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Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 26th 2005

(Note: this is a back-dated entry, we are now in Phuket) Before arriving in Siem Reap, we were beginning to think that some travellers talk a lot of rubbish- we had been told exaggerated accounts of many things in Vietnam, and having spent a few days in Cambodia we could see that the same had happened here. Though there were some people begging and some people trying to sell us things we didn't want, nothing had been as bad as some other travellers had made out- until we arrived on a public bus to Siem Reap! If what we had been told were true, then every journey we made in Vietnam and Cambodia would have ended like this one. This was the only time we experienced this... The moment we pulled into the bus station a ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 25th 2005

It's been ages since I took a "real" traveller's bus ride. Somehow buses with air-conditioning and TV, while very nice, just don't give you the same experience! The last few days, we have been in Cambodia. We started out from Bangkok at 7am on a lovely big air-conditioned bus with about fifty other backpackers and spent our time watching a terrible B-rate movie and watching the countryside scenery fly by. After passing through the border to Cambodia, however, things all got very different. After waiting for over three hours to be called to our mini-bus, it was finally our turn. We threw our backpacks through the back window and clambered on and was soon on the road, much to the consternation of the group before us who were still sat on the driveway with a dozen ... read more
Bumpy Bus Ride!
Village Life
Fun on the River

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 21st 2005

Joom-reap-leah Cambodia!!! (Goodbye Cambodia) Well, this will be our last email since we are finally back from Southeast Asia. And I promise to keep this relatively short... So many people have asked.... 24 days straight, spent together in a foreign continent. Did we fight at all? Actually, Teresa and I did get into one fight. It was in Thailand... if you want to see what happened, click here: We must say it feels damn good to be back in the good ol' U.S. of A. Wow, we certainly appreciate some simple things here in this country: air conditioning, clean running water, traffic lights, and burritos. Yes, I said burritos. While asia has a great variety of food (you know, pigs feet, chicken feet, and ox feet), the one thing we craved most was Mexican food! ... read more
angkor at sunrise
tomb raider

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 21st 2005

ok.. well i have been a little slack again and not been updating my travel blog.. must just be too busy!. i am now in Alacante on the coast of Spain but will try and briefly update all on the places visited in the previous 2 months... so expect a few e mail alerts.. delete all of them but the last one and read through them if your interested... After two months in the city of Phnom Penh and not really heading out of it, i decided a trip to the temples of Angkor was in order.. i travelled with a couple of danish friends Soren and Frede, (who were researching gibbons at Phnom Tamao Zoo - where i was also doing some work) by bus to Siem Reap which was a great way of seeing ... read more
Angkor Thom
Angkor Wat

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 19th 2005

About an hour ago (circa 6:30 am) six of us returned from our morning excursion to THE Angkor Wat...I think in my haste, and sleep deprivation two days ago, I failed to adequately explain the Temples of Angkor. Angkor, was the former capital of southeast Asia...similar to perhaps Rome. Between the 9th and 14th centuries A.D. Angkor, in the area now known as Siem Reap (the name Siem Reap means Siam defeated, thus they defeated a Thai invastion) was the epicenter for much of southeast Asia. So there were approximately 100 or so temples at one time...and we are just seeing some of the highlights. ***** After a hiatus from this morning I am back at the computer while the others are resting. Presently it is raining, which is to be expected since this is the ... read more
Angkor Wat at Sunrise (2)
Palm Fruit
Group at the Tomb Raider Temple


Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor June 28th 2005

Well, it's been a really long long while since we updated you all with our story, but we thought it's time to do so again. In the last blog, we were dying in delhi, slightly fed up of the whole heat, travel, tout thing, possibly a bit homesick... all in all, we didn't really leave India feeling like victorious conquerors because we knew that we hadn't really seen much at all! But that was the past. Angkor Wat was the future! A few years ago, we had been to Thailand, and had intended to go over to Angkor.. Angkor had always been a fascination of mine ever since I read about it in a Readers' Digest article at age 8. But - when we were in Thailand, we made one of those hasty last-minute decisions and ... read more
Tomb Raider eat your heart out
Another temple shot

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor June 22nd 2005

Today we found my favorite temple: Banteay Srey. It's an hour away by tuk tuk, and I wouldn't want to try that bumpy road perched on the back of a moto after the Bokor experience. Since I suppose most of my readers don't have the Cambodian Lonely Planet handy, and the book can put it much better than I, I'm including a quote here: "Banteay Srei is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva. Considered by many to be the jewel in the crown of Angkorian art, the temple is cut from stone of a pinkish hue and includes some of the finest stone carving seen anywhere on the planet... Banteay Srei means "Citidel of the Women" and it is said that it must have been built by a woman, as the elaborate carvings are too fine ... read more
Banteay Srey Carvings
Banteay Samre
Bayon Circus

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor June 22nd 2005

We went back for the sunset at Angkor Wat because that's supposed to be the best time of the day to see it. This also means it's the best time of the day to see just how many tourists there are at the temples. I finally saw the crowds, after avoiding them so perfectly the other days. We were expecting it to rain any minute, but it held off, though the "perfect light" everybody comes to photograph Ankgor in was somewhat diminished by the overcast. We did have a good time sitting around in the first stages of dusk, watching the tourists come and go, clicking frantically with their cameras. I did my best to join in, taking far more photos that I need, but eventally tired of it. We went off the main pathway a ... read more
Sovanna and School

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor June 21st 2005

I've gotten pretty good at counting in Khmai: muy, bee, buy... so Bee Day would mean my second day at Siem Reap. The temples we visited this morning were not as massive as Angkor, but just as majestic and full of mystery. One question I still can't find an answer to is if they stones were carved in place or, if they were carved somewhere else and assembles later at the temple site. The day's itinerary included Bayon, Preah Khan, Ta Som, Neak Pean and then the Roluos Group, which are temples another 20km away. We made it to Bayon by 5:30 and had the place to ourselves, even the guards nuns and vendors weren't there yet. Nuns give out insence for a "donation" so you can offer insence to the altars they set up around ... read more
Got Head?
Defaced Apsara
The tree above the roots

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor June 20th 2005

I'm glad we waited a couple weeks instead of coming here first thing. The anticipation has been building and it was well worth the wait. Anisa suggested going to see sunrise over Angkor Wat, the main temple, which sounded like a wonderful idea to me. I didn't realize that if we watched the sunrise at 6am we would have to leave town in our tuk tuk at 5am, which meant waking up around 4"3O am. It was easier than I thought it would be and was a pleasure to be up at that hour since it's not swelteringly hot and humid at 5am. 7am is another matter. That sun is strong. The temples. I'm not sure I can put them into words. I tried to write in my journal earlier and came up with lots of ... read more
Bas Relief
Anisa Relief
Boobs Relief

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