October 11th 2008
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Through the last six months on our journey we have some end stats:

Motorbikes hired - 5
Turtles hit - 1
Other Kiwis we met on our journey - 4
Number of people who asked us if New Zealand is in Europe - 4
Times we got sick - 9
Times we heard Dave Dobbyn on the radio in Europe - 1
1.5L bottles of water consumed - 450
Walled medieval towns we accidently drove through - 1
Elephants ridden - 1
Number of trains caught - 27
Combined weight loss - 30kg
Rugby games watched - half
Broken suitcases - 3
Countries we visited - 22
Number of cops who pulled us over (for no reason)- 12
Temperature range encountered - -3C - 50C
Number of nights eating pasta in a row - 24

Running home to Mummy……priceless!

And here are some pics of all the places we went (in case you forgot)!

Additional photos below
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11th October 2008

wow! beautiful photographs. What camera do you use if you don't mind me asking?
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11th October 2008

Wait! you already said it on your other post :) Nikon D200, with 11-18mm f1:4.5-5.6 lens. So my question is.. what was your favourite place!?
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11th October 2008

Some stats of my own
Times I read each blog: 6 Times my classes begged me to forget the work and to show them the blogs: 25 Times a day I checked for email messages: 8 Phonecalls from Canada: 10 (Just as well they were free) Times I pulled out the atlas: 5 (Geo teachers shouldn't need to do this at all so this is an admission.) Times I prayed for you both: 100s Friends of ours that you met: 12 Times I wished I was there: 50 Times I was glad that I wasn't there: 5 Times I lived my trips vicariously through you: 25 Catching up with you when you come home: Precious in comparison.
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11th October 2008

Photo Stats!
C'mon Jane, how many photos did you take?? Haha, it might take a while to work that one out, love Mum
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12th October 2008

Hi there. Mmm favourite place... Well for scenery we say Greece, and for people Cambodia (which was also the cheapest)!
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