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Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 6th 2007

Well they had us up at the ridiculous hour of 5am to catch our ferry to Battambang. For those of you that don't know Battambang is Cambodia's second largest city (Not that you would know by the look of it). An hour of collecting folks around the town and a brief bus journey brought us to our ferry. It was less a ferry and more a glammed up skiff with a roof to be fair. We were amongst the lucky ones who got the shaded seats downstairs, where as some people were on the roof in the sun. As it was dry season the journey took 9 hours and we were fairly glad to get off it in the end. It was however, amazing to see so many people living along and on the river. Every ... read more
Us On The Boat To Battambang
Floating Market
A Boat Towing A House - Yes A House

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang December 18th 2006

Ok - this is the draft of what will be a pretty long entry - done so much stuff in 3 days - will add more photo's to this blog as i find a place with better internet Phnom Penh in 12 Hours We fly in to PP via our cheap Air Asia flight from KL - think easyjet and you will be in pretty much the same place. The arrivals hall was interesting - a large number of uniformed police, who initially looked pretty scary, but were really just part of the initial plan to fleece tourists, being that all foreign nationals have to spend about US$20 to get a visa. This process was slightly delayed by us not having a passport size photo - I say slightly because it just cost us an extra ... read more
Making Rice Paper
Cambodian Road Works
Deep Fried Watersnake Mam?

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang December 16th 2006

The most practical way to reach Battambang from Siem Reap is by bus - the road is mostly tarmacked (unlike the notorious Poipet to Siem Reap road) so the journey isn't too arduous. But, if like us you want to do it the rewarding way, you have to go by boat. Admittedly it's a little more expensive at $12, which is certainly not the local price and you have to endure between 6 and 12 hours on a hard bench or plastic chair with nowhere to move (it's sardines). Or, as one of our shipmates suffered, have a 1 year old half-naked boy pee on your book and have your water stolen by his mother. You may even have to sit on the roof of the boat and get fried in the sun but you will ... read more
River Village School
The Marketeers

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang December 12th 2006

Saigon - Phnom Penh - Pursat - Battambang - Siem Reap - Anlong Veng - Siem Reap There's a new scam as you cross the border into Cambodia. It starts with a health declaration form, which is common in many countries. It asks things like 'do you have diarrhoea?' & 'have you had a cold lately?' Of course almost everyone lies, because otherwise you wouldn't be allowed in. I chose not to mention that I'd spent the first hour of the morning in the toilet & didn't mention that I'd blown my nose just minutes earlier. We handed over the forms & were then asked to hand over one dollar. I asked what on earth for & the guy said 'health certificate' Of course he could have asked for the certificate first, rather than the dollar ... read more
Bamboo Train
Tonle Sap
High Street

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang December 9th 2006

Are cycling days are now behind us. We arrived in Battambang this afternoon after cycling for the past three days. I know one little lady who is excited that the cycling is completed. ;-) She was complaining that 33c with 90% humidity is too much... The last couple of days have been our best from a cycling standpoint. We had the best roads today and yesterday with a wonderful tailwind - set up sail and ride. We were able to get to our destinations before 12:00 both days even though we had 100 km to cycle. I will miss all the "Hellos" from everyone, though. We really had some fun with that as we passed by the school kids cycling to and from school or the kids huddled underneath their homes waiting out the heat of ... read more
Finish line -- Battambang
Ice cream truck -- Cambodian style
A bike that has seen better days


Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 22nd 2006

Most people leave Siam Reap bound for Bangkok and to be honest so would we have done, but although stories of 18 hour journeys and over turned buses seem to tick the boxes of some travellers, nearly 3 months into our adventure and we still find the A to B element boring and slightly stressfull, so if an alternative to break up a journey presents itself then we are tempted to take it. We hadn't had a boat trip since Laos and had even started to look back on that particular adventure with some affection, so a 4 hour boat trip to Battambang would allow us to take in the sights of Cambodia's second city and give us an easier onward journey to the Thai border. As well as all this neither of us were in ... read more
Grange Hill on Sea
TAXI !!!!!!!
The circle is complete...

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 21st 2006

Well we have arrived in our second city in cambodia by boat. It is a huge difference from the first. The first city had so many beggars and was very tourist orientated. Battambang is the complete opposite. Because there are no tourists they are no beggars. When we arrived in the city we found 2 friendly moto drivers that could speak very good english. We hired them for the next 2 afternoons of exploring the city. We first went and explored all the surrounding villages and the country side. We went to see rice paper being made, oyster mushroom farm, fish paste factory and the killing fields of Batambang. The killing field were very sad. There was a bunch of carvings of stone that showed the different ways that the khmer rouge tortured the people. When ... read more
Floating Village
Me and my driver
Killing Fields Carving

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 21st 2006

We left Seam Reap 1 day early. We originally planned a 3 day tour through the Angkor temples but quickly realized the 3rd day, there wasn't much our driver had planned for us. So why pay the $10. We took a very scenic 5 hour boat ride to Cambodia's 2nd largest city, Battambang. The first few hours we went through what looked like a flooded forest. Cambodia is very flat and floods every year for the rainy season. It looked strange to see that we were on a giant lake but floating past giant trees. Floating by us were villages. There were all kinds of these things on the way, Villages with literally landless people. They take boats to the floating school, floating general store etc. There food consists of mainly fish among other things....obviously! I ... read more
Box of Skulls and Bones
Temple above the Killing Caves

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang November 15th 2006

Battambang has a garlic - I mean Gallic - feel to it, as it is made up of French colonial buildings set along a riverside. Another temple strewn landscape, we decided to visit only one of them, and along with our drivers, we mounted our motos - our only real transport option here - with trepidation. We wore helmets, which was a rare sight in Camodia considering the lack of safety-consciousness regarding the roads. Along the way we saw children as young as eight or nine riding around on motorbikes, and they give India a run for its money, for the 'number of people that can be crammed onto a vehicle' award. Riding on the moto was easy, you just had to relax! (despite the rocky, dusty roadways and weaving motos). We arrived, windswept and dusty, ... read more
Wat Banan
The 'Bamboo Train'

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang October 25th 2006

Well at last I've arrived in Asia, after all that time of easy backpacking in Australia and New Zealand. I flew into Bangkok about a few weeks ago, arriving late at night at the new airport so we decided to avoid having to head into an unknown city in the middle of the night and slept at the airport instead which wasn't all that bad. It was odd to be in a completely different place though but to be in such a sterile place as all airports are. It wasn't until the next morning when we left for the hotel that the full extent of Bangkok hit. Well to some degree anyway, Sophie had booked us a couple of nights at the Bangkok Marriot as my birthday present. So we headed there for a much needed ... read more
Grand Palace, Bangkok
Bamboo Island, Sihanoukville

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