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Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 25th 2006

My Christmas in China was pretty good. My flat was all nicely decorated and I was suitably in the Christmasy mood when the Christmas weekend came along. Normally I am a bit of a ba humbug because the Christmas preparations in the U.K start stupidly early. Luckily I didn't have to deal with all that here. Christmas eve and my flat mate Claire and I had a party in our flat. We provided Mulled wine and snacks for the party goers and the mulled wine went down a treat. We even bought buijio but not even a drop was touched. Two Chinese friends turned up to the party with a Christmas tree, very thoughtful but I have never been given one of those at a Christmas party before. It is certainly a gift that won't be ... read more
Waiting to pounce!
yummy eggnog
We ate it all!

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 19th 2006

Perhaps I should have mentioned huoguo, meaning 'hotpot' ('huo' means 'fire') before as it's arguably Sichuan's (the province I'm in) most famous dish (if you can call it a dish). Yesterday I taught my Senior 1s from 8:50 until 16:15 as per most Mondays. After my lessons we all went up to this ginormous hall which I had never seen before, to judge the yearly Senior 1 karaoke competition! Every class it seemed had a representative to sing an English language song....of course this consisted largely of Westlife/Boyzone/Avril Lavigne songs, but what can you do? It was part hilarious, part excruciating as we were right by the loudspeakers and what can I say, some of the kids' voices weren't the best! The hilarious moments came when halfway through a singer's performance, someone rushed on stage which ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 19th 2006

So our Senior 1's had an English Karaoke competition on Monday. It was on when we usually have Chinese class so we decided to ditch Chinese and head to the competition. We thought we might end up being judge's even though we had not been officially asked. This turned out to be correct. Not that I minded doing it but I wish that people in China could communicate better. It was a bit similar to what happened with the Junior's play competition. We only found out about our Junior's English play competition because the student's told us. I think the teachers at the school don't want to bother us or ask too much of us. I was like, if it's English, it is our job to help. Definitely a cultural thing. You have to be ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 18th 2006

I was getting some iced tea at our local small shop and was intrigued at what the owners were eating. It looked to me like a stick!? It was in fact bamboo. Because I looked so interested the lady gave me two pieces of bamboo to take home and taste?! I was utterly baffled by this until a friend told me they don't eat the bamboo they just chew it for the juices and then spit it out. Its supposed to be good. Not given it a go yet but I am sure I will. Will I turn into a Panda? Anyway I saw a Bamboo seller on the street the other night and took a picture. It must be popular in Winter because I have not seen it before. ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 16th 2006

At last, after a few weekends of doing not much, we went on a wee adventure today.... Luodai apprarently gets its name from a bloke called Liu Adou who lost his jade belt in a well here (however I didn't manage to find out why Liu Adou was so important to warrant a town being named after him). Luodai Ancient Town is the largest Hakka Ancient town in west China, with over 90% of its inhabitants being descendants from Guangdong, Jianxi and Fujian. We (my flatmate and I) heard about this place from a laowei laoshi friend of ours who had been here before with her students. To get here, take a bus to Wuguiqiao Bus Station which is near the Tazishan Park which has a very tall pagoda like structure which looks like it's ready ... read more
fake plastic trees
it's hard life...
contemplating life...


Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 16th 2006

Luodai Ancient Village, forty minutes East on the Bus from Chengdu was our Saturday day trip destination. After a late lunch at Grandma's Kitchen on Kehu Bei lu, Iona, Claire and I headed towards the bus station to get the bus to Luodai. The bus took forty minute's and passed the poorer outskirts of the city and new development area's. We had managed to get a seat which made the journey a little more pleasant and for part of the journey had a local baby being amused by us. The bus took about forty minute's and when we arrived it was pretty easy to find the entrance to the village. At the foothills of the Eastern Mountain range it was established by the Hakka community. From what I have briefly read online and on the ... read more
Pots of ware's
Scary Dragon
Strawberrie's on a Stick

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 12th 2006

I am in a funny mood and was amused by my gigantic deformed strawberry (amongst many) that I picked up at the local supermarket, so here's a picture....! Had my day off today so that was nice, but it goes all too quickly as usual.... I counted that I have 20 more lessons to teach of the Senior 1s before I finish my contract (they are 16 year olds and are a nightmare, have no respect and think our lessons are dossing lessons, well except for a few good students) and am planning my Spring Festival trip to Tibet and Xian, as well as Bangladesh....just over a month to go, BRING IT ON!!!... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 9th 2006

Oh yes it's only 2 weeks on Monday til Christmas... Won't really mean much to me as here in China they of course don't celebrate it, so we are only getting Christmas Day and New Year's Day off, but better than nowt! As soon as it hit 1 Dec, shops here started displaying massive Christmas trees in their windows, fairy lights, and a lot of tack (well it is China, gotta be OTT!) However it's just enough to make you fee Christmassy, and not get pissed off by the commercial-ness of Christmas in the UK which seems to begin in October with Christmas songs everywhere you go and manic shoppers filling the aisles of every shop in town. So I think I'm going to like Christmas in China! My friends and I are also having a ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu December 3rd 2006

So we headed to Qingyang Taoist Temple a couple of weekends ago. It looked like a pretty small complex on the outside but it was quite a big area inside. It was a really nice place to take a walk, look at some Taoist temples and spend a lazy afternoon. I don't really know much about Taoism so it would of been useful to have an English speaking guide with us. I did however enjoy it anyway as the grounds were beautiful and it was really relaxing. There was quite a few temples representing the gods of Taoism (Dao ism), lots of places to send blessings (incense burners) and a beautiful Pagoda surrounded by autumn tree's in the middle. There was also the nicest old lady walking round each Taoist God doing her three posture's. ... read more
Taoist temple
Autumn leaves
scary turtle

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu November 30th 2006

Ok so I haven't updated this blog since Halloween which is ages I know. Basically November was a quiet month. Some teaching, some nights out, a few days off, a cold. Not much to write about really. I did however taste some disgusting Chinese Medicine, get annoyed at the noises outside my flat and read a couple of books. I am not very good at keeping this blog upto date so I will attempt to do better in future. Please email or comment if you know me or have any Sichuan travelling information I might find useful.... read more

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