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Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha November 11th 2013

Kiedy bylem jeszcze w Dandongu, zdarzylo mi sie odwiedzic bar KTV w towarzystwie, no powiedzmy- w znajomym towarzystwie. Wszystko w zwyklym stylu - ultrafiolet, masa alkoholu i przekasek, potwornie falszywe zawodzenia dolatujace zza zakmnietych drzwi, panienki oczekujace na klientow. Kiedy przyszla pora na to, zebym i ja zafalszowal, wybralem piosenke Beatlesow – i wielce mnie ubawil tytul zapowiadajacy na ekranie: YESTERDAY ------------- Popularized by The Beatles. To ci dopiero pol-prawdy w chinskim stylu! A teraz dla odmiany cos z naszego podworka, o "prawach autorskich" i kontroli internetu wlasnie. Ponad 10 lat temu udalo mi sie zdigitalizowac maly fragment rodzinnego filmu. Odpalilem stary ruski projektor, rzucilem obraz na sciane, chwile wczesniej podskoczylem do magnetofonu i puscilem Strawberry Fields Forever, Jim w skupieniu nagrywal ... read more
dzieciaki - kazde ma inny wyraz twarzy, nie to co dorosli
Zoe i Holly

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha March 22nd 2013

The most important rule that I remind myself and others is that you do not bring your standards of food to other places. If you are not comfortable with sampling the variety of local cuisine, you're going to go hungry really fast. From March 22nd to the 29th, I was traveling around the Chinese province of Hunan with a tour group that were peoples of Chinese descent with citizenship in another country. It was part of a special tour group formed by the People's Republic of China to bring Chinese people back into China to tour around (and spend money) and to have a good time so we could go back and tell all of our friends what a fun time we had with the Government. In all honestly, it was really fun. One of the ... read more
Pig intestines with chili peppers
Preserved duck eggs in pepper sauce
Marinated pigs feet

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha February 19th 2013

Loudi (low-dee) Hometown of friend, Huan Li The whole reason I chose to travel to China was because I was invited to be the Best Man at the wedding of a former colleague of mine, Huan Li. Huan and I were Master’s students together at UC Davis. I landed at the airport in Changsha on Chinese New Year's Eve. Huan and his fiance, Sheng Nan, picked me up in their brand new, sporty red Ford Focus. We drove 2 hours South to Huan's house in Loudi to meet his family for dinner. Huan's house was kush! It had two stories, all concrete, and had a rounded entrance. His house had no lawn but instead featured a large pond and adjacent garden with a pomelo tree and a fig tree. When pulled up, Huan's father's family invited ... read more
Awakening of an Ancestor
Huan's Mother's Family
Huan's Fireworks Stash

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha September 15th 2011

Hi All, So the holidays finally came to an end. Visitors went home to the UK and Dany went back to Italy to see family and friends. We've decided to stay here in Shaoyang for another year so that we can visit Sichuan next summer. Changsha was the last stop on the 2 week whistle stop tour of Southern Hunan. We visited the Provincial Museum to see the Duchess mummy and the City museum to see where Mao lived when he was younger. We had hot-pot in the evening. Boy it was spicy!! I went with Dany to Shanghai. Coming back I had a 14 hour hard seat train ride. I wanted to kiss the platform when I got off the train. Anyhoo next time it'll be a blog from Shanghai Enjoy the photos and Jah ... read more
changsha (23)
changsha (24)
changsha (25)

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha October 24th 2010

Sat 23 / 10 It was always going to be a long day - by bus back to Changsha and then air to Kumming Awoke to a wake up call at 5:30 (yes! That's half past 5 in the morning) After a quiet breakfast in the Tianxia Hotel at Fenghuang where the mass of people far exceeded the room we were on the bus and away at 8:05 - delayed from 7:30 in part due to the crowd and storage of bags in the bus A very un-eventful 3 hr 10 min drive to a 10 min toilet stop and then another 2 hr 20 min to a lunch stop at Changsha It was a 35 min lunch - with 10 courses that about 31/2 min a course (With nothing much to do in the bus, ... read more
DSC00688 Typical countryside
DSC00692 Resting at Changsha airport


Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha October 3rd 2010

This past week was our holiday but the rest of the country started on Friday and has the next week off. On Thursday, we finished a four day stint in Hong Kong and flew from Shenzhen to visit my son, Philip, who just moved to Changsha a couple of weeks ago. Changsha is half the size of our "hometown" of Wuhan but the downtown area is much more concentrated. Much of the city center is contained in a few city blocks. This results in a mass of humanity on the streets, especially during a holiday weekend such as during our visit. We were literally pushed along with the crowd at times but after living in China for almost four years, it wasn't much of a step up from day-to-day walking around! The pedestrian streets we walked ... read more
Bullet train about to depart
Looking out towards the Xiangjiang River
One of the main bridges joining the different parts of the city

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha June 15th 2009

So once again my Littlest Hobo moment has come and it's time to move on. Exams and marking finished last week so even though my contract is up at the end of July, I'm free to go. I have a Visa until mid-August so I'm planning a couple of months traveling around China. Then it's back to UK for a PGCE. Changsha So, Changsha eh? For those of you planning a visit, here are some Pro's and Con's Pro's - Known as the party capital of China, the street I live on has about 30 or 40 bars. Two new bar-littered streets have popped up since I've been here. They don't exactly offer a lot of diversity, but they're there. - Street food. You're peckish at 5am in the morning? No problem. Watch out for your ... read more
A blur of motion
AUFP Mid-Semester Dinner

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha May 12th 2009

Provincia de Hunan Zhang Jia Jie 湖南 张家界 Viaje con colegas de la Universidad de Jilin a Zhang Jia Jie Según los geólogos, las 3.000 colinas verdes de este territorio se formaron durante cientos de millones de años, debido a la erosión causada por el movimiento de las aguas. Hace 1.500 millones de años, los violentos movimientos terrestres que se produjeron en el área convirtieron la tierra en hoyos marinos y causaron erupciones volcánicas submarinas. La gran cantidad de cuarzo contenido en estos estallidos constituyó el material básico que formó después los bosques de colinas de piedra que se encuentran en Zhangjiajie. Hace 380 millones de años, gran parte del noroeste de Hunan permaneció sumergido bajo el mar. De tal modo, en el lecho marino de poca profundidad de Wulingyuan y Zhangjiajie se depositó una gran ... read more
Aeropuerto de Changchun
Museo de Mao
Zhang Jia Jie Parque Nacional

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha April 9th 2009

Just a few pictures from a BBQ we had a few weeks back. Our students on the Australian programme finished their exams, so we went to the Botanical Gardens to have a BBQ and see the cherry blossom. Most of my teaching this year, especially Maths teaching, has been centred around these students, so it was nice to see them off. The teaching load has reduced since then which has also been a relief. Seeing the chinese version of a BBQ was interesting. Rather than the organised manner of a western BBQ, this was is more of a complete free-for-all. Skewers everywhere, things getting burned (food or fingers) - generally complete carnage. All good fun but they're going to have to practise their BBQing skills for Oz. Only a few more weeks left of actual teaching ... read more
BBQ Mayhem 2
Norman and Wayne

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha September 26th 2008

(written a while ago) I've been meaning to write a Travelblog from Changsha for the past 4 months, but haven't gotten around to it. however, I've decided to finally pull my finger out and brighten up everyone's Xmas. As you may or may not know, I'm currently living in Changsha in Central China. Changsha is one of those 'small' Chinese cities, which contains over 6 million people. It is one of the four 'furnaces' of China which, whilst aptly describing the summer situation, doesn't accurately reflect the current temperature. It's not that it's that cold (think UK Winter), it's just that the Chinese Government decided that cities south of Shanghai don't need central heating. I would love to invite one of those Cadres to enjoy winter teaching at the school. 'Furnace' could also be used to ... read more
On fire
A Pile of Crap

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