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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kabale July 11th 2014

The final days in Kabale were starting to count down, before all of us MUST students would have to pack up our things, say our goodbyes, and head back to Mbarara. Work at the Kihefo clinic continued to be slow, and Leandra still had only seen one child admitted to the nutrition clinic the entire month we were there, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. After hearing the insanely disorganized and chaotic stories from the other U of S girls at the Rugazi clinic – dirty equipment, lack of supplies, severe acute cases, even helping deliver babies – we decided we need to see another hospital. So Monday morning we put on our lab coats, paraded up to the Kabale general hospital and walked in, pretending we were supposed to be there. ... read more
Curious onlookers at the camp
Inside the church
Line up of patients

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara July 11th 2014

After our night of clubbing at The Mist, the MUST crew woke the next morning bright and early, with a nice little hangover, so we could be ready for the bus when it came at 8am. At around 11am, we found out that it's running on African Time – you'd think we would have learned to give up on “Muzungu Time” by now. I tried explaining to Ivan that we were always ready when we were told to be, just in case it's the one time things are actually running on time here. Without hesitation he responded, “that time with never come, my friend.” And so far, he's completely right. Since we had no food left and didn't have breakfast, Leandra and I fried up the rest of the beaver tail dough for lunch so we ... read more
The Kihefo residence
Patricia and Lilian with their new mushrooms seeds

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kabale July 11th 2014

So, first off, I apologize for posting four blogs in a row, but power and internet have been minimal lately. First no power for several days, which is why the next two blogs are going to be short and might sound a little rushed – I quickly wrote them before my computer died. And then I didn't have a strong enough internet connection to post the blogs until now. The next week at Kihefo involved some work at the clinic and group work, as per usual, but we also did some home visits and nutritional assessments of the community. As well, our team from MUST went back to Lake Bunyonyi, again, to visit the traditional healer. One morning, 16 of us, which included some of our group members and hospital staff, crammed into the back of ... read more
The healer and his first wife
Dancing at the healer's
The school

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali July 11th 2014

Leandra and I took one Friday off from Kihefo so we could meet up with the rest of the U of S girls and go to Rwanda for the weekend. The girls, Gena, Thea, Heather and Lindsay made their way to Kabale early in the afternoon where we hired a driver to take us to Kigali, the capital city. The Rwanda border is only a short drive away from where Leandra and I stay so we made it there in less than 45 minutes. At the border, they took all our passports, visas and paperwork at the same time while we waited off to the side. While we were waiting, people behind us in line would come and go, as they were still processing our information. Eventually, after about 45 minutes they started to hand back ... read more
Paved roads and traffic lights!
Genocide memorial
Mass burial

Africa » Ghana » Western » Sekondi-Takoradi July 10th 2014

This will be my first blog entry in Ghana. My first week and a half here has been interesting, challenging and eye-opening. Its difficult to know where to start, but I will write a few of the observations I have made. Roads aren't as bumpy as people say (although of course there are bad areas) and we the passengers will rarely wear a seat belt- only the driver. They do however have a number of road bumps to slow down vehicles. Tro tros are mini buses which carry a fairly large number of people, but they are often jam packed to the rim. They are the cheapest form of travel and have a family atmosphere where children will sit on laps and people will chat to each other they barely know with ease. There are a ... read more
On the road leading to the Orphanage
Entrance of the Orphanage


Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Nakuru July 10th 2014

I'll write details later, but I've already added some photos below.... read more
Baboons and insects
High Waters
Some flamingos

Africa » South Africa July 9th 2014

En daar ging ik dan, om 9.00 met het busje van school naar het vliegveld van Port Elizabeth en om 12.00 zou ik opgehaald worden met vervoer van mijn verblijf in Port Elizabeth. En ja hoor, heel netjes om 12.00 stond er een mevrouw met een geel papiertje met “De Haan” erop. Alleen toen kwam het, de langste 30 minuten van mijn verblijf in Zuid Afrika. De lieve mevrouw kon niet zo goed Engels en sprak daarom heel snel Afrikaans en gebrekkig Engels door elkaar, het was gewoon niet te volgen. Maar na een tijdje alleen maar uhuh en yes te hebben gezegd, snapte ze nog niet dat ik het misschien allemaal niet volgde. Uiteindelijk kwam ik op de plaats van bestemming, Framesby Guesthouse, heel schattig en netjes verzorgd. Alleen de familie leefde in dit guesthouse ... read more
Lieve Chrisje eindelijk hier!
Onze kamer in Kaapstad
De cheeta wou niet echt kijken..

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province July 9th 2014

I organized this safari from my Nairobi hostel the morning before. I booked it through Sunsplash Safarisbecause they returned my emails promptly and offered the best price. I paid $360 for a three-day safari (though the morning of day 1 and the afternoon and evening of day 3 are just getting away from and back to Nairobi), which was much less than I had expected. These budget companies have different names but all pretty much offer the same service: they consolidate their services and fill their vehicles so they can make a profit. They sent a driver to pick me up at my hostel at 8AM. He was right on time, but by the time we drove to a meeting point, handled the money, loaded the van, and picked up other tourists around the city, it ... read more
Female lion next to her kill
Wildebeest Migration

Africa » Uganda July 9th 2014

We worked lots and played hard. After a better rest (less disco). I woke refreshed. Our breakfasts at the hotel consisted of a buffet with fresh pineapple and watermelon which tasted sooooo much better than any in Canada. Get to the source and freshness wins all the time. I would have African tea which is like a hot milk with tea masala spices in it such as cardamom and ginger. The sugar here looks like brown sugar. Usually eggs either boiled or you could have a little omelet. Starch- they loooove starch here. There was usually potatoes or even pasta, sausage, beans, and sometimes even meat. We figured out how to walk to the union office since most directions were thanks to Carol the team leader who had been here two years ago. The streets were ... read more

Africa » South Africa July 8th 2014

The last four days here have been jam packed I've barely had time to write them up. I think they're trying to make sure we've done every activity at least once. I've added in the activity list below and hopefully haven't missed anything. Game drive Game count and track Preparation for game capture Feeding the predators Fence patrol Bridge building Removal of alien vegetation Road clearing Road repair Perimeter tours Elephant sanctuary Wilderness treks Snare removal Fence removal Dawn drive Night drive Fence repairs Afternoon sports Monday morning saw us doing the very tedious job of moving plants in the nursery from a shaded area to a sunny area. Fascinating work I know. Mid morning out task was the removal of alien trees and in true zazu fashion we turned this into poison peach warfare! Where ... read more

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