Photos from Battambang, North, Cambodia, Asia

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Happy passengers
Pondering life
Photo 142
15. On the motodop heading back from the Bamboo Railway, Battambang
river scenes
Bamboo Train
Stairs leading to temple
Battambong Central Market
Buddhas at killing caves
Two skulls left on their own in a cell.
Looks cruel, but they are all friends
Big Buddhas
Boys & Buddhas
The big buddha @ Killing caves
My favorite monk
Little boy praying
New generations
River life
And again
It's a different sunset!
Another day, another sunset
4000 islands sunset
Another waterfall on the Bolaven plateau
Buddhas in the main tmeple, Vientiane
Fruit shake stall, Vientiane
More big and mysterious jars
Another big and mysterious jar
Plain of Jars
Visiting the village school in the first village of the Luang Prabang trek
Rice wine enthusiasm
Chillies drying on roof
Sunset over the Mekong from the hill in Luang Prabang
Sellers arrive for market
Washday for monks
Luang Prabang Buddha
Part of procession around the market
Khmer snack - rice cake inside the bamboo stick
Hay laid where they grow mushrooms apparantly..
More paddy workers
More Friendly Kids
me teaching
some more students
Pop Cowboy?  Mood in love??
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