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October 12th 2009
Published: October 13th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: master (ess) 57 secs
2: The Master 56 secs
3: rain on my roof 15 secs
A Chinese Bride to beA Chinese Bride to beA Chinese Bride to be

contemplating the colour green
Things of beauty

A Chinese bride to be, contemplating the colour green

That on the day I tell the man that I most want to be with that I am leaving, he declares he wants to know me

Two friends biking in the early autumn breeze

A death wreath pinned to the bed of the dead man

The sound of rain on my Chinese roof tiles and no other sound - nothing

The bridal veil placed in position

A cat when it paws the air in pleasure

A tear from a tiny dog’s eye

Hearing Lao Wang explain that I am his sister

Laughing till you cry

Time healing

A man singing to me, for me

Cultures mingling until they are one

Touching the sleeping cat at the end of my bed with my toe

The comfortable feeling around good people

Experiencing a full corona in total darkness and in absolute silence

Letting a man’s hair down and it falls way past his waist

Catching an over night train and waking in a new place

Gift giving

Opening a new 120 roll film and its smell seeping out

Forgetting what time it is, what day it is, what month it is

The deep yellow of the perfect ball chrysanthemum

A surprise visit

An ancient English crystal casting a rainbow

The call of the vendor in the lane

The master, his eyes, his hands, his every move

The woman, deep in timeless movement

Sheffield steel knives on fine tables in Shanghai

Something up your sleeve

The sound from acoustic guitars

Bending time, borrowing time

Taking it slowly like water and not like fire

Leaving noisily, arriving silently

Distasteful things





Not taking responsibility

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Home town steelHome town steel
Home town steel

on the fine tables in Shanghai
fine attention to detail fine attention to detail
fine attention to detail

sheffield steel, bone handles, silver tea pots and hand painted and crafted china

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