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Africa » Congo Democratic Republic » West » Kinshasa March 9th 2014

Over the last ten days, I've spent nights in Kinshasa, Maluku... nplanes as well as in Bangkok and Hua Hin. Should I say it's business as usual... or rather...this is a pretty small world. As you can guess, I'm not in Congo for tourism purposes. This year, I will spend over 2 months in the DRC, all this over two weeks at a time spent between Lubumbashi and Kinshasa. It has been over 4 years since I first come to DRC on a regular basis, making this place some kind of a second home for me. I won't move full time to Congo anytime soon, but it's good to have so many friends in such a place. My first week-end in Lubumbashi was spent playing golf with friends. But for my second week-end in Kinshasa, it ... read more
Fleuve Congo
Ines and Tiffany

Africa » South Sudan » Kadugli March 9th 2014

Due to the Eid al Adha holiday all government buildings were closed in Khartoum, meaning we were holed up for a week in a wonderful old colonial building in among the equally lavish foreign embassies that make Khartoum (2) their home. The lack of tourism in Sudan saw to it that we were the only guests staying in the YHA for the entire week and I doubt they'd had many visitors in the last few years. This forced hiatus allowed us to re-charge our batteries after the tough trip down through the Sahara from Egypt. It also gave us time to plan our assault on the 'forbidden south'. It wasn't usually possible for tourists to visit the southern half of Sudan due to the Civil War - but I had a rather brash plan. When Khartoum ... read more
Typical Nuba_village

Africa » Kenya » Western Province March 9th 2014

Keeping up with this blog writing is a challenge, but maybe no-one is reading it so in that case it matters only to me. I want to complete it for my own satisfaction. On the 5th Ben and I set out quite early from Bumala for Kisumu,the third city of Kenya. It took about two hours in a bus which was one, or maybe two, up from a matatu. Quicker, but also had accommodation for my very large suitcase in which my few remaining possessions rattle around. Ben had arranged for a friend from Ahero, who has a taxi, to meet us and he was waiting. Off we went to Ben and Lillian s house and I met that charming lady. As they arrived from school I met their daughter Janny, nephew Sam, and Lillian s ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province March 9th 2014

Yesterday, Saturday, it was time to move on for the final few days. Ben collected me from the Owitis home at 7a.m. Wiinnie was up to say goodbye and Peter and Meg from the staff had insisted on making me breakfast. The same taxi and Lillian and Janny inside. I had said that I wanted to take them all to Nairobi for the weekend. This would be our final time together since I have insisted that I am not going back to Kenya even though it and it's people are so wonderful. We caught the 8 o'clock bus on which we had booked. I was in the window seat on the same side as the driver. There was a great deal of road construction going on with many stretches of single lane with a shoulder. Gasoline ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Gordon's Bay March 9th 2014

An interesting week! Wednesday we met up with some "Scotiabankers" in Cape Town. Debra worked with Chris and Jan Little and they are touring South Africa. We had a nice dinner with them at the Victoria and Albert waterfront. In advance of meeting up with Chris and Jan, we took a 2 hour tour of the Cape Town Heart Museum at the Groote Shur Hospital (it means Big Barn and was a farm owned by Cecil Rhodes who gave it to Cape Town to build a new hospital). Dr. Christian Barnard conducted the 1st human heart transplant in 1967. This was very interesting and informative tour of an amazing event that took place 47 years ago. The tour and presentations were very well done and included a re-creation of the operating theatres in which the transplant ... read more
Operating Room -- 1st heart transplant
The Heart recipient
Arabella Golf Course


Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape » Cradock March 8th 2014

Addo Elephant National Park to Mountain Zebra National Park (222km or 138 miles), Saturday, March 8th. Completely overcast today. Before leaving Addo, we stopped at the gift shop to buy T-shirts and to look around at the various items for sale. We then hit the road going out the Park Gate and turning right toward the community of Paterson. Just outside the gate, was a troop of vervet monkeys, a herd of impalas, and several spur-fowl with red feet and beaks. We continued driving along the Park fence line for several miles. Fencing for these animal parks and reserves, in this part of the world, is FENCING in all caps. They must withstand a bull elephant leaning on them and keep antelope from jumping over and out and hopefully deter poachers, so they are about 6-8 ... read more
1403-141 Cape Mountain Zebra
1403-142 Red Hartebeest
1403-143 European Roller

Africa » Kenya » Western Province March 7th 2014

This is coming late because of my bronchial cough and problems with Internet access. Thank you for your prayers, which have sustained me well. On Sunday Ben and Lillian came for me to go to their church, which is the one Ben grew up in in Bumala. We arrived late and were given seats just inside the door where there was a breeze. I was welcomed by the pastor but my voice was very weak. Ben translated. My impression was that women outnumbered men. They were dressed in long brightly coloured dresses with head coverings. The children came in and led the congregation in singing, clapping and dancing with great energy for a long time. The senior pastor and Ben spoke. The style is to shout and have the P.A. system turned way up. Then the ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province March 7th 2014

This was the day I feel the Lord has been leading us toward. The visit to Yogo on Saturday set the stage for the visit today by the YFT team to asess the potential of Bumala to be a YFT project in the future. The meeting was set for 10 o'clock and the borrowed church near the project site was full when the team arrived in their van. They were given seats across the front facing the congregation. First Fred, the chairman of the project, spoke a welcome. Then the groups, first the women then the men, introduced themselves and spoke about their work. Ben spoke about the needs of the community in terms of education and opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Then the team responded in terms of what YFT can offer to ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta March 7th 2014

This place is special... frightening, humbling, magnificently beautiful... the Okavango On March 1st, we arrived in Maun, the access point for excursions into the Okavango Delta, a maze of waterways and islands in northwest Botswana. This area, along with other parts of Botswana, is home to some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in all of Africa. Joining us for this stop were Daniel and Gustav, two of my classmates who themselves are stationed in Mozambique for their thesis work. The primary goal for this leg of our journey would be a mokoro camping safari. The mokoros are small hollowed out canoes, controlled by a poler who stands at the back of the boat and uses a long wooden pole to navigate the boat through the winding, reed-filled delta, primarily using narrow channels in the reeds ... read more
This group of young elephants came down for a drink and we watched them for quite a while from just a few feet away in our small boat
A mokoro point of view
There were 17 in this tower

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City March 7th 2014

On Friday, school was hectic. We didn't have our normal driver and the new one didn't know the route. I wasn't sure of the way neither so we had to get the teachers out earlier to help. Then they had to go on the second drive, so they were late for school. Along with the other volunteers. So we had to run their classes as best as we could. Elizabeth also had to go to the clinic so I had to take her class, even when the other teachers came back. Quite the morning. I went to town in the afternoon, to connect with wifi. Each time I travel into town, I am struck again by how different the world can be, and how adaptable we humans are. I squeeze against the thorn bushes to get ... read more

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