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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town March 26th 2014

I haven’t met a person in my life who has experienced Cape Town and hasn’t had good things to say about this city. If the same goes for you, then that trend continues here. We arrived in Cape Town by air from Zambia, rented a car and arrived at a hostel in town shortly thereafter. Awaiting us there were Gustav and Daniel, two of my classmates from Sweden who you may recall from our Okavango adventure. What we had not anticipated upon our arrival to Cape Town was that nearly every hostel in the city was booked through the weekend (we had arrived on a Friday) for St. Patty’s Day weekend, and so we had been forced to only booking our first night of our scheduled week in Cape Town and planned to figure it out ... read more
Penguin's at Boulder Beach
Cape of Good Hope
Everybody throws powder in the air on the hour

After a long day of travel from Cape Town, we arrived in Nelspruit around 9 oclock at night, all of us completely drained from the busy week that preceded and not fully recovered from the mix of beer and colored rice powders ingested at the HoliOne Festival the night before our departure. I’m convinced this rice powder (though advertised as completely organic and harmless) gave us all colds as we spent the next several days sneezing and coughing as a quartet. Despite this, we were all excited to be back in the bush and to spend some more time observing the African wildlife. Though the safaris in the Okavango and the Chobe were incredible, there’s still more to see… a lot more to see. The owner of the homely hostel we stayed at in Nelspruit would ... read more
Water buffaloes cooling off with a swim and drink
Blyde Canyon and the Three Rondevals
Bourke's Luck Potholes Falls

Africa » Senegal » Saint-Louis Region » Saint-Louis March 26th 2014

Last year in Senegal I decided to leave the safe bustling compound of my family and being an independent (budget) adventurer, chose to travel by public (shared) taxi from the depot in downtown Dakar to St Louis in the north, 6 hours away by car; there(theoretically ) I would once again meet up with my sister and The Truck. There are many nuances to this mode of travel that are revealed only as the journey unfolds. First of all one has to wait until the taxi is full before leaving the depot...this can take quite a while as there are not exactly hoards of people making this journey on a random weekday morning. The next problem is that if you want a window rather than a middle seat where you run the risk of being sandwiched ... read more
Repacking luggage
Beautiful second wife
Fishing village

Africa » Tunisia » Matmata March 25th 2014

I have not had a good time in Matmata. To be fair to the place, this is not the fault of Matmata. No sooner as I had checked into our chosen hotel, but I was cruelly struck down with a case of food poisoning that has persisted throughout the time allotted for this little piece of habitable desert. It means I have seen the inside of out Troglodyte pit dwelling hotel, Hotel Marharla, most specifically the walk between room 21 and the bathroom. I can say this is a mighty fine walk and living in an underground house, with pits and caves linked by underground passages is cool, just inconvenient given my predicament. So this blog will be relatively short and really all I can say is that this is for anyone who wants travel advice ... read more
Steep climb to room 21
Marhala pit dwelling
Tunnel linking the pits

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Ho March 25th 2014

For our adventure this weekend, we chose to go to Wli Falls. Wli is the highest waterfall in Ghana (about 70 meters drop!) and is a part of the Agumatsa River. Wli Falls are located about 15 kilometers south east from the city of Hohoe (in the Volta Region). But first some quick definitions: Tro-Tro: Get as many people as possible into a van with a broken speedometer and charge them some change to go anywhere around Ghana. Taxis: Taxis in Ghana are more like buses, you go to a station, you get into the car which probably shouldn't be on the road and you share it with other people (sometimes animals), and you hold on for dear life. Obruni: What Ghana-ens call white people. So to start our journey which should of taken five hours, ... read more
Wli Falls 2
Wli Falls 3


Africa » South Africa » Gauteng March 25th 2014

HOW TO STOP ANARCHY IN SOUTH AFRICA Many times in the past people have predicted this country would slip into chaos and mayhem. It happened in 1976 and the property prices dropped to the floor…thousands left South Africa in their droves (mostly white people) and sold everything for as much as they could get… fearing a Mau MAU MOB of bloodthirsty cannibal communists. It didn’t happen. But it sent enough shock waves amongst the business community that shortly afterwards in 1980 the rand dropped for the first time. The rand was at one point one dollar to one rand… today its 11 rand to one dollar. What’s changed? We got our freedom…everything should be banana, pineapple and coconut… it isn’t. it’s called business confidence. South Africa i... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Stellenbosch March 24th 2014

Don't you just love public holidays!!! I arrived back in SA after 2 trips to London, to firstly pay my "stayed too long' fine and then the second trip to collect my passport, on Sunday. I was back in work Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Then Thursday we had a golf day, so I was out of the office all day and night at that. Then we had a long weekend. I could get used to 3 day working weeks!! Friday, once I woke up and got up, had me going to a friends who was house sitting at a property with a pool!!! We sunbaked and drank beer! hard I know. in the afternoon we walked around the corner to Lanzerac Wine estate. Bennett and I opted for the wine and chocolate pairing. We sat outside, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Gordon's Bay March 23rd 2014

We finally found time to hike in the Helderberg park, with great trails for hiking enthusiasts. Throughout the trails there were some magnificent plants and flowers, Proteas etc. There are a number of different trails from easy to extreme( for experienced climbers/hikers only) and since we started in the afternoon, we were only able to do the 2 hour trail. We experienced a great wine tasting at Waterkloof which is a beautiful winery overlooking Gordon's Bay. Jane and Jim invited us and we hope to return there to try out their menu. Also had lunch at Longbridge which was good but not quite as "goumetish" as Jordon Winery that we visited last week. On the way home, stopped by Morgenster for an Olive oil tasting which was quite interesting. For those of us who are ignorant ... read more
Views from Helderberg Park
Unknown flower in Helderberg
Olive Oil tasting

Africa » Zambia » Kabwe March 23rd 2014

Beste familie, vrienden en collega’s, Welkom op mijn travelblog! Dit travelblog beschouw ik zelf als mijn dagboek, waarin jullie mogen meelezen. Ter introductie zal ik enige feitenkennis, wist-je-datjes van het land met jullie delen. De specifieke info van mijn opdracht en de eerste kennismaking met Zambianen en de andere vrijwilligers van VSO volgt. Zambia Zambia, vroeger Noord-Rhodesië genoemd, is een Afrikaans land dat grenst aan Congo, Malawi, Namibië, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique en Angola. Het is met meer dan 750.000 km2 twintig keer zo groot als Nederland. Het land telt anno 2013 14,2 mln inwoners. Deze inwoners zijn voor 80% sterk christelijk. De officiële taal is Engels. Klimaat en weer/b... read more

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls March 23rd 2014

Friday March 21 We arrived in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe around noon. Everyone in the group chose to upgrade their rooms for the next 2 nights. Well, I guess really we upgraded our tent. No where to go but UP I say!!! Anyway, Timon had called ahead and booked 2 bedroom cottages for all of us and of course Dick and Sue and Rene and I shared this quaint little cottage. It was so wonderful to a take our bags out of the overlander and reorganize them. While I booked an activity with a tour company, Rene found a bank and then scouted around for a place to eat lunch. He found the Shoestring Backpackers Hostel and after booking my "Walk with the Lions" we went for lunch. What a great hostel! Most everything outside except for ... read more
Transporting goods
selling the goods
Road side fruit and candy stand

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