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Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 28th 2011

Beste mensen! De vorige keer ben ik mijn blog geeindigd toen we op het eiland Koh Phangnan waren, dit eiland hebben we bezocht voor de beroemde "full moon party" mee te kunnen maken. Dit feest is op het strand van Haad Rin en is zoals de titel het ook zegt op de avond van de volle maan. Hier komen iedere maand circa 20.00 tot 30.000 mensen op af. Iedereen draagt fluoriserende kleding en accesoires, en overal zijn blacklights opgehangen om de kleuren nog beter te maken! Ook zijn de "buckets" hier erg bekend, dit zijn kleine emmers gevuld met een mix van sterke drank,redbull en fris welke met massa's worden aangeboden in de vele kraampjes langs het strand. Overal zijn ook shows te zien, meestal in combinatie met vuur! We zijn s'avonds om 10 uur begonnen ... read more
1. Koh Phangnan (2)
1. Koh Phangnan (3)
1. Koh Phangnan (4)

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 27th 2011

Arriving in Phnom Penh was one of the easier arrivals we've had. Getting our e-visas in advance made immigration a breeze as nearly everyone else on the flight were queuing up for visas on arrival. However, it didn't get our bags to the carousel any faster... The French have definitely left their mark here. Phnom Penh is actually a really pleasant city to wander around. The colonial style architecture is a nice change and it was refreshing walking up and down the huge promenade along the river where there was actually some personal space for walking (rare in Asia). Although, the traffic in the streets is crazy as ever with motos and tuk-tuks zipping by. Our other favourite French influences were plentiful - baguettes, pastries, and great coffee. We spent our first day doing what most ... read more
Bamboo train
Kathie's moto

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 24th 2011

Da wir auf unserer Reise doch noch relativ viel Zeit uebrig haben, dachten wir uns, mit dem Boot ueber einen der Arme des Tonle Sap Sees per Boot hinunter nach Battambang zu fahren, wo es auch noch ein paar Tempel gibt. Ein Minivan holte uns und andere Touristen von diversen Hotels ab, um uns dann zum Hafen von Chong Kneas (auch eine Floating Village) zu bringen. Einziges Problem war ein Reifen der, genau nachdem wir alle Touristen aufgesammelt hatten und ueber welchem unfairerweise genau wir gesessen sind, platzte. Wir interpretierten das als moegliches Zeichen, uns beim Essen vielleicht doch ein wenig zurueckzuhalten, doch der Fahrer beschloss nach kurzem Ueberlegen die 20km lange Strecke einfach trotzdem zu fahren, damit wir das Boot noch rechtzeitig erwischen konnten. So kamen wir nach einer recht holprigen Fahrt am Hafen an, ... read more
Floating House
Sanitaere Einrichtungen auf einer Floating Village
Ein Trauerschluck auf den verlorenen Schuh

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang July 17th 2011

We arrived in Battambang thoroughly knackered but managed to drag ourselves across the road for some dinner before bed. We arranged a tour for the morning :) starting at 7am :( We were picked up by Tong, a 22 year old tuk-tuk driver who spoke good English and turned out to be much more knowledgeable than expected! First we were headed for the Bamboo train and as we were the only people there had to pay $10 for the whole thing to ourselves – but we didn’t mind! We were surprised at how fast the thing goes. We stopped after around 20 minutes where we chatted to an old lady and her husband and some village children. As theres only one railway track, if theres another train coming in the opposite direction the rules are that ... read more
Windswept on train
Little kid who spoke amazing english
Cute little boy

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang June 29th 2011

Following our 3 slightly harrowing days in Phnom Penh we booked a couple of bus tickets for a 6 hour journey to Battambang, "an attractive colonial town with riverside views". Lonely Planet writerrs must get paid to make places sound attractive, I assure you that nowhere in their pages will you find the words that escaped my lips after an hour of walking round Battambang. I should know better of course, this very same publication described Dalat in Vietnam as "little Paris" when it is anything but. I haven't checked, but it wouldn't surprise me if they also describe Bradford as "a Jewel in the crown of Northern England". So, first impressions of Battambang were a little disapointing. Yes there is a river, and yes there are buildings along the riverfront that could, at a stretch, ... read more
The best student!
Narath the teacher
View from the riverside bar


Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang June 23rd 2011

Doesn't Richard Collier's, "The Most Dangerous Game," begin this way? Wealthy Europeans and an American, Rainsford, on a boat, leisurely cruising from one tropical place to another. They discuss man's intellectual advantage over jungle animals. Rainsford stumbles off the boat and into a nightmarish game of cat and mouse; the hunter becomes the hunted. The six hour river trip from Battambang to Siem Reap loaded with bratty British kids, an obese Australian with enough luggage to clothe an entire Mekong River village, chain-smoking Germans, and Siobhan/Ted could be a nonfiction, modern day, version of Collier's story. For the first three hours we snap photos of villages stilted over the river. It's heart-breaking to see these people living without: electricity, hospitals, roads, or options. Poor naked children from this waterworld, wave and smile at, us, from the ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang June 22nd 2011

Battambang was new for us. After a short bus ride from Siem Reap, well, short is a relative term, we arrived in the very small town of Battambang, the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge. We were ambushed by the local tuk-tuk drivers-they surrounded us and were pulling on my backpack which wasn't on all the way and I began to fall. I yelled at them, then they immediately stopped-and of course went right back to trying to get our business. Usually I can get people to stop hassling me if I start talking price and make it ridiculous-but these guys were willing to take us for free. Finally, we picked a guy and off we went. As we drove the 300 feet to the hotel, we realized that the bus stop was the busiest place ... read more
Bamboo Train
Another view of the Bamboo Train
The Rice Bowl of Cambodia-Battambang

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang May 19th 2011

We could've saved some money and had breakfast at our hotel which was included in our nights stay but we read online that its gross so we went down to Centre Cafe. We bought our bus tickets to Phnom Penh and hired a tuk tuk for the day. First stop was the Bamboo Norrie Ride. The Norrie is an assembly of a bamboo and wooden platform, with wooden struts resting on the axles of salvaged railway rolling stock wheels, the engine sits at the back with a fan belt attached to a flywheel on the axel. The Norrie was built in the early 1980's after the Khmer Rouge had ended. Roads were in really bad conditions so there were few means of transport and building the Norrie just made sense. With it being built, Cambodians now ... read more
On the Norrie
Our Norrie Driver
People walking along the railway

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang May 19th 2011

Going Back to Angkor Wat to see the sunset was much nicer as the cloud cover allowed you to see the sun. The sunset attract lots of people snapping away so don't expect anything idyllic. However a good way to end the Angkor experience all thanks to the Remok driver who ferried us around all day. The last evening was spent feasting out on an all you can eat Khmer BBQ!! (Queen BBQ, 4 $) It was great value but many of the Remok drivers will not take you there as they don't get commission but if you persevere you can find one that will do it for a dollar. The rest of the evening I spent well oiled after my German friends went to bed a met some people and partied to the early hours. ... read more
Khmer BBQ
Bamboo Train
Meeting another Bamboo Train

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang May 18th 2011

It was still pouring rain when we woke up. We walked down to where we had breakfast slipping and sliding. The roads aren't paved and when mixed with water it turns into a huge mud pit. I ended up taking off my flip flops and walking in bare feet because it was easier. We finally arrived covered in mud. We had decided that we didn't want to do the rest of the tour because of the weather, and our dissappointment in everything the day before. Of course our guide wasn't happy that we were leaving as he booked everything, and they insisted we pay 50% of what we hadn't done. So when we started adding it up off the price sheet on the wall he says , " oh no, thats different price then package tour." ... read more
The Road
Apparently cassettes are used still in some countries
Outside the bus

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