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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 6th 2006

Soweto. The name conjures up a myriad of images and thoughts: the long dusty road along which the schoolchildren marched in 1976 to protest against the use of Afrikaans as the medium for their education; the "black hole" of Johannesburg (forgive the expression) to which the Blacks were forcibly removed from as early as 1904 and where Whites feared (and perhaps some still fear) to venture; endless "matchbox" houses and squatter camps; the birthplace of the New South Africa; the home of Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu, shebeens and high crime rates... I could go on and each of us will have their own images. I had wondered about the ethics (if that’s not too strong a word) of going on a tour of Soweto. It seemed voyeuristic, gazing into the lives of ordinary people much ... read more
the national flower of Soweto... the plastic bag
washing day at a former men's hostel
children inside one of the hostels

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban July 6th 2006

Despite the recent concerns expressed to us by our various hosts about the inherent dangers of hitch hiking in South Africa we had no choice today and set out from Inkosana in the Central Berg with the ambition of getting to the small town of Winterton where we would hopefully find the first of what would likely be several mini bus legs to Durban. No more than two minutes were we on the road when an elderly couple stopped to give us a ride. It turned out they were only going a few km in our direction, but we were inclined to agree with them that every little bit helps. They had just enough time before reaching their turn off to give us the usual story about not picking up hitchers, but then seeing us and ... read more
Happy Bday Deano
Last goodbye to fine Virginia
Man must wack???

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg July 6th 2006

We were quite scared of Jo'burg, so landed, collected our hire car and pretty much bypassed the city, stopping only for a tour of Soweto. This was very good, if somewhat intrusive, but we got to see the township - from its millionaires row with Winnie Mandela's 24 room house with pool to the poorer areas where they had only recently had water provided. From Jo'burg we drove across to Kruger National Park, enjoying the scenary as we went. Really good views across the landscape - better in the morning as it was burning season so in the afternoons the valleys tended to fill up with haze.The animals in Kruger gave a fabulous performance, which we watched from our car. A herd of elephants crossed the road just infront of us soon after we entered the ... read more
Post lunch nap

Africa » Namibia July 6th 2006

Tja und dann mussten wir Swakopmund auch schon wieder verlassen, denn es ging Richtung Spitzkoppe. Der erste halt machten wir jedoch beim Cape Cross wo es eine riesen Seehundkolonie ist. Doch hat es ueber 150'000 Seehund mit ihren Kleinen. Dementsprechend ist es auch laut und riecht auch so.... In Spitzkoppe gingen wir nach dem Zeltaufschlagen alte Buschmannmalereien anschauen und konnten auch dort rumklettern, denn es ist das reinste Kletterparadies. Ebenfalls erlebten wir dort einen wunderschoenen Sonnenuntergang!... read more
Spitzkoppe - Bushman's Paradies
Spitzkoppe Evening

Africa » Mozambique July 6th 2006

I started the long journey north, with a 9 hour bus journey to Beira. I had to leave Vilankulo at 4 in the morning, which was pretty painful. Little did I know that this was to become a regular thing. The bus journey was fairly uncomfortable but I made it to Beira by mid afternoon. Due to the fact that the Mozambican government had decided to change it's currency that weekend, none of the ATM's were working and as it was a Sunday the Bureaux de Change were also closed. I was therefore penniless. Mozambique was proving to be a lot more expensive than I had thought and the money I had picked up a few days ago had already run out. I therefore spent the afternoon cruising around Beira in a taxi. I also did ... read more
Church, Ilha de Mocambique
Church in the Fort,  Ilha de Mocambique
The Mighty Zambezi


Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam July 5th 2006

Arriving in Dar Es Salaam, I withdrew some 100,000 shillings from the nearest bank machine which is about $100 Canadian and hopped in a taxi for Holiday Hotel, where I was to meet Jas and Ryan. Although from the outside the hotel looked like shit, it was not too bad indoors, and had a nice roof, from which you could look over the city top and drink a few beers. Jas (Jason Lush) is a friend from my years at BCIT and Ryan is a friend of Jas and Jord (Jordan Blanchet). We'll be catching up with Jord later on Zanzibar. Jas, Ryan and myself just relaxed on the roof and drank a few beers and then headed for dinner. Dinner was amazing, and very cheap ($3 for a full course meal), it was well cooked ... read more
Holiday Hotel Room
Prayer Central
Sunset over Dar

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 5th 2006

FYI: I will be periodically posting pictures on my yahoo site in a folder cleverly titled "Uganda" I arrived in Entebbe, Uganda on June 28, coincidentally my 28th birthday, which I celebrated the previous weekend while in London. Some quick background: I am here for 3 months working on a USAID/ JSI ( Project called UPHOLD (Uganda Program for Holistic & Human Development - It’s a five-year project that ends in September 2007, which supports education, health and HIV/AIDS interventions and programs throughout 29 districts in Uganda. I am working in the M&E (monitoring & evaluation) department. My terms of reference are pretty wide and we are still discussing the specifics of my responsibilities but generally speaking my responsibilities are: revising and editing survey mate... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 5th 2006

Well it's now less than 48 hours to my great adventure to Africa. I have wanted to visit that continent for 30 years, but the time was never right. Then I met Stephen Jota from Kampala who had a vision 6 years ago to start a children's centre for AIDS orphans and for other poor children so that they could know get an education and know the love of God. If we don’t show them the love, they will never know in the whole world that there is anything called love. That’s why I want to build the Children’s Centre just to show the love of God to the children in our country. We can do what God will enable us to do. 6 years on, and I and 16 others from the UK are about ... read more

St Lucia was difficult to leave behind, but we had a cross border mission to accomplish for Fedders in Swaziland. The border was a bit more active than our last excursion into Lesotho, but just to confirm that everything has it's price in Africa one guy managed to gain entry with an out of date passport! We opted to stay away from the bright lights of Manzini or Mbabne in a backpackers within Milwane National Park - very convenient for walking amongst the antelopes and zebras, but a little isolated. However the following day, excitement came to us! At the posher lodge next door there was a Rhino Conservation meeting and it turned out that HRH King Mswati 111 of Swaziland was coming to open it......and so the King accompanied by a few members of the ... read more
Milwane National Park
Milwane National Park
The King (and wives and mother)

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Nelspruit July 5th 2006

As part of our recent Blyde River Canyon trip, we took the opportunity to venture into Kruger for two days. We made some progress on the Big Five, but sadly the leopards remained elusive. The lions made an appearance inside our first five minutes in the park, but unfortunately it was too dark for anything other than a black blob on the pictures. Four more Rhinos were also viewed to add to our Hluhluwe National Park collection, but only at a distance. The buffalo pictures were rubbish, so we are holding fire on their release pending an improvement. We are now in Pretoria, of which we can't pass much comment because we've arrived in the dark and we leave for a six day proper Kruger safari on Saturday.... read more
Hyena Pup

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