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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg March 21st 2014

Media Release 2/Zumagate 21st March 2014- Human Rights Day. Africa Unite Party has joined the “coalition of the willing” by opening up a docket today against President Zuma for theft, fraud and corruption. Shortly after 2 pm the leader of the party Mr. Denton entered the largest police station in South Africa- also known as John Vorster Square. He was not accompanied by a large entourage of lawyers, media or spectators but went representing the” little man” …the average South African who is sick and tired of the rampant rot that has besmirched the good name of our country... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Sbeitla March 21st 2014

Today began in Khairouan and ended in Sfax, but the feature of todays’ blog is the detour I made to the Roman ruins of Sufetula in Sbeitla along the way. Sufetula is famous for its immaculately preserved Roman Forum, offering “the ultimate photo opportunity” according to RG. As an amateur photo nut this seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. Sbeitla is in the mountains, near (but not in) a city called Kasserine. Kasserine is a “Do not enter” zone, according to Team GB FCO, though I’d heard the situation is fine in the Sbeitla region so opted to head out to the site. That said the drive out was interesting, not troublesome, but the stuffiness of the louage and bumpy road claimed two Tunisian passengers with car sickness and the 90 minute journey took ... read more
Yellow Flowers cover the site
Bath Mosaic
Path to the Forum

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund March 20th 2014

Namibia on land We were off to Namibia in search of adventure! It was only a two hour flight to Windhoek (pronounced Vindhoek) when we landed it was really hot! I all most died from the heat. We rented a car so we could drive to Swakupmond since it's to small to fly to. It took a really long drive I listened to music all the way there on my iPod. We got in about noon the hotel it is all most on the beach we could see the ocean from are rooms. On the top there is a pool only to relax in and look at the ocean. Are room was on the third floor a nice place one from the top two to the pool. There are elevators but I prefer the stairs. We ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Kairouan March 20th 2014

On 1st impression Khairouan has a dilapidated charm and artful beauty that reminds me of a French/Arabic Havana. There are dilapidated, mainly 80’s French, cars driving the city streets and in the beautiful, sumptuously coloured medina the paint, peeling form the walls, or the crumbling brickwork just add to this charm. A film of desert covers everything, and I feel as though the city is entirely in sepia tone. Nothing here is “new”, and if it was, then it would look distinctly out of place. Khairouan is Islams’ 4th city and was THE North African capital in the 8th century. The atmosphere here feels as though it has established itself over many hundreds of years. The city feels old and grabs you by the scruff of the neck and involves you, be it the shoe makers, ... read more
The Great Mosque and city walls
Walkways of the Great Mosque
Walls and ceiling - The Great Mosque

Africa » Ghana » Central March 19th 2014

It’s taken me to five days to recover, but here it is; my first observations of this wonderful place. I arrived in Accra, Ghana after a 27 hour trip from Australia via Dubai with few hitches beyond the usual travel niggles. United Arab Emirates Airlines were great as usual. Kotoka International Airport could not be more different to any I have experienced before – either in Africa or in Western world. For a start, my fingerprints were taken as part of the customs and immigration clearing process. Joseph was professional and most polite about his job, but I still found it an affront to my personal identity. It was a great way however to start my adventure however. Driving in Johannesburg is scary, but driving in Accra is like progressing from the usual rollercoaster ride to ... read more


Africa » Tunisia » Kairouan March 19th 2014

My day started in Kef. The promised tour of the “advise against all but essential travel” zone did not materialise at all…I guess my potential host, Khaled, was drunker than it appeared. In truth this was a relief. We used up a lot of luck yesterday on the uber hike, and well…..I had to think of my mother before travelling within 4 km of the Algerian border. So really all the day consisted of was a 3 hour Louage ride from Kef to Khairouan so I thought now may be a good time to write about this system of red (intercity), blue (I dunno) and yellow (local services) striped minibuses that are the back bone of Tunisian travel. Trains and buses are infrequent and slow and just don’t go everywhere, but the Louage my friends, is ... read more
A Louage
Khairouan's main drag
Baking bread

Africa » Morocco » Anti-Atlas March 18th 2014

Week 3 continued It was difficult to know what to expect but we felt quite excited about the prospect of camping three nights in the desert. We approached the dunes on a very uneven track and pulled into a large level area which happened to be next to a camel station and even more surprisingly a very smart looking Auberge. Our tour leader had omitted to tell us about this hotel which had toilets, showers, a restaurant, live music and even a swimming pool which we were allowed to use! The sun shone on us and we were all delighted to be in such a special place with stunning views of the ever changing sand dunes – our favourite location so far. The second day we were there a group of us decided to picnic in ... read more
Erg Chebbi
Erg Chebbi
Erg Chebbi

Africa » Malawi » Central » Senga Bay March 18th 2014

Arrivée au Malawi - il y a bientôt deux mois Henry le directeur de l’école où je vais travailler m’a obtenu un visa, mais malheureusement avec entrée sur le territoire à l’aéroport. Ceci m’oblige à payer un billet d’avion qui coute autant pour un vol de deux heures que pour aller au bout du monde. Je m’étais réjouis de traverser le Mozambique et le Zimbabwe en bus et avait réglé toutes les formalités et suis donc un peu dégoûté de prendre l’avion, mais au final je suis heureux de rejoindre le Malawi. Le directeur de l’école vient m’accueillir à l’aéroport. Nous nous saluons de manière très chaleureuse, il est mort de rire car je ne ressemble absolument pas à la photo qu’il avait en sa possession. Nous sortons du minuscule aéroport de la capitale Lilongwe et ... read more
Kitchen door

Africa » Tunisia » Le Kef March 18th 2014

How to describe today………It’s actually remarkably difficult and it’s going to take a while. Today was the sort of day where you take a chance and go out on limb with minimal information, but trust in yourself, and humanity, to get you to where you wish to go. I’m using the Rough Guide to Tunisia (published March 2009) for this trip. Like LP (2010) this was researched before the Jasmine Revolution, when Tunisia was a very different place, but it means the research is now 6 years old, and the world has moved on irrespective of the events of late 2010. RG describes a walk through open country with tremendous views from Barrage Mellegue back to Kef via the village of Sidi Mansour – a 4-5 hour, 17 km hike. RG is not usually wrong, but ... read more
La Barrage
La Barrage 2
A wild tortoise!

Africa » Tunisia » Le Kef March 17th 2014

Kef, as it is affectionately known amongst the locals, is located along the valley and across the plains from Teboursouk. I use this terminology deliberately since the lass who is fast becoming my travel partner has pointed out this is exactly what you would expect from Hobbiton and The Shire, and she is mighty correct as the rolling green and trickling rivers found between the two towns resembles just that, let’s say that the drive over was very scenic! Kef is found sprawling down the slopes of the Jebel Dyr Mountain, topped by the magnificent yellow bricked Kasbah Citadel and its heavy defensive wall. This spot was picked for a reason historically, and that reason resonates perfectly with todays’ tourist folk. Jebel Dyr is the highest point for miles and the view over the sea of ... read more
Roman Ruins
Rome meets Le Kasbah
A view

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