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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Yangzhou June 28th 2014

New photos on: …..Love China Day #1. One of the nuts holding the very useful lockable carrier on the back of my scooter has fallen off. It's loose & rattling. I pull up at one of the makeshift bike & tyre repair “shops” at the side of the road. A couple of armchairs, a selection of rusty tools, some old tyres hanging from a faded sunshade. The old fellow gets up from the chair & is surprised when I am able to explain to him in Chinese what the problem is. He roots around in a box, returns with a screw & nut & quickly fixes the problem. “Duo shao qian?”, (How much?). “Yi kuai”, (One yuan). That's about 18 cents Australian, or 10 pence in England. I try to give him ¥2 but he ... read more
Foreign Teachers, Teppenyaki, Yangzhou
Foreign Teachers, Teppenyaki, Yangzhou
Foreign Teachers, Teppenyaki, Yangzhou

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Yangzhou June 1st 2014

…..Steve, Ben & I wait while a driver does a 15 point turn in a bike lane. The pantomime appears to be over. Ben thinks it's clear to go through but no, just as he makes a move the car lurches forward again, stopping within millimetres of his bike. The driver winds the window down, seems overjoyed at seeing three foreigners & yells, with a huge smile, “Welcome to China!”..... …..I manage to get a cheap laugh with one sentence in my Grade 8 textbook, about what side of the road to drive on. I ask what side you drive on in China. Unanimously they tell me “the right”. I refute it, citing trips to the city where people do drive on the right, but also on the left, & in the centre, sometimes go from ... read more
Wedding, Nantong
Wedding, Nantong
Wedding, Nantong

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing May 20th 2014

NANJING: REST DAY Last night ate Salted Boiled Duck the speciality of Nanjing. The duck was probably boiled in brine. It was mildly salty and delicious and made you thirsty for a second SNOW beer, only 2.75%. Subsequently ordered other equally delicious dishes. 7 of us at dinner. Meal cost for a very satisfying meal and 2 beers ea. 61 RMB ( $11) This morning, after a very poor breakfast, walked down to the city wall. Nanjing old town is surrounded by a 33.5 km wall built by the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Each brick used in the construction is enshrined with the name of the village in which it was built, and in some instances by the individual craftsman. The wall offered good views over this huge city. It was a blue sky, ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing May 19th 2014

19.4.14 Today we road 119km along main roads to Nanjing. Road was again excellent multi lane highway. Not much in the way of scenery. Weather was kind and we made it in 5.5 hours. A rest day tomorrow to explore this city of 9 million People'history. Having some problem with internet so another has downloaded a VPN which apparently will make access to Instagram, etc easier. Hopefully I will have more interesting news tomorrow.... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Yangzhou May 3rd 2014

New photos on: …..I have detailed before the constant last minute amendments to schedules at the school & changes without warning to daily activities. It's part of the Chinese experience &, it seems, a way of life here. An unexpected phone conversation with a young woman at 10.30pm on a Saturday evening, roughly translated from the Chinese. ”I saw you at the One Bar last week, you were singing there with Steve...” … “Yes”... “I want to know, can you sings songs at a (???)” … “I'm sorry, what was the last word” … (She switches briefly to English)... “a weeding” … “Huh? Oh, hunli?” (a wedding?) ... “Dui, (yes), hunli”… “Maybe. When is the wedding?” … “Tomorrow afternoon” … “No, I can't” … “Why?” … “I have ... read more
Shuang Feng Liu Zhan_Yangzhou
Jason, Jenny, Homer at the Blu Bar, Yangzhou
Song Jia Cheng Ti Yu Park, Yangzhou


Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou May 3rd 2014

We are just on the tail end of our week long spring break and it was enjoyable. Chinese citizens get a labor holiday of 3 days (formally 7 days) and our spring break falls in line with the old week long break. We weren't quite sure where to go on vacation up until the break began. Helen and I agreed that it would be wise to stick around China and avoid unnecessary spending in anticipation for the summer vacation. That being said, the vacation time I do get from work is well earned and the family deserves to see something new. So Helen suggested Jiangsu province to visit her middle school friend Bonnie and her family in Wuxi. We then decided to include visiting the cities of Suzhou and Hanzhou (which is in the neighboring province ... read more
How about scale?
Gift shopping
Even Meili got lost in the maze!

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou April 10th 2014

Trip to Suzhou – China’s Venice When I found out that I would be transferring in May I knew I had to get my ass into gear and do some exploring outside of Hangzhou (the trip to Hong Kong does not count) Its April now and although I’ve barely seen everything that Hangzhou has to offer – to be fair some of the so called tourist spots don’t really interest me, I knew I needed a break and get out of the city. One of the onboarders that I met in December works in Shanghai and I knew she was itching to do some exploring to as she has yet to escape Shanghai. On my to do list having looked through my handy Eye Witness Travel China book were Suzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhen. They were simply ... read more
The hostel room
Wondering around
Wondering around

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Yangzhou April 5th 2014

New photos on: …..sorry, my second supposedly monthly newsletter is already running late. Studying for a degree cuts into my time. Why didn't someone tell me that before I started?. Now Travelblog has seen fit to "improve" its photo uploading capability so now, as is common with such improvements, the new system, despite installing the latest Flash Player as instructed, doesn't work, the old uploader doesn't work either. Damn it! I wish these geeks would just remember, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! Just follow the link to Photobucket, (above)..... (it appears to be working now ...!) ..... …..looking at my photos Chinese friends are wowed by Australia's clean air, beautiful beaches, lack of crowds. They accept crowds as a fact ... read more
Dave, Selene, Steve
World's Worst Busker, Wenchang Lu, Yangzhou
Singer, Half Lotus Bar, Yangzhou

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Yangzhou February 23rd 2014

New photos on: …..I escaped the greatest human migration in the world, when, it is calculated, a total of over 3.6 BILLION* trips are made during the annual rush to be home for & return from Chun Jie, the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year. A short stay in Khon Kaen to visit my old mate Wazza & his family, followed by a week & a half in Australia, where I arrived in time for yet another Adelaide heatwave, near 40C maximum most days with a couple up to 45C. However that is still more comfortable than 30C & 90% humidity, as I can vouch after several summers in Jiangsu..... (* that's including the use of multiple means to travel, eg: train followed by a bus trip etc) http:/... read more
Lindas, Chris Birthday, Adelaide
Medical Research Centre, Adelaide
Railway Station, Adelaide

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing February 2nd 2014

Trip on tube : China trip (中国) Episode 9 - Nanjing trip (南京) Hi i just came bck from China this is my second time for publishing blog this episode i would like to bring u to center of China. we will start from Nanjing Beijing the meaning is North Capital and Nanjing is South Capital the most attractions is the memorial hall of victim (must see) and Zhongshan Mount. so let's enjoy my footage url=... read more

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