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Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi March 12th 2014

I am over half way through my time here with AMREF. It has gone so quickly. Since my last entry I have flown to South Africa, Abu Dhabi, twice to Mogadishu, Tanzania and a number of flights within Kenya. We took a patient who had been shot in the head from Mogadishu to Abu Dhabi. It was a humanitarian flight funded by Abu Dhabi. In a way it is a shame that they picked this particular patient, as he is not going to do well and is very unlikely to survive even with the best medial care let alone have any rehabilitation potential. In my opinion, maybe they could have chosen a different patient who would have benefited from the mission, and they would have still got the same publicity. Shame. It was so hot in ... read more
Mount Longonot
Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa » Kenya March 11th 2014

Feb 16 The high light of our short morning game drive was watching 2 lionesses and cubs (3 born dec and 2 that were 3 to 4 months old) that were members of the Enoolera pride - I think that the one lioness that we saw clearly ( when she came out of hiding to try to get her cubs to play in the bushes instead of in front of the humans) was Nashipai???? The cubs were playing just like regular puppy kittens ( yes puppies cos they were playing with sticks and kittens cos that is what they were) Then it was off to the Masai village, about 15 minutes away off the conservancy. There was an added cost of $20.00 with all the money going to the village. Each group that is taken on ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Southern Province » Livingstone March 11th 2014

Let's see...there was the night in Croc River camp, an un fenced campsite in lush Zambia, where all day monkeys had terrorized us stealing sandwiches, water bottles, lens caps...anything that wasn't nailed down. Where hippos (and hopefully not crocs) had wallowed in the river not far from where we were camped and lions roared mightily in the not so distant distance That evening we were briefed on proper night time safety protocol: 1. Walking to the toilets at night always hold your headlamp in your hand and sweep the area far in front of you 180% from side to side with the don't want to surprise or be surprised by anything large and aggressive on its way to some important rendezvous. 2. If possible let someone know where you are going or go with a ... read more
Hippo wallows nearby
Zambian village
Break time for Mayhem!

Africa » Malawi » Central » Senga Bay March 11th 2014

Africa » Kenya » Western Province March 11th 2014

I am trying to keep up-to-date with this blog and couldn't find a way to continue the same blog entry, so here goes with a new entry. I was surprised and humbled in the process of exploring the website that I have up to forty readers. The hotel I had chosen turned out to suit us well. Booking was a complicated process as we had originally planned to take a half-day sarari on the 10th and Ben put me in touch with his friend Pastor Shadrack who does that sort of thing. I wanted to see lions with Shadrack (Remember the story of Daniel in the lions den?) but we had to cancel that because money was running low. Shadrack offered to renegotiate the hotel because Kenyans get special rates. That helped a bit but then ... read more


Africa » Malawi » Central » Senga Bay March 11th 2014

So after our long long week of theatre lists, 26hr on calls and various illnesses and ailments we were done...finally a couple of days off to explore South Africa. On Alan's recommendation we were going to head to the Pilanesberg National Park rather than Kruger (a 2.5 hour drive rather than 9!) which was the 3rd largest game park in South Africa and around 50, and still had the spread of a Big 5 animals we were hoping to see. On a budget and hoping to catch a glimpse of bear-grills-esque living we packed tent, chairs, sleeping bags and monopoly deal into our premier game ranging vehicle (the Atos!!) and set off for the Pilanesberg. We managed to avoid taking a table, lighting system, BBQ grill and kitchen sink (!) despite Alan's best efforts to set ... read more
The Bakgatla Gate
Almost forgot our park ranger outfits!
Our first spot

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Hout Bay March 10th 2014

We've been here a week already!!!! My how time flies when you are having fun! We have been in Cape Town a week now and it has been a week filled with new sights, new smells, new people and new adventures! Friday March 07 Today was the day we decided to check out how we were getting to Jo'burg. We left the flat at about 10 am and went straight to the train station. I had researched transportation at home before we left and found a tourist class train called the Shoslalosha train that sounded like it was the way to go. I attempted to book our seats on line and the site wouldn't let me. No problem I thought!! Once we were in Cape Town we could book it right? Easier said than done!!! Got ... read more
The living room in our flat.
The National flower....Protea
Yes we do!!

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Pretoria March 10th 2014

The last few days of my stay in Kenya I spent in Niarobi. The first day I visited kibera which is a slum just on the outskirts of Nirobi town. I could only view it from a distance because I'm told it's not advisable to enter without a guide and I hadn't got time to arrange one. The sites of the slums even from a distance were a shock. Their homes, the overcrowding, the rubbish and the smell was discussing. Really hard to imagine living in such squalor. The following day, I've visited an elephant sanctuary set within Niarobi national park. I managed to find a motorbike taxi who took me. Asking each rider for a price to take me ranged from Sh5000 £35 to my eventual acceptance of Sh500 £3.50. It's approximately 20 mins from ... read more
Kibera Slums
Kibera Slums
Elephant sanctuary

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Bloemfontein March 10th 2014

Mountain Zebra National Park to Gariep Dam (245 km or 152 miles), Sunday afternoon, March 9th. Left the Park behind and traveled on N-10/R32 named the Merino route for the breed of sheep raised in this area. The countryside in this part of South Africa seems very arid and reminds us of Utah, Montana, and Arizona with lots of butte type formations. Lots of sheep and cattle ranches. Seems strange to look out among the cattle and see an ostrich or two. Lots of construction along this route. We were fascinated to watch the women personing the “right of way” haul a yellow plastic barrier on wheels back and forth across the lane to be stopped. About 200 km into the day’s drive, near the town of Colesburg, we came to an Engen One Stop with ... read more
1403-171 Rocks carefully laid to shut down already paved road
1403-172 Wyoming or Montana perhaps
1403-173 Or maybe Nevada

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