another trip to Tianjin Zoo this week, this is one of the boys favourite places to visit. We seemed to have picked the hottest day to go though......temp up to 37/38 and a very sweaty heat. We hired out a little car to zoom around the zoo. We had seen them before but it's one of those things where "next time we come" we will try so I thought as it was a hot day, be a nice treat for an hour! The boys had a great time driving.......they really did drive mummy round the bend!!!! William was in charge of beeping the horn to move people out of Matthew's way.....the Chinese thought this ... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA July 13th 2014

Well I am glad to say.....another great find!! We went to the Science and Technology museum last week and had a really good time. I read 1 good review about this place and the rest were mmmmm.......not so good! But I thought lets just go and find out for ourselves and I am so glad we did. It was a huge building and so much inside. There were a lot of hands on things for the children of all ages to do and see. I took Matthew and William and we took Mr lv's son and niece with us to for some one else for Matthew to play with. They all got on so well even though we speak very little Chinese and they only spoke a couple of words in English!! There were a couple ... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA July 7th 2014

I am on a mission to find new places to go in Teda where we live. I went to my Chinese writing class last week with Matthew but we got there 20 minutes early so we went for a little walk around. In this area there is mainly a large hotel, a building where I have my class and a few bars and restaurants and then next to one of the bars we saw a poster in Chinese but had a picture of a child on with armbands. We went through the small door and followed the corridor and found the biggest swimming pool we have ever seen!! The nice lady at reception showed us around and it looked great so we went back there today while William was at nursery to check it out. There ... read more
Teda Swimming pool

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 25th 2014

Today was Grade 1's "goodbye/good luck/happy holidays" party!! The class teacher Miss Derly is leaving this summer, going back to USA and a lot of the children are leaving to go back to their home country for good. So tears all round!!!! A bitter sweet day......Happy to start the summer holidays but sad to say good byes!! We had a lovely party though, lots of much food, it's a Chinese thing!! The children were busy taking photo's and signing each others year books. Now we have 7 long weeks of summer fun!!!!... read more
New friends..........

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 23rd 2014

Monday we had a tase of what water day at Teda Internation School was like............oh my goodness what a fun day it was!!! The staff worked so hard over the weekend to get everything ready, it was amazing!! There were 8 different areas or stations as they call them! 1 - The BIG swimming pool! 2- The House team activity...........4 large buckets/bins of water, they had cups, a small bucket and sponges to transfer water to small box only cups and bucket had holes in!! 3 - bench walk - children took turns to walk along while other children throw wet sponges at them!! 4 - water guns!! - 2 small pools each armed with water guns!! 5 - slippery Waterslide!! To fly like superman!! 6 - Get your friends and teachers!!! Take turns to throw ... read more


Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 21st 2014

(part 1) This is our second time living as an expat. Our first place was in Ghana, West Africa - we were there 2 years. It was a totally different experience to here in China. For starters we did not live in an expat community. This was very hard as we stood out being the only white family living there - everyone knew us!! we lived in a big house, all one level. But we had no running water or electricity so had to rely on a very noisy generator. It was not a safe place for me to drive around. I used one of the drivers from my husbands company once a week but the rest of the time I spent at home with Matthew who at the time was 6 months old, 2 years ... read more
Our new fish tank

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 21st 2014

(part 2) We like taking the boys out to play areas or park/grass areas and tonight we found a new place to play - I have no idea how we missed this place. There is some very tall buildings with a shopping malls and restaurants, almost in a square shaped area and there was a large garden area with a little river running though right in the middle of all these tall buildings! There were lots of Chinese families out, children playing and running around. It was so nice to see. The boys spent an hour running around with the other children, crowds of people watching the boys running!! Everyone was so friendly. we are very lucky to have our driver Mr Lv. He has been a God send. He takes us to and from school/nursery ... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 17th 2014

Since living in China, the only real problem we have had is Matthew (who is 7) not willing to try new foods here. We have been to some lovely restaurants both Chinese and western but the only thing he eats is pizza and pasta. We have been to MacDonalds so many times we could buy shares with them!! When in supermarkets back in England it is easy to find new and exciting things to eat and cook but here its a new world to me.....I have no idea of most packets, jars and containers etc in Tesco here!! After speaking with other parents at school and where we live it seems we are not the only ones with this problem. A lot of the parents hire someone to come to there home and cook Chinese food ... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 15th 2014

To Daddy and Granddads back in England, Happy Father's Day!!! Hope you all have a lovely day!!!!! Love Matthew, William, Lindsay (and Andy!!)... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA June 11th 2014

Oh my goodness........It has been the worst 6 days ever! I have had 3 very poorly boys at home with the worst tummy bug ever. Andy became ill on Saturday afternoon - my husband never gets sick....ever. It was so bad he had to take a couple of days off work which is unheard of, Andy never takes time off. Then when we thought he was over the worst....Matthew's turn on Monday night, he started at 7pm then William started at 10pm. Andy and I went back and forth all night between the 2 boys. The poor cleaning lady came in, in the morning and thought....My God what on earth has happened!! We all looked rough and we had piles of washing for her. I think she was at the point to put a big "DO ... read more

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