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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala June 30th 2014

Today we headed to the markets for shopping and then Bazils house. I assumed the markets were similar to previous markets I have experienced in Asia and Africa, however, they were very different. They were super classy and clean. Most of our group went crazy shopping but in Uganda that mean you might have spent $40. Everything is so cheap. Pants around around $6, professional painting might be $20 for a 40"X40" and purses, kitchen stuff and Bazil lives in the village of Kimera. It's fairly close to Mukono but about an hour from downtown Entebbe where the shops are. Regardless, we had to take a taxi and a bota-bota (motorcycle taxis) from Entebbe to Bazil and Alice's house. The taxi took around 40 minutes and then dropped us at the end of a dirt road. ... read more
Bazil's House
Bazil's dining room

Africa » Botswana June 30th 2014

Botswana is a lovely country, though rather bureaucratic at times. Took over 2 hrs to pass through from South Africa. Chobe National Park is wonderful, so many species of bird and animal. My favourite today is the marabou stork, even if it looks ugly. This afternoon's boat trip should be fun then off to Vic Falls tomorrow. Will add more photos later... read more

Africa » South Africa June 30th 2014

De laatste week is dan toch echt ingegaan, weer begin je van dingen afscheid te nemen en “de laatste keer.” Want volgende week zaterdagochtend om 9.00 staat het Stenden busje weer klaar om ons terug te brengen naar Port Elizabeth, waar ik nog 1 nacht zal blijven voordat Chris dan eindelijk komt! Vrijdag was het de laatste keer van mijn vrijwilligerswerk. Na 4 weken bij ontzettend schattige kindjes (en af en toe ook wel heel vervelende) te hebben gewerkt , was het vandaag alweer afscheid nemen. Nog 1 keer met onze krijtjes en kleurplaten opstap. Dit keer was het thema: seizoenen, dagen in de week en maanden van een jaar. Na een klein beetje les konden ze snel gaan kleuren. Het was maar een klein groepje van 12 kindjes. Ik zat bij de oudere kindjes en ... read more
Pannenkoeken bakken!
Knutselen voor Nederland!

Africa » Tanzania June 30th 2014

30 June: Kigali, Rwanda to Nyakahanazi, Tanzania Was an early morning start to drive through the Rwandan capital, Kigall. We then crossed the boarder to Tanzania. While on the Tanzania side we were waiting for our visas, and while waiting, we ate our lunch in the construction zone. All the workers ended up coming over and watching us eat. I think there was about 100 workers. At one point, one of the construction workers had a fit. Our two nurses on our bus went to help. He was fine after a little while. After we cleaned up and our visas were ready to go, we continued our drive to the little village at Nyakahanazi guest house where we each had our own double room. Samantha and I ended up getting one with a squat toilet to ... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Bulawayo June 29th 2014

Zimbabwe - Having waited 2 extra nights in Francistown, Botswana due to the inaccurate information about the bus I needed to catch to Bulawayo, I finally caught it after some negotiation. Despite being told the bus would arrive in Francistown no later than 11 am, it duly arrived at 12.30pm and we were on our way shortly after. At first glance, it appeared there were no seats left but I was determined that I was boarding the bus whether or not I had a seat. When you spend time in Malawi and become accustomed to their poor standard of buses and general lack of regard for safety, sitting in an empty aisle sounded like a pleasant change. However, as luck had it, I managed to grab the last seat and ... read more


Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar June 29th 2014

Nach einem rührenden Abschied und mit etwas Wehmut geht es zeitig in der Früh Richtung Flughafen. Dort verabschieden wir uns von Witson. Dies fällt uns allen nicht leicht. Wir geben ihm noch das Trinkgeld und schenken unsere alten Goretexjacken her. Diese überstehen die kalten, regnerischen Tage in Österreich nicht mehr. In Tanzania werden sie jedoch noch sehr gute Dienste leisten. Vor allem da hier die Guides gar keine Jacke besitzen. Der Flug nach Sansibar ist ruhig und vergeht halbwegs schnell. Auf der Insel angekommen begrüßt uns der Muezzin Der Fahrer bringt uns zu unserem Hotel. Dieses ist einfach aber schön, vor allem als wir endlich Licht im Zimmer haben 😉 wir unternehmen an diesem Tag nicht mehr viel. Wir sitzen gemütlich bei der Bar trinken etwas und ent... read more

Africa » Rwanda June 29th 2014

29 June: Kisoro, Uganda to Kigali, Rwanda Crossing the boarder went well with the Uganda side being quick and the the Rwanda side took more time as they searched the truck and a few individuals needed to wait for visas. After we crossed the boarded, we drove for about thirty minuets before stopping to pick back up Kanyo our guide and two new members to the truck, Rachel from New Zealand and Bob from Australia. At the same spot, one of David's friends came and changed money for us, then we were off for the three hour drive to the capital. Arriving early afternoon we visit the Genocide Museum where we learn about the tragic details of Rwanda genocide in 1994. The museum was very good as it talked about the political occurrences more then just ... read more

We booked a four day break with British Airways to experience Morocco. We flew out on Sunday the 29th June. Our flight was good as usual with BA and arrived on time. Flying into Marrakech airport started my concerns on what I had booked. After a queue at passport control we went through to collect our luggage. Marrakech airport is really nice. Cool, quite modern and not as busy as our UK airports. Just outside the airport there is a line of taxis, which if you read other travel sites, are the big taxis. These guys will haggle a price with you to get to the city. To be honest, taxis are way cheaper than what we pay in the UK so we were not to fussed on haggling and just wanted to get to our ... read more
Riad Carina
Riad Carina
Our Bed

Africa » Ghana » Western » Sekondi-Takoradi June 28th 2014

Ghana I have learnt is a place of peace, hospitality and warmth. As the first African country to become independent, I have become so drawn to Ghana's history, development, and culture. I have become immersed in as much of Ghana as I can without actually being there, listening to their popular music (e.g. the famous Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie) and trying to learn some of the main language there (twi, said chwee). There are over 79 languages spoken there, with English being the country's official language as it is an ex British colony. I have also made a number of friends my age in Ghana via a Ghanaian friend in the UK, and have come to see how white people are highly regarded by Ghanaians without much reasoning behind it. I have seen that life is more ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Tigray Region June 28th 2014

It's worth it to stop in Axum for a few hours, though its reputation as a tourist destination is generally disappointing. The entire town seems to be under major construction. After weaving our way through giant trucks, rock breakers, and heavy machinery, we came to the ruins, and one aggressive tout. The monuments were impressive, though many of them have collapsed. The underground section was closed while we were there, though it looked interesting. We spent maybe twenty minutes looking around and then walked toward the bus station for some coffee and lunch. The main road is actually quite nice and peaceful. Once the construction is complete in a couple of years, Axum might be a more pleasant place to spend some time. I'll write more later; there are several photos below.... read more
rock breakers
Amazing bayunet (sp?) dish
fallen monuments

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