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August 24th 2011
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So today was day that we were all looking forward to. This was the day we were finally hiking the Great Wall. We all piled into two different vans and traveled for two hours into the country side. Once we got to the bottom of the Great Wall we were all speechless looking at one of the 8th wonders of the world. We had to cross a dam where our steps were literally little rocks that were not welded down or anything. So after each step we felt the rocks move. Once we crossed that we got to a little hole in the wall and had to climb up a 20 foot ladder into a window in the Great Wall. The ladder itself was held by two stones and we’ll call it the ladder of death. Once we climbed that we were all really excited to begin our journey to the one of the higher viewpoints of the wall. However the adventure was insanely hard and let’s just says that PX90 has nothing on the steps of the Great Wall. I had to keep reminding myself where I was at and how much history is behind this amazing landmark. (Yeah how was your Tuesday? Oh you know just hiked up the Great Wall of China). The stairs on this was incredibly steep and at some points I had to spider man up the wall. Climbing using both my hands and feet however it did not help the cause that I had 2 liters of water inside my backpack. I honestly cannot even to begin to describe the views on this site. There were little slots inside the wall where the Chinese would use to shoot their arrows or pour hot oil. Some of the group made it to the higher peak however I was not one of them. I made it to the midway between the highest and 2nd highest since I’ll be climbing it again later this week. Once we began descend down the mountain we bought some fireworks to shoot off at the base of the Great Wall which was an incredible experience. After that we visited a factory where they handprint and handmade vases and other decorative things out of metal. Once we got back we went to the night market where I ate baby pigeons on a stick, baby scorpions, octopus and starfish… (Starfish was by far the worst food I’ve tried since it was like fried chicken but filled with sand) the baby pigeons were actually good. It had a gamey feel and taste however was really hard to bite. Once we got back to the hostel, I ended up hanging out with a group of girls who were staying here, a couple of them were from the UK and acouple of them were from Russia. One of the Russian girls was celebrating their birthdays. It was really fun to meet other travelers and exchange our experiences. Until my next adventure

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24th August 2011

This is really awesome to read and follow along tyler! thanks!

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