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November 10th 2010
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Went to Beijing for the Olympics.. Went back to see more 6mth later... I didn't know a city could be so hot in summer yet so cold in winter..
I'm currently watching an idiot abroad. (UK comedy travel show) Very funny.. But watching this guy pack pot noddles and monster munch because he doesn't like foreign food.. I laughed but there was times in china i wished i could pull out some home food comforts form my ruc sac. Deep fried chicken intestines, duck tongue, spicy food beyond anything i found in India.. The food is an experience, perhaps a challenge for the Western pallet. But the fun of eating out and going to restaurants is great, the Chinese love to drink. CAMPY is the cry and every man will down his drink and demand you do likewise. Now if they love to drink please don't interoperate that means they can drink.. never have i seen so many drunk people being sick so often. It was quite amusing.. Perhaps just me but not offensive or disgusting just fun. (someone alot more intelligent then me said the genetic involve in people who distilled their water v those who boiled their water has a huge baring on those groups of people who can and can't drink) No idea if its true or not, but kinda makes sense. China makes allot of sense also.. No obvious sign or influence of Government or religion, Money seems to be the major driving force for a country that's just getting bigger and bigger.. Never have i seen so many people working so hard for a living. Great wok ethic. The silk market is amazing to shop in, have fun smile and only pay half what's being asked. Don't get angry your on holiday, laugh with them and you will win them over.
Great wall is a real hike, its a ladder not a wall. Guarantee some 70+ Chinese woman will race past you with a huge bag full of water, selling to needing tourist. There fitness and health will shame you.
Go with the flow in China, it is super busy (obviously), you will not find much peace and quiet to find your thoughts, but thats ok. You will have so much to think about anyway.. Why do they? How is that? Look at that! What are they doing? you will have questions and queries running through you mind all the time.. Its ancient and modern! its hip and cool. Has a great night life and the type of city to watch as it flies by at a million miles an hour.. I will be back

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