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June 13th 2010
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So here is an update, finally! Our busy schedule and lack of reliable internet has made blogging pretty impossible. Sundays are our only free days, so weekly updates may be possible. A lot has happened since I arrived in Bhutan on June 1st, so a few highlights: I got my first glimpse of the snow capped Himalayas on the plane to Paro, where we landed on the country's only airstrip (and only ... Read Full Entry

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Cool Truck!Cool Truck!
Cool Truck!

all of the truks are elaborately decorated, and all say "Tashi Delek" meaning good luck, on the side, and have eyes painted over the headlights!
Woman with offeringsWoman with offerings
Woman with offerings

I met this woman while we were stuck behind an accident on the mountain road to Jakar. I asked her, through our driver, what she was doing with the hemlock branches she was collecting from the trees on the side of the road. She said she was going to burn them as an offering at her home shrine.

one of the many beautiful mountain rivers

One of the UWICE staff, Sonam is an expert in community forestry

we've bought a lot of this "swiss style" cheese
Matt & Peter getting their "Gho" onMatt & Peter getting their "Gho" on
Matt & Peter getting their "Gho" on

This is inside the Dzong, where we have our classes everyday! It also sometimes has internet...
School KidsSchool Kids
School Kids

This was at our "field day" at a local school. Some students put on a show for us, then asked us to get on stage to perform for them!
Sherab's houseSherab's house
Sherab's house

Sherab is the director of UWICE & an expert ornithologist. This begins the walk down from the center to town (about a 45 min walk)
The Whole Group!The Whole Group!
The Whole Group!

16 students + 3 staff = 19 Chilip!

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