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Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong April 9th 2014

So, onto day 2 (written by guest choir tour members Sophie and James!). We woke up to an amazing selection of breakfast goodies, including the most delicious pancakes with maple syrup and fruity fillings. After having stuffed ourselves with savoury and sweet dishes, we got ready and hopped into a taxi to continue our sightseeing experiences in Shanghai. We decided to continue our bus tour, sitting on the open top deck with a similarly strong wind gust (but thankfully not as perilous as the bridge yesterday!). After seeing various parks and high end shopping boutiques (think, Cartier, Dior, etc.), we stopped off at the Jade Buddha Temple. There were some beautiful authentic Chinese buildings housing Buddhas with different faces and personalities, and an unofficial tour guide informed us about praying to particular Buddhas and the parts ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong January 23rd 2014

I don’t claim to be an expert on China but I have survived for four months now living in Shanghai so that has to count for something, right? If I can download some useful information to visitors and expats coming here and save a life or two, I will consider this a worthy post. Now, on to life in Shanghai. This is a fascinating country in the throes of constant change. I appreciate the history, culture and people. I hope you will enjoy your trip or relocation here. If you follow my tips, your experience in China may be better and you will have wonderful memories to bring home. Pack that air mask and off you go! ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong January 14th 2014

After a mere four months living in Shanghai, it's time to move on again. The reasons for our departure are not going to be publicised on the internet but for any of you who gave us advice on moving here, it isn't because we don't like Shanghai or China. However, a new job awaits us in a whole new country and it's time to say goodbye to Shanghai. Here are your best bits...... motorbikes held together with sellotape..... brown furry dogs (are they poodles?)....... *hurrrrockkk......* (the noise and pregnant pause before someone spits in the street)....... several small toffee apples on sticks....... babies in split crotch trousers so they can pee on the floor...... brown furry dogs in clothes...... old people shoving you out of the way on the metro...... electric bikes silently appearing behind you ... read more
Motorbike held together with sellotape
Small toffee apples on sticks
Dog dressed as a pand

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong January 13th 2014

Hello alll, We have had three great days in Shanghai. it is a fantastic combination of old and new and east meets west. The weather is simialr to Vancouver, about +6. We avoided rain. We walked till we dropped and saw many interesting sights. off to Thailand tomorrow. Pictures to follow.... read more
Old Shanghai

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong December 12th 2013

This is quite a belated blog, as we've been in China for three months now. You know how things are when you are starting a new job and moving to a new country, and then getting addicted to games like Candy Crush Saga and reading The Daily Mash?..... No? .....Just us then? Hitting the Chinese ground running We landed at Pudong airport in Shanghai early on a Tuesday morning back in September and were picked up by the very efficient and chirpy English assistant from our university department. She drove us to Shanghai Ocean University and dropped us at the campus hotel, where we were to stay for the first three nights. "You must be tired, so you should have a rest" she said perceptively. Noone looks good after an 11 hour flight, especially on top ... read more
Our apartment
Lingang from Dishui Lake
The edge of the city.


Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong November 4th 2013

What an amazing day! Aside from Sichuan food which stands alone, I had the best meal of Shanghai style cuisine which was easily the best meal I have ever had in China. It was outstanding. It was at the Yu Yuan Garden - the dumpling restaurant looking onto the pond near the entrance to the gardens. Today was a day of wandering around Shanghai with the benefit of a car and driver. There were many highlights throughout the day but visiting the Shanghai home of Sun Yat Sen was a pleasure And an education. Tomorrow morning I leave for Beijing.... read more
Home of Sun Yat Sen
What does this mean?

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong November 3rd 2013

The city of Shanghai has several things that give it a unique character. The Bund is the strip of river front, the embankment, where there is a row of early 20th century buildings constructed in a European architectural style. It is this early skyline that gave rise to the descriptive saying of 'Paris of the East.' In the last ten to fifteen years a modern architectural skyline has developed on the opposite bank of the Huangpo river. This skyline offers one of the best light shows in the world rivaling Las Vegas, Tokyo, Time Square and any others. The Shanghai Museum is a jewel box of pleasures. It is manageable in size, easy to navigate, with galleries on a human scale. It is lacking strength and depth with the Tibetan objects but more than makes up ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong November 2nd 2013

It has been a few days since arriving in Hong Kong and then moving on to Shanghai. Hong Kong was fun with both work and some play. The Peninsula Hotel was a wonderful experience with drinks up on top in the Felix restaurant - surely the best view of Hong Kong and Victoria harbour. High Tea on the ground floor is also one of the best in Hong Kong - although Kowloon side. On this trip I got to know the city and outlying area a lot more than on previous quick visits. The southern areas of Hong Kong island are quieter than the busy north side. Stanley is a beautiful beach front neighbourhood and Wang Chuk Hang is an up and coming former industrial area turning commercial And residential. We arrived in Shanghai on Thursday ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong October 5th 2013

We’re a little late to breakfast, and I miss out on the banana smoothies. Bugger! I’ll have to make do with waffles coated in peanut butter and maple syrup. The checkout is easy, Elva and the driver collect us and on to the airport. The flight to Singapore is uneventful, there’s the usual good entertainment system and late lunch to fill us up. At Singapore airport, we head to the Burger King for dinner, but find we have to wait awhile because a plane load of people have been delayed and they’ve all got dinner vouchers. For Burger King. Crazy. Anyway, we have a few hours to while away, so we do a little duty free shopping, and eventually on the plane home. Home at last, to a relatively cool early morning in Perth, quick customs ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong October 4th 2013

This time after more smoothies and pancakes, we catch a taxi to Tianzifang (¥21, A$3.80 – flagfall is ¥14). Its still crowded and a squeeze in some places, but not as dense as the other day. We enjoy a longer look at a wider range of allsorts, including Chinese and foreign nick-knacks. We’ve been keeping an eye out for another suitcase to carry the extra weight of items we’d bought. A shop provides the answer, with a ‘Ming Jiang’ bright green hard plastic case on four wheels for ¥740 (A$135). After a pleasant look through the alleyways, we catch a taxi back to the hotel and have lunch in our rooms. Joseph, Ky and I then go for a walk past the Yu Gardens Shopping area, looking for the Shi Liu Pu Clothing Material Market. The ... read more
Shanghai Yuyuan Shops 1
Shanghai Yuyuan Shops 2
Shanghai Yuyuan Shops 3

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