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Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen September 21st 2013

Yangshuo Impression. It was a theatrical event to celebrate Liz's birthday. We will never experience the like of it again. The director was the director of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. He has taken the natural spectacular beauty of Yangshuo's Li River and its kyrsts, floodlit them, added a cast of hundreds ordinary folk doing what they know, highlighted them with rays of lights and lasers, set them to a vast musical score overlaid with careful blending of folk and operatic voices, and told a simple love story of which I couldn't understand a word, but felt every emotion. The performance is in the open air at night, on a stretch of the river. The opening scene is one from classic Chinese opera on a floating stage. Suddenly a torchlit armada of small bamboo boats glide ... read more
Yangshuo theatre
Li River
Mooncake Feast

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 21st 2013

Back to work again on Tuesday evening with my kindergarten class to kick start the week. I thought this would definitely be my easiest class, but actually it is perhaps one of the hardest! I forgot how little attention span a 5 year old has, so for 75 minutes I’m constantly trying to come up with ways to keep them all amused and interested in the lesson. There’s not much book work to do so it’s mostly just running around and having fun whilst teaching a few English words at the same time. I love playing games (mentally I’m only about 10 years old), but if I hear ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf’ one more time I’m going to cry! It does take longer for new words to sink in, and communication is tough as they ... read more
Pick what you like to eat
Turtles on a big turtle
Temple time

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen September 11th 2013

I worked in a restaurant for almost 6 years, and during which I was pestered by the impatience and annoying tendencies of foreigners, in particular the Chinese. Well now the tables have turned, and in many ways I have become one of them. In little less than a month, I have adapted to their culture and to their restaurant etiquette. I have learned the ways of street vendors, fast food clerks, and even had lunch at a five star restaurant with a nine course meal. So to all my serving friends, this is for you. I am going to reveal to you what typical service is like in China. 1) SEAT YOURSELF: Upon entrance into a restaurant, and this is true for most restaurants, the customer chooses the seating. You walk in and sit wherever you ... read more
Dumplings before Acrobats
I'm Lovin' It
Happy Hot Pot

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen September 10th 2013

Travel Blog 3 I leave the country for just a couple of weeks, and what have you done? Put Taliban Tony in charge! There is no overestimating the stupidity of the Australian voter. I agree that Labor didn't deserve to win, but really, do you want to punish yourselves that much? Travelling with an iPad puts a big spin on being away from home. I wake up in the morning to my copy of the Age, and watch the live football results. Poor Tigers! there's always next year. It's almost like still being at home. We depart Kota Kinabalu with the sun coming up over the mountain, and land in Hong Kong after a couple of hours. We travel with Lizs sister, her partner Yap and Kel, three Chinese women in their 60s. Kels sister meets ... read more
Hakka village
Chinese temple

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 10th 2013

Life is definitely going to be crazy here. My first week in Guangzhou was so super busy. The registration process for University is so outdated and time consuming. On Day One we stood in the line for at least 3 hours in 35 degree heat + about 80% humidity, managed to get through step 1 and almost reached the second stage, but got denied because the office was closing. That was after I'd gone for a really long walk to get cash out to pay for step 2... pointless. On day two we got the most important parts registration process finished, I learnt that you need to be early for everything. Especially where waiting in lines may be an issue. Oh and check that your wallet is in your bag before leaving the hotel room so ... read more


Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 8th 2013

So the day of reckoning finally came and we were pretty much flung in at the teaching deep end by having to take a one and a half hour class of twenty one boisterous 5 – 7 year olds and their parents! To say we were nervous is an understatement, especially when we couldn’t even have a conversation with them to build up a bit of a rapport. Sign language only goes so far, and some of them were so nervous a little reassuring pep talk would have helped, but never mind. As it turns out, the kids responded really well to us and the language barrier wasn’t as big an issue as we both thought it would be. We both have a Chinese teaching assistant in the class with us, so that makes it a ... read more
Crocodile anyone?
yummy coconut water

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 8th 2013

Like many cultural resources in Guangzhou, the Uprising Memorial Museum is often hidden by stampedes of weekend shoppers. With retail tourism outweighing cultural tourism the Cultural Department is making new efforts to promote museums and other resources. This time the Uprising Memorial Museum is showcasing a new exhibit detailing the history of the Haizhu Bridge. The exhibit's name is Bridge City. To visit just take the 1 Metro to Gongyuanqian and walk out of Exit J. The exhibit shows the 80 year history of the first bridge to span China's Pearl River in 1933. At the time this was an impressive conquest, while today over a dozen bridges span the same river. If we look at this as a step in modern Chinese engineering, today China holds the three longest bridges in the world: The Qingdao ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou September 7th 2013

So today I travelled from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. The train journey was nice, and quite scenic, getting to the train station was almost more stressful than when Tom and I did it in Thailand. But at least in Thailand I had someone else with me! The morning started well. I got off to an early start (well early for me) with the intention of being at the train station at around 11-11:30 for my 1:11 train. With my bags packed neatly I set out for the Sheung Wan MTR station... in the wrong direction. Walked for 20 minutes the wrong way before I realised and turned around. That would be a 40 minute detour, in the heat, carrying two suitcases with a total of more than 30kg between them. Once I got back to the ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen September 4th 2013

Like I said, I will be hopping back and forth between my experiences weeks ago and my experiences now, just until I get all caught up. So bear with me. SHENZHEN: When I think of a futuristic city, I think of Shenzhen. It obviously doesn't have flying cars or teleporters, but I don't know if any other city on Earth except maybe Dubai that can say it wasn't here 35 years ago. In 1979, the Chinese government proclaimed Shenzhen to be the first special economic zone. This means cheaper labor, an easier ability to export goods, and an exemption from the federal taxes. This allowed Shenzhen's meager fishing village to transform into a city of offically 11,000,000 but actually 20,000,000 million people. Amidst the cities high-rises rests KK Tower, the 8th tallest in the world. High ... read more

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen September 4th 2013

i am going to hop back in time to August 21, when the CTLC peeps hopped on a train from Beijing to Shenzhen. Well three days prior to riding the train, most of our luggage was shipped to Shenzhen for our conveniance. The train wouldn't be able to store all of our luggage, so it had to be sent. Anyway, after sending my two suitcases to Shenzhen, I was left with a backpack of belongings to take care of me for three to four days. In those days I had to teach twice, attend a banquet (which I didn't know at the time) and ride a train comfortably. In the end, I was glad I sent it. Hopping off the bus at the train station, I was carrying a ukulele on my back, a backpack on ... read more
Misery Loves Company
Gotta Make Do with the Situation
The Great Hall

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