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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mbarara July 2nd 2014

Rugazi week 4 Day 34- Went on the pediatric unit with Mike and in the afternoon prepped for our health presentation at Saint Michael’s High school. The topic was about latrine and hand hygiene and I presented on hand hygiene. The students and staff were very receptive and asked lots of questions. In the evening Lindsey and I watched football. Day 35- Went to Out Patient Department (OPD) with Brian (clinical officers), were we assessed many different health issues. Afternoon Rugazi Group B went to Nyakatunga village to evaluate our research project. Our project was very successful the community members were very engaged; many had cleaned their latrines, created toilet covers, tissue baskets and brooms, and even started building new pit latrines. Day 36- In the morning I worked on the research report with the group ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro July 2nd 2014

So just a disclaimer, while this is probably the most interesting blog post I've written, it's also pretty long. So make some tea, grab a sandwich and enjoy! Alright, one Friday afternoon, Leandra and I, and two of the American medicine students, Adriene and Marty, all hopped in a van to head to Kisoro for the weekend to climb a volcano and conquer nature! Seems simple enough, right? Well, keep reading. The two hour drive to Kisoro boasts to be one of the most beautiful in Uganda, as it allows us to travel alongside Lake Bunyonyi and through the hilly and mountainous countryside. The volcano we were planning on hiking, Muhavura, is the tallest in the mountain range, and stands along the border of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. On the drive we passed a section ... read more
Soaked but still smiling
Rest stop #1

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane » Fes July 1st 2014

The taxi door was held shut with Sellotape and bumper stickers. A string of brightly coloured beads hung from the rear-view mirror, bouncing frenetically in response to the many bumps and potholes that littered Fez’s side streets. As a typical student, I was desperate to ‘see the world’; find somewhere untouched by tourism and all manner of other clichés easily recognizable in an early twenty-something. For me, it became about the ‘Coca Cola Test’; it’s a relatively well known fact that, even in the most remote countries in the most obscure and rarely frequented parts of the world, it’s almost always possible to buy a Coke. Whether this is from a languid street vendor, sitting beneath a parasol beside a dusty road or served in an iced glass inside an air-conditioned, Westernized shopping palace, Coke is ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Tigray Region July 1st 2014

I stayed in Mekele with my friend Hannah, a Peace Corps volunteer. It was by far the most comfortable and modern city I've visited in Ethiopia, so it was the perfect place to relax for five days. I'll write much more later, but I've added a few photos below.... read more
Axumit wine with Coke
coffee ceremony
Hannah on narrow market alley

Africa » Tanzania » North » Tarangire National Park July 1st 2014

We finally have access to a computer that isn't tortuously slow and so can post another blog. Our Kenyan guide escorted us across the border to meet our Tanzanian guide on June 26th. To be honest, I am not sure which lodge we have just arrived at but yesterday we were in Tarangire and tomorrow we move on to Ngorongoro so are somewhere between the two. We have had some neat animal experiences with our guide David. One day we stopped along a dirt road when a line of elephants came marching towards us. We kept still and quiet so as not to alarm them and could have reached out and touched them as they passed. We have now seen elephants sleeping, bathing, feeding, nursing, scratching against trees, mating, taking a dust bath, and even one ... read more
The leaning tree
Itchy bum
New born


Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls July 1st 2014

Started today in Botswana then travelled to a small Namibian village by boat. We had some of the womenfolk sing and dance to is on arrival. We then had to return to Botswana before making for the border post to enter Zimbabwe, very quick for once. An hour later we arrive at Vic Falls Hotel and after checking in and a spot if lunch we visited the falls, and got soaked by the spray. Then walked over the bridge that spans the falls for a quick beer in Zambia.l, before returning to Zimbabwe Phew that was hectic, tomorrow will be peaceful before the wedding on Thursday. What a trip... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay July 1st 2014

I've discovered a few things while out here. 1 - the animals are smaller than you picture apart from great whites, 2 - almost everything is edible, 3 - everywhere smells of weed, 4- waking up to lions roaring will never get old but monkeys running across the roof will and 5 - I'd happily up-root and move here tomorrow. Cage diving with great whites was incredible! 4 metre long, 400 pound rascals butting and biting the cage. It sounds insane but it really was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I still can't believe I was less than a metre away from them! It was a 9 hour round trip to mossel bay but it seemed to fly by. We decided to cook for ourselves on the return trip as we have all ... read more

Africa » Tanzania June 30th 2014

30 June: Kigali, Rwanda to Nyakahanazi, Tanzania Was an early morning start to drive through the Rwandan capital, Kigall. We then crossed the boarder to Tanzania. While on the Tanzania side we were waiting for our visas, and while waiting, we ate our lunch in the construction zone. All the workers ended up coming over and watching us eat. I think there was about 100 workers. At one point, one of the construction workers had a fit. Our two nurses on our bus went to help. He was fine after a little while. After we cleaned up and our visas were ready to go, we continued our drive to the little village at Nyakahanazi guest house where we each had our own double room. Samantha and I ended up getting one with a squat toilet to ... read more

Africa » Botswana June 30th 2014

Botswana is a lovely country, though rather bureaucratic at times. Took over 2 hrs to pass through from South Africa. Chobe National Park is wonderful, so many species of bird and animal. My favourite today is the marabou stork, even if it looks ugly. This afternoon's boat trip should be fun then off to Vic Falls tomorrow. Will add more photos later... read more

Africa » South Africa June 30th 2014

De laatste week is dan toch echt ingegaan, weer begin je van dingen afscheid te nemen en “de laatste keer.” Want volgende week zaterdagochtend om 9.00 staat het Stenden busje weer klaar om ons terug te brengen naar Port Elizabeth, waar ik nog 1 nacht zal blijven voordat Chris dan eindelijk komt! Vrijdag was het de laatste keer van mijn vrijwilligerswerk. Na 4 weken bij ontzettend schattige kindjes (en af en toe ook wel heel vervelende) te hebben gewerkt , was het vandaag alweer afscheid nemen. Nog 1 keer met onze krijtjes en kleurplaten opstap. Dit keer was het thema: seizoenen, dagen in de week en maanden van een jaar. Na een klein beetje les konden ze snel gaan kleuren. Het was maar een klein groepje van 12 kindjes. Ik zat bij de oudere kindjes en ... read more
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