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August 25th 2011
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4th day in Beijing was probably one of the most impressive visits that we have had on this trip… We got to go to the U.S Embassy in Beijing which is the world’s largest US embassy. One of the guest speakers was the man himself Ambassador Gary Locke. One of the challenges that we encountered was trailing to catch a cab for a group of 16 because unlike the cabs in America they do not want to stop and pick you up. On our way there we drove and went past all of the different countries embassies. We were all in awe. Once we got to the front of the US Embassy. Our meeting wasn’t until 2:00pm. So a few of us went to a Hot Pot in the Ladies Market, (A Hot Pot is the Chinese version of fon doo). We got two different Pots , one was garlic and the other one was a Spicy one. We each got raw pieces of beef and chicken and then let the hot pot boil it. It was an incredible experience. After we were stuffed it was time for our group to go through the security gate. As we each came up to the front window to give them our passports to receive our visitor pass we were all both excited and nervous. My professor tried to take a group picture in front of the US Seal unfortunately pictures were not allowed. After he turned in his iPhone, we went through the metal detector and finally arrived into the US embassy. They had a gorgeous garden in-between the buildings. It felt good to be on some US soil for a good hour. We went through a couple of rooms and had to be escorted into the room. Once we sat down, the protégé for Ambassador Locke spoke to us and answered various questions that we had about China and certain laws and places to visit for the ones of us who are staying in Chung Du. about 20 minutes into the meeting, The man of the hour arrived and we all stood and greeted him. He was very comical and laid back about why we were standing for him. He individually greeted all of us and he said it was really good to have some students from a University of his Home State. He talked about how important the US relationship with China was for the States. We all noticed how he emphasized that it wasn’t a US vs. China ordeal rather he talked about the partnership of both countries. He also gave us a few important tips and places to visit also for those who were staying until December. After twenty minutes of talking we had a quick Q&A session. Many of us were wondering about how the US can use some of the transportation systems that the Chinese has used. (Bullet Trains, Speed Rails). He made it a point to say that we as the next generation to always keep an open mind about other cultures and ideas of others. After the quick Q&A session he had to run off to another meeting however we were privileged enough to have more time with him then what was originally presented to us. Tonight for dinner we went my professor’s number one spot for Kung Pao chicken however the path he takes us through was insanely sketchy. He took us down a dark alley which none of us knew who or what would jump out at us. However at the end of the alley there is a police station so that made us feel a lot safer. Well Cheers and until my next adventure.. Stay Classy.


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