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January 12th 2009
Published: January 14th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Ran around gathering things this morning. The "Carp Shop" (carp = carpenter's) is pretty cool and was fun to be in. People making stuff with their own two hands, and I got to see wood -- closest thing to a tree I can get.

Had to get some other stuff, too, but I forgot what it was. Required a lot of running around, though. Everything does...

But Chris and I got out to Willy Field with everything we needed to finally set up the riometer, so we did that all day. Came back pretty late and did pretty much nothing after that.

With the riometer done, all experiments are installed. The HF antenna is lacking a pre-amp and a data acquisition box, and there is supposed to be a flux gate magnetometer on the way, but another person has to arrive at McMurdo before any of that can happen. Now I just have to get the power up and running.

While setting up the riometer, we occasionally went into the hut to work on our power issues. The solar panel controller was in a load control mode instead of charge control, which means it was managing the power we didn't have instead of charging the batteries. So, I checked around and there is a green energy expert here that I will talk to tomorrow.


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