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November 13th 2010
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Thursday nights at Vix's is party night. Girls get in for RMB 60 and guys RMB 100 and for that you get all you can drink! We got there about 10pm and the club was already getting busy. People here don't really head out until 12am and there are still queues to get in at 5am!

Vix's is another rich Chinese playground. Despite the option of all you can drink for £10 there were still plenty of people who had opted to skip the offer and buy their own drinks. It's all for show really, guys will have 5 or 6 3litre bottles of Johnny Walker on their table, which is way more than they can drink, but its a statement to other in the club that they have money. Me, I'm just not that easily impressed.

I thought the offer would mean that the drinks would be watered down, or cheap own brand spirits, but every drink was made with the branded drinks and the measures were like something out of cocktail.

The people here were really friendly, not like Mix's and I chatted to people from all over the globe. There were about 12 of us who had hit the club. Its amazing how quickly travel accelerates friendships. Ilmma and Eric were with us and Ilmma told me that they have adopted me.

My attempts at strengthening British/Foreign relations were going well, until I met some American's, one of which was wearing a cricket top. He was none too impressed when I asked him which team he supported as he insisted it was a Calvin Klein top. Whoops!

We stayed and partied until about 4am, at which point one of the girls realised that she had lost her bag. I managed to find it with the help of security (who didn't speak any English) and all ok. We were all hungry, so we headed to McDonalds, which is open 24hrs here and then headed back to the hostel.

I've had such a great time in Beijing. Great people and amazing sights. In some ways it will be sad to head to Xi'an on Monday.

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My HeroMy Hero
My Hero

This guy was probably in his 70's and had got dressed up for a night of clubbing!!
The CellarThe Cellar
The Cellar

I took a wrong turn and ended up in the Cellar!!
Pre-Club Meal - Chinese Hot Pot!!Pre-Club Meal - Chinese Hot Pot!!
Pre-Club Meal - Chinese Hot Pot!!

This is amazing food. Like fondue, but with a hot broth to cook your food in. The whole meal and drinks cost us £3 each!!

13th November 2010

Party time :)
Went to Sue's birthday bash last night and saw Amy and Racheal, had a lovely chat with both of them and asked when would they be travelling again as they were enjoying your blogs. Don't think I quite stayed as long as you infact I know I didn't, it does look fun and obviously there is no age limit!!!! Love you loads Mum xx
13th November 2010

James' Mom
Your mom is really funny! Anastasia78

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