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Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon January 16th 2014

I arrived in the city of Naypyidaw at 1.45am. To recap quickly, I had taken a 12-hour overnight bus from Lake Inle to Bago, spent part of the day birding and then taken a 6-hour overnight bus from there to Naypyidaw to visit the zoo. Naypyidaw is the capital city of Burma. This might come as a surprise to some people given that Yangon has always been the capital of Burma, but about a decade ago the government decided Yangon just didn't cut it anymore and they wanted a new capital city. So they just went ahead and built a new one, basically out in the middle of nowhere, and that's why Naypyidaw exists. I had read about how the city is rather like a massive sprawling ghost town, with huge highways completely empty of traffic, ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Mandalay January 15th 2014

I am sure that Bob and bing wouldn,t recognize the place...maybe the people and the climate. But the landscape is definately changing. but before i continue that I shall conclude our time in Yangon.Suzanne and I did the walking tour in Colonial downtown.The wide streets are a welcome change from the crowded sidewalks in Chinatown .The buildings really are beautiful .We had a Burmese lunch but the grease used is more than my stomach can toleraTe .After a cool down in our A/C room we headed out to the Shewdagon Paya the main pagaoda in the city.It is Quite magnificent and the Burmese have a right to be proud of it.We stayed for the sunset hope to see the flash of colours that thediamonds and jewels are said to exhibit but we weren,t that lucky.We did ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Bago January 13th 2014

There are few zoos in Burma – in fact I had only heard of four (Yangon Zoo, Hlawga Park, Yadanabon Zoo and Naypyitaw Zoo). I had been to the first three but Naypyidaw wasn't really on my route and I didn't think I'd be able to fit it in. However I wouldn't be much of wandering zoo-keeper if I missed out what was supposed to be the largest and newest zoo in Burma, so at Lake Inle I came up with a possibly-to-be-regretted plan for my last few days in the country involving a succession of night buses, very little sleep and no showers for the following 60-odd hours. (In case you're wondering, a wandering zoo-keeper is much like a wandering minstrel except with less musical talent). I will cover all of this in separate blogs, ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon January 13th 2014

I had said to some of you that booking this Hotel was booking a soft landing...that has been true ...the location is good , the staff helpful and the breakfast is plentiful. it is overpriced but that is okay. i had such a great day yesterday. I took a ferry across the Yangon River to Dalah which is considered part of the Delta Region. Once there one books a trishaw for a tour of the villages and sites in the area . I was lucky enough to be 'picked up ' by a young man right on the ferry. He sat beside me and explained , in quite good english what he could offer me and how much it would cost .it felt right to go with him and I am so happy I did. He ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake January 12th 2014

Well, my birding had taken a bit of a down-turn at Kalaw and it remained poor at Lake Inle despite my expectations of a big bird list. In fact I was pretty disappointed overall with Lake Inle and the village of Nyaungshwe; they became my least favourite places in Burma and I don't think I'll be rushing back to that spot. In Kalaw I had found out that there were several morning buses to Lake Inle which leave from under the big tree just along from the Parami Hotel. They appear to go every half an hour between 6am and 8am, and cost 2500 kyat. They don't go all the way to Lake Inle, but just to a junction called Shwenyaung about one and a half hours from Kalaw, from which it is then a further ... read more


Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon January 11th 2014

+33 today and it felt really hot!! It is amazing how one's body can adjust in a short time . A/C helps though. Thank you for your comments . I can't say this group mail thing works to respond adequately but I'll try. Dan I tried and followed all the steps you laid out and I got near the end and again ran into their notion of a code ... and another address to send the code to...or a text system ... and I surrendered .Thank you for your help . Lionel I have recorded the info you sent for contacts . It is good to have a number here incase I need assistance . I have been taking deep breaths , finding the rythmn of the people and the city and feel more comfortable each ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Kalaw January 10th 2014

The buses from Mandalay to Kalaw leave between 7 and 8pm. There don't appear to be any daytime buses, which is a bit silly. The ride takes eight hours which means you arrive in Kalaw at 3am, which is even sillier. Once again the bus had its air-conditioning on as cold as it would possibly go. This time there were blankets though: it is like the operators are acknowledging that setting the air-con to “permafrost” is beyond human endurance but they have the ideal solution to it. Just as ridiculous is that the bus left Mandalay in the evening but at 11.30pm, right after everybody had finally managed to get to sleep, they stopped at a roadside restaurant for “dinner” and nobody was allowed to stay on the bus. So for half an hour everyone just ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region January 10th 2014

Mystisches Myanmar Studienreise: 26. Dezember 2013 - 9. Jänner 2014 © Bernhard Sonnleitner, 2014 Schon Marco Polo war von Myanmar beeindruckt. Er nannte es das Land der goldenen Türme und seine Aussage gilt heute noch. Der Buddhismus wird von der tiefgläubigen Bevölkerung mit großer Ernsthaftigkeit gelebt, die Pflege der religiösen Stätten ist allen ein großes Anliegen. Der große Respekt gegenüber den Mitmenschen, besonders gegenüber älteren und höhergestellten wirkt sich im Alltag durch höflichen, aber auch herzlichen und offenen Umgang mit uns Fremden aus. Do/26.12.2013 Abflug von Wien 11:05 mit China Airlines ... read more
Blick von unserem Hotel
Echt vergoldet

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon January 9th 2014

Hotmail still isn't working for me . It keeps asking for my code (????).Dan if you can check that out for me I would appreciate it a great deal . I think you remeber my password. Let me know here as it is all I have right now. . At least I got through to Travelblog today . That feeling of isolation didn't help especially since I didn't know what was happening with Suzanne . YEAH !!! She will arrive on Sunday and maybe I can find out about transportation possibilities . I will book the hotel for one more night and be at the airport to greet her. Flying into Burma and Yangon was really interesting. Actually the whole flight was interesting . Southern Japan ,China ,Vietnam , Thailand , ocean ,mountains ,deltas, rice fields ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Irrawaddy River January 7th 2014

There are several choices of boats heading up the Irrawaddy River from Bagan to Mandalay but they are all the same price (US$35). Interestingly enough, the boat coming the other way, from Mandalay to Bagan, costs US$40 because more tourists do it in that direction so they can charge more for it! One of the boats is the “slow boat” which takes two days but only does the trip two days a week, and then there are three “fast boats” which take one day. Two of them include breakfast and leave Bagan at 6am, one includes breakfast and lunch and leaves at 5.30am. I took the last one. Breakfast turned out to be a croissant, an egg and a banana: what am I, a field-mouse?! I sort of expected more with the cost of the ticket. ... read more

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