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September 13th 2011
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So Monday was the Mid-Autumn Festival where they pass out moon cakes to one another. (I explained what moon cakes were in my last blog) So Monday was a laid back day since most of the places were closed due to the holiday. However a few of us found a ma and pa restaurant for dumplings. (They were literally hand making them behind us as we ordered and our motto is “The more sketchy the restaurant, the better the food). We found out that they were 4 Yuan for 9 dumplings… So we ordered about 6 trays… (We spent six US dollars for 54 dumplings). After we were filled with dumplings, we ended up going back to the university to relax a little. I ended up taking a small power nap before my roommate and a friend wanted to play ping pong… So we played ping pong for a while when I got bored and realized I’d rather play basketball… So after a few more matches of ping pong, I went to the courts to see if I’d get invited to play a game of hoops. A group of about six Chinese kids asked if I wanted to play ball with them… First a couple of games were good yet they had more friends who wanted to play with us. A couple of times I ended having to guard Yao Ming’s brother…(Pretty much the 2nd tallest guy on the opposite team) which was kind of frustrating at times (obviously me being the tall person I am…) besides that it was fun to play basketball. (For some reason the opposite team kept placing a couple of girls on our team which didn’t bother me since these Chinese girls can ball). After about 10 games or so I decided to call it a day since I was drenched with sweat and my friends were leaving for dinner. The next day we had our non-intensive Chinese Class at 10:30; which was kind of tough getting up for since we had a long weekend, but we all made it. We all had to download the E-Book version of the textbook since the English version was extremely tough to find in China. After class, most of them went to lunch while I did some more laundry and relaxed. (Ended up going to the gym to lift some more). My eye is still a little red so I’m heading to the eye doctor tomorrow to look at some new specs. (Since I was an idiot and left mine back in the states) Anyways Miss you all and remember Cheers and Stay Classy.


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