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Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 23rd 2008

Just some general comments and pictures about how village houses are built around Yerevan, Armenia. The basic ingredients for foundation, walls, and floors are concrete and tufa (a calcium carbonate deposit). Fortunately for Armenia tufa is common, cheap, and comes in many colors, giving their towns and villages a much greater range in color and variety than other soviet style buildings in other parts of the world. The foundation is laid as a perimeter about 2 feet wide. The outside and the inside of the foundation are laid with some sort of course broken rock with at least one flat face. These are mortared together and the interior between is filled with concrete as the walls go up. They usually build the foundation up about 2-4 feet above the ground and then fill the interior of ... read more
Completed Foundation Wall
Pile of Tufa Stone
Tufa Wall on Foundation Stone

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 22nd 2008

Sam Yet Again: I think the kids are having too much fun at night to it goes. Leo paid my Internet fees yesterday and I told him that in return I would mention him today...done. Today was the last day of work on the site. We finished the front stairs and then spent the rest of the time until lunch passing buckets of pumice up to the attic. The Fuller team was glad that we stopped using the old ladder made or recycled wood and poles and didn't drop any buckets on anyone's head. Izzy's 17th birthday was today and there was cake and the local family gave him a very nice Modonna and child clock (there weren't up on the fact that he was actually Jewish - or was it Zoroastrian?....or perhaps was from ... read more
Armenian State Song and Dance Ensemble
Talar and Ani

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 21st 2008

Hi All: (started this yesterday...finishing today) Sam again. 100F+ today at the work site. Everyone seems to be aclimatized though. Both Wren, Anna, and Stuart work out in the sun much of the day. Stuart shovels cement about 70% of the time and Wren has taken turns too. Anna does bucket line without complaint. Pretty standard day for us. All the cement floors in the house are now complete except for the top of the stairs. Tonight after eating at a small Aremenian restaurant. Gayle, Nadya, and I went to a nightclub to watch the Armenian Navy Band. Very hot band, a mix of Sun Ra, Taj Mahal, and New York jazz band. About 15 in the group, nice brass section, traditional Armenian section, rock drummer, and nice keyboardist. Good blend of rock and Near East ... read more
Shoveling Cement
Classic Armenian Men's Shoe
Armenian Navy Band

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 21st 2008

Un petit pays chrétien au milieu des montagnes du Caucase Après un petit voyage en bus de 25h à travers le désert du nord-ouest de l'Iran, éprouvant à cause de la chaleur, et un peu stressant pour des questions de visa, nous sommes arrivés dans cette étonnante capitale : Erevan. Cette ville est un véritable oasis où l'on trouve des fontaines où se désaltérer à tous les coins de rue, débordante de verdure, et où les français se font spontanément invité pour un café, fêter un anniversaire, ou même, du jamais vu, pour un repas au restaurant ! Notre famille d'accueil, Hovanes, Selpie et leur enfant Jacques, était vraiment accueillante, et nous a offert un cadre idéal pour passer un excellent séjour dans le pays. Nous avons fait ici beaucoup de bonnes rencontres, et avons tenter ... read more
Un accueil plutôt insolite
Notre famille d'accueil
Avis au cinéphile

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 20th 2008

Sam here...Today was an off day, but I should say something about the previous night first. After the ballet the kids hooked up with some Armenian kids they met at the work site and went out on the town. The traveled up the city mountainside to a sports area where the local youthizens had organized an outdoor dance party. I will let the kids expand on this but they had a Russian DJ who played Russian and Armenian techno music. Sounds like they had a blast. Stu says he had to fend off some very friendly Armenian men from Wren (one pronounced is his love for her)...what a nice brother. One nice thing about this city and apparently everywhere in the country is that it is so safe. Tables with street goods on them are left ... read more
Chemicals for Sale
Stuart and Sam's Room at the Shirat
Typical Behind the Building Scene


Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 20th 2008

T-Shirt Slogans *Outragous when I move my body *For you, splendid smile *We have super grass *My heart lives in the dast *Industrial Dub Folk Acid *This bag is not a toy Menu items *vhiski *jin *rom *Long Icelend Ice Tea ... read more
Hi Chicken
Note sure what?

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 19th 2008

(Note pictures were added to the previous day's entries) Today was another work day. We traveled to the site and continued working on mixing and pouring concrete and made a lot of progress on the remaining rooms. However in the early afternoon the electricity went out and we learned that tragically the families' 15-year old neighbor and clos friend who was the twin of one of the previous day's helpers was electrocuted. We left at that point so the families could get together and grieve. Household wiring is all 220V in the country and often exposed and wired in creative but unsafe ways. We learned that the average villager makes about $20.00 per month and so corners are often cut when costs are too high. There is a general feel that personal risk is less important ... read more

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 18th 2008

Hi All. Sam here. Wren and Stuart have been doing most of the blogging, but thought I would throw my biscuit in too. Last night a number of us suffered from St. Gregories' revenge which took a lot out of us (get it?) and so were a little lethargic in the morning. Today was more bucket lines for mixing and passing concrete and we finished the floor of their main room. We had a group of about 10 former Armenian/U.S. exchange students with us this time and we were able to form an additional team to pull bucket loads of purple pumice (pictures coming) up into the attic where they are used as insulation. The heat was pretty potent and we had to take doing the work out in the sun as everyone soon overheated. Anna's ... read more
Lunch at the Worksite
Leo - The Fearless Trip Leader
Talar - Bravery in the Face of Heights

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 17th 2008

Today was a travel day. We began the day at the Armenian Genocide Memorial just outside of Yerevan. Genocide was committed on Armenians by the Turks starting around 1915. All Armenian men were recruited to be in the Turkish army and were made to dig their own graves and then shot to death. Armenian women and children were forced to go on long journeys through the desert and died of thirst and hunger and were also mass murdered like the men. More than 1.6 million Armenians were killed by the Turks. The Turks purposefully killed all the well known influential and intellectual Armenians so that the people would not be able to get together a revolt or some kind of rebellion. We placed white flowers around a torch inside a circle to commemorate the lost Armenians. ... read more
Wild Hollyhocks
Anna Above Lake Sevan

Asia » Armenia » West » Yerevan July 16th 2008

Sorry for missing yesterday. We didn't have time to go to the internet cafe. Yesterday was another work day, but before work we took a trip to see the church in the town we are working in (Khor Virap). We climbed down a hole with a long, potentially dangerous ladder. Saint Gregory, who brought Christianity to Armenia, was imprisoned at the bottom of the hole in a little room for 13 years. At work we did more bucket lines, but this time we passed cement to make the floor of the house. Stuart shoveled most of the day and the rest of us passed buckets. Wren was a bucket switcher for some of the day. She switched the buckets full of cement with the empty ones so that Stuart could fill them. One member of our ... read more
Saint Greg's Room
Cement Floor
The Beginning of the Bucket Line

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