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Asia » China » Beijing October 30th 2005

In the center of Beijing is the Tian'amen Square and north of it the Forbidden City. The whole layout of these is huge, somhow resembling the vatsness of the Chinese empire. On foot you walk a whole day just to explore all the gates, halls, gardens, and courtyards. Like this you can experience the Chinese peopels' taste for monumetal buildings very genuinly. The Forbidden City has several nested courtyards. So you are walking from gate to gate to the innermost courtyard. Here you find three halls, the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Medium Harmony, and the Hall of Protective Harmony. These are for the official purposes of the emperor. Further north there are another three halls for the private porpose of the emperor. In this part are also some gardens with little temples. A ... read more
Forbidden City
Hall of Supreme Harmony
Ming Bombs

Asia » China » Beijing October 29th 2005

A few more pictures for your enjoyment while I still have access to the internet, it pays to stay at a nice hotel, bargain for only 65 quid a night for a 5 star. We've not been too lucky here in Beijing, as with most of China, the place is in the midst of a massive building program. This also seems to be including most of the famous sights in Beijing, they are all being restored, I expect in time for 2008. We went to the Temple of Heaven, it was covered in scaffolding, then to the Summer Palace, yes you guessed, scaffolding. Then I went around the Forbidden City this afternoon, only to find half of it in scaffolding. At least Tian'an men square (shame about's Mao's mole) was finished and we found a rather ... read more
Say cheese!
Scaffolding Pt I

Asia » China » Beijing October 27th 2005

Ni Hao. Time for some photos to keep you all amused, prize for the first person to work out who Chiang Kai-shek is. Beijing is vast, went and saw the wall today and just stuffed my face with some Peking duck, very tasty. Mind you the silk worm I ate last night was rather good too, however I decided against the locusts, they looked a little too crunchy. Jelly fish is a bit like eating an elastic band, strange. And the Hot pot we had in Cheng du had seahorses in it. They eat anything over here. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing October 24th 2005

spoiled by stars, Five stars that is. Presidential Plaza Beijing is my address thank you very much. If that sounds hoity toity, that's because it is. Like Mohonk Mountain House (Amy and Linda), around every corner, we let out squeals (maybe John doesn't) of delight as we discover yet some other example of five stars. I won't bore everyone with extensive description of hotel but i wander down every day before seven to the pool, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness center area with thick Turkish robe to open my personal locker fitted with 2 towels and flip flops. what a way to start the day. i am not a fish out of water but a fish in water. 3 days here and leaving tomorrow. hardly remember the travel night mare of 30 hours in transit consecutively ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing October 22nd 2005

What can one say about spending three days on a Chinese train? By the time we reached Beijing, Gerry and I had grown accustomed to the constant guttural hacking, noodle slurping, toilet stench and crying babies accompanying perhaps every train in this vast country. The train was hardly full, and yet it seemed like we were all crawling over each other every time we got out of our tine beds. Besides the obscene amounts of book reading we did, most of the trip included looking out of the window at the countryside whizzing by. The color scheme of China seems to be different than other countries. It included lots of grays, dark reds, greens yellows and black. About every 10 minutes we would pass another pollution belching factory. I have actually been pretty taken aback at ... read more
Great Wall Greatness!
Giant moon over central Beijing
Wait! That's not the colonel!!


Asia » China » Beijing October 15th 2005

We finally got tour the city we live in. The day consisted of going to the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven. The Forbidden City was a big where the King resided in. The place is huge and has many many rooms and bulidings. The place was for the king and his 3,000 concubines....hmmmm interesting.....I bet he had a tough decision everynight. The men that worked inside the Forbidden City had to be CASTRATED to insure the king's ladies weren't messed with. The Summer Palace was built for one of the Queens. She wanted a get-away from the Forbidden City. The king ordered the Summer Palace to be built for his mother. Within the park, there is a man made lake. He ordered that the lake be in the shape of a pear to ... read more
Forbidden City II
Forbidden City III
Temple of Heaven

Asia » China » Beijing October 13th 2005

Well at least I got one day done and now since I know I won't be able to get my act together to truly document the rest of the trip... here's what everybody wants anyways - the pictures from the trip out to the Great Wall. ... read more
TGV at Ming Tombs
Bunny at Ming Tombs
Going with the flow at Ming Tombs

Asia » China » Beijing October 12th 2005

We landed in Beijing a little tired and groggy from our 8am flight. We rested a bit and unpacked before deciding to explore the area around the hotel a bit. Crossing the streets in Beijing is a little bit like playing Frogger - except you really are the Frog. Somehow we got across the street by just following the lead of a few locals and managed to order lunch in a little dumpling restaurant. Luckily Uncle got to practice his Mandarin, and while we weren't exactly sure what was ordered - it was all very yummy. When the bill finally came, we were all pleasantly surprised to find that it only cost 50RMB per couple - works out to be $4/pp. That night we went for Peking Duck (of course!). More Yummies! I have to say ... read more
Great Meeting Room
Model of the Temple of Heaven
Grey View of Tiannamen Square

Asia » China » Beijing October 9th 2005

I moved into a new place. The place I was living before was a hotel suite. Now, I am living in a hotel apartment. I have some pictures here to show ya. The apartment includes a living room, kitchen, two bedroom, and a bathroom. I still get all the amenities and services such as new towels everyday and a room service clean up. Yeah, a maid actually comes into our apartment everyday to clean our living room and bathroom. They sometimes change our sheets too. Ok....Don't hate me because I am being spoiled in China....ahahahaha!... read more
Living Room
Another View of the Living Room
Our Little Hallway

Asia » China » Beijing October 7th 2005

Today is the last free day which is a bit sad. Especially since we are starting school on a saturday and have seven straight days of studies ahead. And what more is, 17 or something weeks without a break. Sigh. Obviously didn't manage to study like I was suppose to but had a nice week at least. On wednesday me and Dan went shopping, bought a decent watch for 4 euros but most of the time we looked at teapots and cups and trays and anything else remotely related to tea. Went back to our coffeshop Cava and spent the evening there. Yesterday we met up with Yuri (japanese girl) and three El Salvadorians from WLE (Maria, Alexandra and Luiz) for lumch. Went to a thaistyle chinese restaurant that was really good. Afterwards we found a ... read more

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