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Asia » China » Hunan » Xiangxi March 21st 2014

Introduction The Phoenix Ancient Town is located in Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture,Hunan Province,and also border on the southwestern Guizhou Province and the West Songtao, Tongren County.It is one of the smaller counties in Hunan,but now it is known as the most beautiful ancient town for its long history and well-preserved appearances.The name of Phoenix town mainly derived from the Phoenix Mountain which is in a phoenix shape. The Phoenix town today consist of 5 zones and 27 townships. With 300,000 people, which is a multi-ethnic County with Miao, Han, Tujia, and so on. The County is in sub-tropical moist monsoon climate,and the average annual temperature is 15.9 ℃. Phoenix is not only rich in natural resources,beautiful mountains and rivers, but also possessing many scenic and historical sites. Next are 9 famous spots in the ... read more
Phoneix Town
Phoneix Town

Asia » China » Hunan » Fenghuang November 21st 2013

Changsha opuszczałem w kierunku zachodnim, na Fenghuan. Najpierw autobusem na Dworzec Zachodni. Ledwie zdazylem wejsc do hali biletowej, a podszedl do mnie mlody gosc w mundurze, z identyfiaktorem i przemowil w dobrym angielskim: mamy tu codziennie kilku obcokrajowcow, moim zadaniem jest pomagac im w kupnie biletow. Pogadalem z nim chwile, chlopak zdawal się mieć kompleksy na punkcie prowincjonalnosci swojego miasta: Changsha ma tylko 7 milionow mieszkancow, czy można mówić, ze to jest „city”, czy tylko ze „town”? Troche zezloscil się tez, widzac ze mam w telefonie znajome Chinki, bo on kiedys chcial mieć dziewczyne z Zachodu, ale zadna z tych kilku obecnych w Changsha nie chciala go. Autobus do Fenghuan, z przesiadka w jakims miescie po drodze. Dotarlem pod wieczor, dość tanio wynajalem pokoj w dobrym miejscu – znaczy się balkonik wychodzil prosto na rzeke, cale ... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha November 11th 2013

Kiedy bylem jeszcze w Dandongu, zdarzylo mi sie odwiedzic bar KTV w towarzystwie, no powiedzmy- w znajomym towarzystwie. Wszystko w zwyklym stylu - ultrafiolet, masa alkoholu i przekasek, potwornie falszywe zawodzenia dolatujace zza zakmnietych drzwi, panienki oczekujace na klientow. Kiedy przyszla pora na to, zebym i ja zafalszowal, wybralem piosenke Beatlesow – i wielce mnie ubawil tytul zapowiadajacy na ekranie: YESTERDAY ------------- Popularized by The Beatles. To ci dopiero pol-prawdy w chinskim stylu! A teraz dla odmiany cos z naszego podworka, o "prawach autorskich" i kontroli internetu wlasnie. Ponad 10 lat temu udalo mi sie zdigitalizowac maly fragment rodzinnego filmu. Odpalilem stary ruski projektor, rzucilem obraz na sciane, chwile wczesniej podskoczylem do magnetofonu i puscilem Strawberry Fields Forever, Jim w skupieniu nagrywal ... read more
dzieciaki - kazde ma inny wyraz twarzy, nie to co dorosli
Zoe i Holly

Asia » China » Hunan » Shaoshan June 23rd 2013

Hi All, We've been trying to get to Shaoshan for quite a while. I would really like to see all the home towns of the old communist leaders around Changsha. That was going to be our plan but, as is usual in China, we underestimated just how long it would take us to get there. We left Shaoyang at around 9 am and arrived in Xiangtan at lunchtime. After a spot of lunch we then travelled onto Shaoshan, we took a taxi 200 rmb but there is a bus from the west bus station we found out later which cost 15rmb, which took another hour. So it was around 2 o'clock when we finally got there. We had about 45 minutes in the square and visited Mao's home and then we had to go back to ... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » Shaoyang May 25th 2013

Hi All, Seems like forever since I've done a blog. So got a call from our foreign affairs department asking if we'd like to go on a trip to Luoxi national park in Dongkou county courtesy of the local government. Well obviously we said yes. Set off from Shaoyang at around 3pm Friday afternoon on a 2 1/2 hour trip from Shaoyang to Dongkou. The journey did take a little bit longer as we came across a lorry stuck across the road so we had to wait an hour or so for the lorry to get cleared but it was a good opportunity for us to get off the bus and to get to know each other. Up early Saturday morning for breakfast then we headed off up into the mountains. The roads were up to ... read more


Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha March 22nd 2013

The most important rule that I remind myself and others is that you do not bring your standards of food to other places. If you are not comfortable with sampling the variety of local cuisine, you're going to go hungry really fast. From March 22nd to the 29th, I was traveling around the Chinese province of Hunan with a tour group that were peoples of Chinese descent with citizenship in another country. It was part of a special tour group formed by the People's Republic of China to bring Chinese people back into China to tour around (and spend money) and to have a good time so we could go back and tell all of our friends what a fun time we had with the Government. In all honestly, it was really fun. One of the ... read more
Pig intestines with chili peppers
Preserved duck eggs in pepper sauce
Marinated pigs feet

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha February 19th 2013

Loudi (low-dee) Hometown of friend, Huan Li The whole reason I chose to travel to China was because I was invited to be the Best Man at the wedding of a former colleague of mine, Huan Li. Huan and I were Master’s students together at UC Davis. I landed at the airport in Changsha on Chinese New Year's Eve. Huan and his fiance, Sheng Nan, picked me up in their brand new, sporty red Ford Focus. We drove 2 hours South to Huan's house in Loudi to meet his family for dinner. Huan's house was kush! It had two stories, all concrete, and had a rounded entrance. His house had no lawn but instead featured a large pond and adjacent garden with a pomelo tree and a fig tree. When pulled up, Huan's father's family invited ... read more
Awakening of an Ancestor
Huan's Mother's Family
Huan's Fireworks Stash

Asia » China » Hunan » Zhangjiajie February 17th 2013

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park This was one of my favorite places so far this trip. Zhangjiajie (pron. "jang-jah-jee") features hundreds of these bizarre sandstone towers formed during many years of weathering and erosion. The climate here is usually wet year round so the foliage is super dense and there are small streams running everywhere. The Chinese like to say it's more impressive than the Grand Canyon. Hmm, we'll see about that! In 1982, Zhangjiajie was declared China's first national forest park (much like our Yellowstone!). It must be a national showcase because it is VERY clean. The trails were cleaned up, the park enforced a "no-smoking" policy, they posted good trail signs (in English, Korean, and Japanese!), and the park also provided many other pleasantries for visitors. The one pleasantry that stands out in my mind ... read more
Zhangjiajie Park Entrance
Riding the Cable Car to Huangshi Mountain
The Hiking Group

Asia » China » Hunan » Zhangjiajie February 14th 2013

Tianmen Shan (Tianmen Mountain) As one of biggest attractions of the Hunan province, Tianmen Shan is downright impressive. It's a redonkulous lone mountain peak that stands higher than any other mountain in the region. To get to the top, you take a cable car from the city of Zhangjiajie to the top of the peak. It's the longest high mountain passenger cableway in the world! It's 4.6 miles long and accends 4200 feet. Tianmen Shan also features a massive 100 ft wide natural archway in the mountain called "Tianmen Cave". Jeb Corliss (aka SAIL!) the world renown wingsuit glider dominated the thing back in 2011. So EPIC. To get to the cave, you'd have to take a separate 11 km road with 99 bends. It's called "Heaven-Linking Avenue". Seriously, 99 hairpins! It's like a track from ... read more
Heaven-Linking Avenue
Tianmen Shan - Glass Path
Tianmen Shan

Asia » China » Hunan » Zhangjiajie July 22nd 2012

New photos on: …..I may consider Avatar a 3D movie with 2D plot & characters but the area used as a backdrop for the alien world in the film is worth seeing. I visited Zhangjiajie in Hunan province during the winter holiday but fog & low visibility gave only tantalising glimpses of the Wulingyuan national park & Tianmen Shan. This issue of the YYW will have to be devoted to the the small town with nothing much to attract the thousands of visitors other than its proximity to some of the most outstanding natural scenery I have ever seen. I had aimed to cover this & the final part, (Guilin, Yangshou & the beautiful Li River), all in this edition but, having looked at the photos, Zhangjiajie is just too big to sh... read more
Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie
Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie
Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie

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