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Africa » Namibia » Etosha National Park July 8th 2006

Endlich ging es zum Etosha. Gleich neben dem Eingan hatten wi Lunch. Ca eine Stunde spaeter brachten wir zu unserem Camp Okankojeo auf. AUf dieser Fahrt sahen wir bereits Zebrqas und Girfaffen! War ein wunderschoenen Anblick, so wilde Tiere einfach LIFE zu sehen! Das Camp war sehr gross und zum zelten eigentlich nicht wirklich schoen. Nach dem Abendessen sassen wir noch lange vor dem grossen Wasserloch, welches gerade neben dem Camping ist und man so bequem Tierebeobachten kann! Zuerst war "nur" ein Nashorn und ein paar Giraffen da welche am trinken waren. Ploetzlich kamen jedoch fuenf Elefanten und dann immer mehr auch mit ganz kleinen Babys! Am Schluss waren es ueber 35 Elefanten in unmittlelbarer Naehe von uns! Einfach atemberaubend! Kurz sahen wir auch eine Loewin welche herumschlich, diese verschwand jedoch wieder.... read more
Etosha Giraffe

Africa » South Africa July 8th 2006

As I am too full of delicious meats to think, this shall be brief. Today (Nay, the last 3-4 days) have been too overwhelming to really talk about. In all honesty, my mind can no longer process quickly enough to allow me to relate what we've done. Let me give you a quick run-down. In the beginning, we were in Capetown. We went up Table Mountain, a tremendous plateau in the shadow of which Capetown exists. From its summit you can see ocean in over 180 degrees. It's a natural monument beyond compare and... As you can see, I can't relate the experience. Next we went to Robben Island which is an experience I think everyone should have, if only to come face to face with what unbridled prejudice can do. Finally, we toured the townships, ... read more
Stacey with the kids
They were very jazzed about the jump.
Best Gibbon Ever

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 8th 2006

Hello, just back from two days in Lake Nakuru. Saw cheeky monkeys with strange blue furry balls, who tried to steal our lunch and attack people in our group - both things made for great photos - even the babies are vicious, glad I invested in a rabies jab. From a distance the millions of flamingoes on the lake looks like a fantastic sea of pink - much prettier from a distance, up close (after a walk across 500 metres of solidified bird poo) you have to keep your eyes on the ground constantly to avoid walking on carcasses of dead dismembered flamingoes and the whole place stinks of rotting fish. We went for a game drive and saw buffalo and rhino, they are the strangest looking creature up close - they are almost totally blind ... read more

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Gingindlovu July 7th 2006

Getting ourselves back to Durban and the East Coast meant that we were able to hook up again with The Baz Bus for the final few legs of our ticket between Capetown to Swaziland. It was only a short trip to our next destination, Gingindlovu, but one in which we spent more time than the actual journey waiting for Bazza to turn up and then more time again for a breakfast stop. Inyezane BP was a place that Dani was keen to visit as on previous trip to S.A. six years ago she had stayed at this newly opened spot and loved it. Dani had described Inyezane to me as a workshop come campsite run by an eccentric, mad scientist, budding artist Saffa and his new and equally eccentric French wife who had ridden in on ... read more
Picking basil
Lost in the sugar cane.
Rainbow birds

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 7th 2006

Hello All! Yes, as the title implies, we are finally here. London was pretty much a bust as we completely screwed up on getting our transportation figured out, but that was little fault of our own. I asked a gentleman working security for his opinion and he thought that with the time we had and the things we wanted to do, our time would be better served trying to get some sleep somewhere rather than hastling with security and customs a second time, especially during rush hour traffic in the tube and at the airport. As this seemed to make sense, we did as suggested and did get some sleep, but pretty much felt like we missed out there. As our next lay over there is longer than the first, we will definately get out and ... read more


Africa » Zambia July 7th 2006

I spent the weekend in Siavonga for an EWB retreat. It was absolutely wonderful, fun, enlightening, and tiring. I got to the bus station in Choma about an hour before the bus came, but still ended up so far back in the line that I didn’t make the first bus and had to wait for the next one to come. Several EWBer’s were on the first bus coming up from Livingstone, so it really sucked that we couldn’t travel on the same one. When I finally got on the second one with another EWBer who is staying in Choma as well and made it north to Monze we found that another couple of people we knew had bought tickets on another bus line and would be on a third bus. So much for a crazy team ... read more
Beautiful Lake Kariba
Courtney and the Dam
The valley

Africa » Namibia July 7th 2006

Boa, an diesem Morgen konnten wir bis um halb 9 schlafen! Am Mittag waren wir bereits auf unserem neuen Campingplatz in den Brandbergen. Am Nachmittag machten wir ca. eine zwei stuendige Wanderung um die White Lady anzuschauen, ebenfalls ein uhraltes Buschmannpainting. Dies war eigenltlich auch schon alles an diesem Tag!... read more
Brandberg - Moon
Brandberg - dance

Africa July 7th 2006

First day in South Africa has already passed. Pretty low key since we're all trying to adjust to the time difference. After yesterday's entry, I went for a walk along the beach just outside the hostel. It was a little windy at first, but warmed up near the end. We saw these huges tentacle like things washed up on the shore of the beach, some of which were almost about 3 inches in diameter and 20 feet in length (I would post pictures, but the computer that I'm on doesn't have a functioning USB port). Turns out they were giant stalks of seaweed. In addition, we saw some jellyfish, some mussels, and an unexpected and sad discovery, a dead baby seal :(. Lucinda and her husband cooked a traditional southafrican meal for us called Potkie (pronouced ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town July 6th 2006

Hello All! I know I'm jumping ahead and I don't have time to really go into detail, but you must know one thing and you must know it now. Today we went into the townships (shantytowns/hoovervilles/etc.) around Capetown. Yes, it was part of an official tour, but this tour is not like the "I rode a bus past Dustin Hoffman's house!" kind of tour. This was more like seven of us following a local into the homes and lives of people who had to build their own shacks, illegally, on government land all because of the racism of the establishment. Anyway, we can go into that later. What's important is that Stacey, Devan, Daniel and myself sat down inside a smoke-filled shack made of corugated steel, cardboard and scrapwood. We huddled around a fire in a ... read more
Stacey on Table Mountain
Professional Style Photography
We laughed too....

Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast July 6th 2006

Hello hello...I'm back! First, I just wanna apologize in advance for the heart attack that this entry in gonna give my parents...the trip to and from Takoradi was crazy and I'm gonna put all the details in so I don't forget (I'm sick of journaling). I left Accra for Takoradi on Monday and it was my first experience with STC (the grey-hound type busses that are supposed to be MUCH better that a tro-tro). I went to the station the night before my bus left to check the times and such so I could time it out to get to Takoradi by 12 to meet Gretchen at the station. I got a taxi EARLY that morning from Uncle Larry's Hostel and it was the oddest traxi ride to date. The driver kept seeing his friends and ... read more

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