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Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region » Bahir Dar June 21st 2014

After a day of walking around Addis second-guessing my options as to how I'd get to Bahir Dar, I finally found an Ethiopian Airlines office that would honor my discount without a round trip ticket from and back to Canada. This meant that the flight to Bahir Dar would be 60 dollars instead of 150. After an hour delay at the airport and a somewhat stormy flight, I arrived in Bahir Dar at about 8PM. It was still much warmer outside than in Addis, and I was surprised to see that the streets were lined with palm trees. My guide book (Bradt Travel Guide) didn't seem to recommend anywhere they had listed, but some Peace Corps volunteers recommended to stay in this hotel: NGG Lounge While it's a large institutional-looking building, it's well constructed and ... read more
man and herd
injera and wat

Africa » Ethiopia » Amhara Region » Gondar June 21st 2014

Traveling from Bahir Dar to Gondar is a shocking change in scenery: we went from a muggy, tropical atmosphere to a mountain town in just three hours. We barely missed the 7AM bus, but after a fist fight or two between bus station touts, we found a minibus and headed to the foothills for 60 birr per person (about $3, and the same price as the bus would have been). I woke up with a bit of a stomach bug, so the winding rode made for a difficult ride. I started to feel more and more ill along the way, and by the time I arrived in Gondar I was running in and out of the bathroom every few minutes at the house of a Peace Corp volunteer friend of Hannah's. But after a day of ... read more
Coffee with Ladies
Me on Castle Steps

Africa June 20th 2014

Right so I've had a cold since last Saturday and it's slowly developed from the sniffles Into full blown plague! Getting up everyday at 6:45 and going to bed at 11/12 probably isn't helping much so I was oddly pleased to wake up to the sound of howling wind and rain as it meant I would probably get to go back to bed at some point. Even in South Africa I've managed to find a cat to lie with me when I'm ill in bed although Toby isn't as cuddly as bos - I think it's a skill, I'm like the cat whisperer! Mum this is another reason why we should get a cat. So our pre-breakfast activity involved us chopping up and entire cow with machetes - needless to say only a few volunteered to ... read more

Africa » Gambia » Western Division » Serrekunda June 20th 2014

It is worth mentioning repeatedly that we are creatures of our environment, and that the situation on Agua Campus is no exception. For a few months, I spent time interviewing over 70 applicants for the International Sustainable Development Internship, and approximately 14 are coming over the course of this summer. Although we currently have three international interns, I can see the potential of structuring such environments with decorated, passionate, and intelligent individuals with the intent of producing some of the most productive behaviors towards innovation. Franco, the first to come and is now leaving today after 1 month, has shown me a lot about what it means to be on the receiving side of valued experience. As a finance and anthropology major, Franco has proven to be a fun-loving, driven, and globally-infatuated individual with changing the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park June 20th 2014

Relaxen... Heute gönne ich mir einfach die Zeit zur Ruhe zu kommen und fitter zu werden - gesundheitlich dankt es mir mein Körper. Während ich mit Stefan skype sind Mama und Sebastian wieder auf der Pirsch! Morgen ist auch noch ein Tag zum herumtigern ;-)... read more


Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja June 20th 2014

20 June: Jinja, Uganda Today was our day of white water rafting on the Nile. so exciting! Off at 8AM we stopped by the rafting place for briefing, life vests, and helmets. We were then off with a take away breakfast of fruit and tortilla rolls ( I had just the fruit). While in the truck, Samantha and I were seated in the back with two guides. I was talking to Ben about working with the rafting company and his life in Uganda. He was excited that if he did well this year, either this August or next, he may go to Colorado which was fun to talk to him about having been from there. We arrived at the river an hour and a half later and set up to raft. In our raft we had, ... read more

Africa » Algeria » South » I-n-Salah June 19th 2014

So I sold my rings and got around 50000 dinar. Then I finally got around to going to my friends house. He had given me the address 10 years ago and told me to drop by anytime. when I got the the address there was a giant sand dune, with a sign that said come back in ten years. Supossidly this dune has been moving forward covering houses until it passes again and they are resurrected. I thought that this could be a free place to stay- so I started digging it took all day but I fiannaly reached the inside of the house and the inside was completely untouched. There was even canned food and 3 bottles of 5 times distilled Potato Vodka. This was such a good evening. I lit some candles and relaxed ... read more

Africa June 19th 2014

A quick post from the Merica Hotel. At the last minute, Keith jettisoned our travel laptop accidentally along with what we need to post photos in favour of his large camera and this is the first place I have been able to send a photoless blog. Apart from some incredibly rough roads, everything has been most enjoyable so far and it is lovely to see the animals in their natural state. One day we watched a troop of baboons. Two smaller ones were at the top of a very tall palm busy eating the unidentified fruit. A big male, with nothing to eat, looked up at them, walked over to the palm, climbed part way up and called the baboon equivalent of "oi, I'm hungry." The two atop the tree stopped eating and began madly throwing ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha June 19th 2014

15 juin 2014 : Nous nous levons a 6h00, un peu decu par le Ilboru Safari Lodge. Il n'y a meme pas de shampoing pour prendre la douche, et il a fallu demander une couverture supplementaire car il n'y en avait pas de disponible non plus malgre le froid qu'il fait ici (peut-etre exceptionnel). Ce sont de petites choses, mais pas acceptable au prix que nous payons. Apres le petit dejeuner, leger et pas exceptionnel, nous partons avec notre guide-chauffeur, Swedi, pour Senya, une petite cite au nord de la Tanzanie tout pres de la frontiere du Kenya. Sur la route, nous voyons le mont Meru, 5eme sommet d'Afrique avec ses 4600 metres. Nous voyons en passant de nouveaux oiseaux comme uns outarde du Senegal et des vanneaux couronnes.Nous arrivons a notre campement a 14h00. Nous ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Teshie June 19th 2014

June 18, 2014 Yesterday Jamal took me and the other 3 new volunteers on orientation. He took us into Accra and started the day at Black Star Square, which is a central part of Accra and where Kwame Nkrumah led the revolution of 1957. Jamal told us about the political history, and said he would invite us all back when he was inaugurated President of Ghana. After that he took us to Jamestown, which is a poor neighborhood that has remained a traditional fishing community. Jamal told us that he’s tried on several occasions to start a school in Jamestown, but he hasn’t been successful due to the parents not receiving education and not understanding the value of their children being educated. Next we went into the Accra markets, where Jamal got us Burkina (a cold ... read more
Black Star Square
Black Star Square
Black Star Square

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