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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Yangzhou April 5th 2014

New photos on: …..sorry, my second supposedly monthly newsletter is already running late. Studying for a degree cuts into my time. Why didn't someone tell me that before I started?. Now Travelblog has seen fit to "improve" its photo uploading capability so now, as is common with such improvements, the new system, despite installing the latest Flash Player as instructed, doesn't work, the old uploader doesn't work either. Damn it! I wish these geeks would just remember, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! Just follow the link to Photobucket, (above)..... (it appears to be working now ...!) ..... …..looking at my photos Chinese friends are wowed by Australia's clean air, beautiful beaches, lack of crowds. They accept crowds as a fact ... read more
Dave, Selene, Steve
World's Worst Busker, Wenchang Lu, Yangzhou
Singer, Half Lotus Bar, Yangzhou

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Yangzhou February 23rd 2014

New photos on: …..I escaped the greatest human migration in the world, when, it is calculated, a total of over 3.6 BILLION* trips are made during the annual rush to be home for & return from Chun Jie, the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year. A short stay in Khon Kaen to visit my old mate Wazza & his family, followed by a week & a half in Australia, where I arrived in time for yet another Adelaide heatwave, near 40C maximum most days with a couple up to 45C. However that is still more comfortable than 30C & 90% humidity, as I can vouch after several summers in Jiangsu..... (* that's including the use of multiple means to travel, eg: train followed by a bus trip etc) http:/... read more
Lindas, Chris Birthday, Adelaide
Medical Research Centre, Adelaide
Railway Station, Adelaide

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing February 2nd 2014

Trip on tube : China trip (中国) Episode 9 - Nanjing trip (南京) Hi i just came bck from China this is my second time for publishing blog this episode i would like to bring u to center of China. we will start from Nanjing Beijing the meaning is North Capital and Nanjing is South Capital the most attractions is the memorial hall of victim (must see) and Zhongshan Mount. so let's enjoy my footage url=... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou January 22nd 2014

Jeg fant ut at jeg også måtte komme med noen ord i bloggen. Etter å ha reist litt rundt i Kina må jeg faktisk si at det er mye her som imponerer meg veldig. Kina er jo liksom kopiens land og det er sikkert riktig, men når kineserne kopierer så forbedrer de alt og gjør ting mye større. I går tok vi toget fra Changzhou til Suzhou, vi tog «bullit train» altså lyntoget. Stasjonene er så store at man kan plassere terminalbygget på Gardermoen inne i stasjonsbygningene og hypermoderne og utrolig effektive. Togene kommer og går på sekundet, (akkurat som NSB) dessuten er alt så rent og ryddig. (Gjelder selvfølgelig ikke i bakgatene da). Men at Kina har ett kjempe forurensingsproblem merker vi ganske godt både med smog, men ikke minst alle kullkraftverk som man ser ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Changzhou January 21st 2014

Vi har nå kommet oss til byen hvor Christina har bodd den siste tiden. For å komme oss til Changzhou tok vi hurtigtog - trur det har en toppfart på oppimot 400 km timen. Før vi kom oss på toget vardet et sant kaos, kinesere har ikke køkultur og de presser seg forbi deg som den største selvfølgelighet. Togene her går når de skal, har man ikke kommet seg på toget pga. alt kaoset kan man oppleve å bli stående igjen. Det samme gjelder alt av offentlig kommunikasjon. Må kanskje være sånn i et land med så mye mennesker!! Byen Christina holder til i er en "små" by, kun 3 millioner innbyggere!! Her er det KALDT, så jeg måtte en tur på H&M for å kjøpe meg en varm jakke og varmere votter!! H&M er eneste ... read more


Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou October 31st 2013

So we are now starting the last leg of our journey. It's incredible how the time has flown. We wake in Nanjing, but we will not spend too much time in this city of 4 million with its wealth of history. Breakfast at the hotel, which makes a few concessions to Westen tastes but is mostly Asian. My new experience for the day is Mung bean porridge, which turns out to be fine with milk. On the bus with Jack as tour guide. It is overcast but mild. As we drive through the city, we garner impressions of Nanjing. In some indefinably way, it feels old. It has lots of older, faded buildings, many falling into decrepitude. There are frequent vacant lots where buildings have clearly had to be knocked down. At the same time, lots ... read more
Dragon frieze, old city, Nanjing, China
Confucius temple, Nanjing, China
Marking exams, Nanjing, China

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing October 30th 2013

During the night, the ship has reached the Three Gorges dam and passed through its five locks, a process that took about four hours. It's also a fairly noisy process that disturbed our sleep. We are up at 6 am because the morning excursion to the dam leaves at 7:45 and we also have to repack for departure. It's a drizzly day and we dress in rainwear and take umbrellas (kindly supplied by the cruise line). We board a bus that whisks us to the main tourist reception area. We take a series of escalators to a hilltop observation area with a central tower. From there, on a clearer day, we would have a good view of the dam, but today the visibility is poor. We can see the locks that our ship recently passed through ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Yancheng September 28th 2013

I didn't do much on my last day in Xian, mostly trying to organise stuff on the internet. I did go to the Bird Market which was a few streets away from my hostel. The first sellers I passed mostly had lots of canaries and budgies, a few Bengalese and some Gouldian finches, with just one having wild-caught birds (a cage packed with yellow-bellied tits). As I got deeper into the alleys the wild birds started appearing, with cages crammed full of Mongolian larks, Siberian rubythroats, redstarts, Pekin robins, yellow-bellied tits, white-eyes and, surprisingly, tree sparrows. Those were all in big numbers; in lesser numbers were bluethroats, hill mynahs, hawfinches (including some dyed ones), niltavas, red-tailed minlas, elegant buntings, crested tits, hwameis, Chinese bulbuls, blackbirds, skylarks, a few spot-necked doves,a couple of azure-winged magpies and just ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing September 12th 2013

This week, a few colleagues and I had a unique opportunity to explore a new city. There was actually a Disney English conference held in Nanjing (about 2-hours' train ride on a high-speed train from Hangzhou) this past "weekend" and so three of us went to this and took advantage of the fact that it was in a new place as well. Nanjing is a pretty interesting place. The 'jing' in Nanjing means capital, the same way that the 'jing' in Beijing does. Nan means south, Bei means north. So, I think you can piece that puzzle together on its status in the big-picture-Chicken that is China. Nanjing was actually founded in 495 BCE -- how about them apples? And that fact of China continues to blow my mind. My country's old buildings are 250 years ... read more
Xuanwu Flute Player

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou July 18th 2013

Suzhou is a small city called the "Venice of the East" by tourist guides, so we had imagined a gentle, peaceful place, forgetting of course that in China a "small" city is still huge by European standards, in this case ten and a half million people. We took a boat trip through the canals, but although it is pretty, with pagodas and traditional homes, there are plenty of visible signs of industry and of the huge population, as we passed under concrete flyovers and past Soviet-style apartment blocks. The heat in Suzhou took some getting used to: by the afternoon it was in the high 30s, and we began to relish walking down the shopping streets, because every time we passed an open shop we would feel a blast of the cook air-conditioning.... read more
Canal trip
Canal trip
Canal trip

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