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November 13th 2007
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a smuggled picture of mugabes mansiona smuggled picture of mugabes mansiona smuggled picture of mugabes mansion

I am sure the real picture will be even better. im pasting this link which is probably i am told the REAL mansion.check it out and let me know...!robin


We are seeing the reports coming in NOW that AT LAST ... there looks like a chance that uncle BOB might have got his walking papers long last...

Lets hope so for the sake of the PEOPLE who have needlessly suffered at the hands of a leader turned despot... the Ghanaian hero Nkrumah had the same problem... when popularity turns to dictatorship...
its an age old problem of the power being the drug... some just cannot give up... napoleon had it, hitler had it and Mugabe has it... he should remember he is not the voice of the people anymore ... the people have spoken... up and they have had enough of the gross abuse of power we have seen in zimbabwe these last 25
inside the home of the beastinside the home of the beastinside the home of the beast

I really hope one day before he kicks the bucket... mr . mugabe will write his own biography ... and be able to be honest with all of us... this book I would buy.
years.when the truth comes it will... mugabe will be remembered for his ruthlessness not his liberation struggle; the FINAL CHIMURENGA HAS COME: AND LETS HOPE THAT ZIMBABWE WILL BECOME ONCE MORE THE SHINING STAR OF AFRICA...!

some UPDATED info That is Philippe Chiyangwa's mansion in Borrowdale, Harare. The flamboyant former politician and business man has a huge house along Crowhill road. Chiyangwa is Mugabe's cousin and was a partner in his dastardly deeds. He would later run afoul of Mugabe and was imprisoned in 2005 and has since been released. Mugabe's mansion is much, much larger, and furnished much nicer. His pool is indoors, and the grounds of his estate include huge greenhouses where his food is grown specifically for himself.

so... the truth is ; whats happening? inflation running at 100000% is it the whites that are the problem? or could it be that its time for ALL africans black and white to take responsibility for the people of AFRICA...and that includes thabo mbeki. he has become a lame duck and he needs to go. his leadership skills regarding zimbabwe have been like reagan towards Botha in the eighties..." constructive engagement" - A SMOKE SCREEN
mirrors on the ceiling mirrors on the ceiling mirrors on the ceiling

and champagne on ice.. we are all prisoners here of...our own device..
FOR SAYING... it doesnt really matter... you guys carry on...

The outcry over the squandering of Zimbabwes inheritance and wealth by the former liberation hero Robert Mugabe ...seems like the sign we have all waited for to once again prove that power corrupts..and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The fact that someone can walk into your house and give you 48 hours to leave...just because..well, they fancy it... is that justice? is it retributive or restorative justice.?

Someone once said ; "lets throw the bones of Cecil John Rhodes the Colonialist and Empire builder( and freemason) down the Zambesi River-! The head of the Zimbabwean Antiquities ( a black man) said : "How can we throw our history away?"- (besides its a tourist attraction that brings revenue for our country...)well , I am no great lover of the previous regime of Smith and his cronies...Nor of freemasons; but I will say this... Mugabe was once a man who could be respected amongst great african leaders... now he will go down in history as one of Africas Great African dictators.; ALONG WITH MOBETU- IDI AMIN DADA AND EMPEROR BOKASSA... all bastards in the first degree..and the rest of the
from the outside it looks like the whitehousefrom the outside it looks like the whitehousefrom the outside it looks like the whitehouse

is this the presindent of one of africa's most impoverished nations... home...

In South Africa we are seeing the same trend towards absolute power instead of sharing power with the people. And what is the excuse? -Well read GEORGE ORWELLS "Animal Farm" and you will hear the excuses... a book about the corruption of individuals by the lust for power. In the end you cant tell the difference between the PIGS AND THE MEN...this is essentially what happened to many great african leaders....they became pigs...or should i say in the Orwellian sense..they became men - in other words...the very thing they were fighting against...they became.

Its not an African thing... no... its a "human thing".. you will see it in europe and it was more apparent a century ago than it is now. In the evolution of HUMAN consciousness; many african leaders are still going through that archaic 19th century corrupt mentality... and the revolution that was there to throw out the white masters...has all but disappeared!!The only ideal throughout Africa is this common dictate:

"THIS IS AFRICA...EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! "- and that has nothing to do with color
let them eat cake!let them eat cake!let them eat cake!

i say with his head.
or tribe or religion or colonialism.. its to do with simple as that!GREED AND LUST FOR POWER.

My experience of Africa is this: I tried to set up numerous businesses..I succeeded in many of them, I did some fantastic things... I made a million dollars in Zimbabwe -( in orders alone)... in 1987(not because I was white or privileged... just because I was smart) - but what happened? I lost it all in one night..everything! My houses, my cars, my stock...everything... on a whim...I got stuck it litigation for years... and in the end...I won the case but lost my business. Wow!

And I was lucky to get out of there without being tortured and interrogated by the dreaded CIO ( Central Intelligence Organisation) -

Later many years later I became a Christian and I decided to work for the oppressed in Zimbabwe as a missionary. I joined a local church in Harare- Glendale and I and my fmaily on a very small budget made ourselves available to serve God....

but instead of being welcomed, I found corruption even within the church. Christians who were living off the fat of the land who were
let the people starve...let the people starve...let the people starve...

is this what the zimababwe people fought and died for? a man who has given them freedom...- a freedom they are still paying him for?
unwilling to speak out ...why ? because they were afraid what the government might do to them, afraid that their houses,cars and businesses would be confiscated... FEAR now governs the nation of Zimbabwe... and EVIL triumphs because good men do nothing...,. and in this case..good Christians...
This country could easily be locked down by the Church... but instead... the pain is drawn out and the nation suffers as a result... the only good thing to come out of this travesty of justice is that those who have left have in fact been given the opprotunity to improve their lives abroad by claiming refugee status.. or political asylum status... and when they return- those who truly call themselves patriots, african patriots.. they will bring back much to rebuild this destroyed country.

Finally, it shows at least one thing...

that non-violent protest works... it just takes a little longer... implement total financial sanctions on zimbabwe and indite MR. MUGABE for war crimes he has committed in the congo and in matabeleland. One thing is sure... he will lose ALL his power one day... and ALL his wealth and his children nor his cronies shall not benefit form the theft
he must have a pretty dirty ass.he must have a pretty dirty ass.he must have a pretty dirty ass.

check out the italian marble...and the gold taps... this is either sese mobetus mansion or robert mugabes... why because we believe it could be... and thats what so bad about it... no accountibility... chimurenga? I dont think so... Jealousy? No... Pity... this man has no compassion...hes on one big megalomaniac trip just like saddam hussein,pinoche, mobetu and all the other hobos...
of their master.

It is not wrong to live according to the status of president in his own country... it is however, wrong that the excesses of and abuse of power and goodwill that the world has given this nation... and the abuse of te law of zimbabwe and its constitution ...has made it a pariah state amongst the commonwelath of nations and humanity...and to that ... every zimbabwean of whatever tribe or color...should righteously be angry...amen.

-and they were not white..they were black christians... so in disgust I left that country and vowed never to return until the government is removed(mr. mugabe bless him ...unless he becomes born again...) and replaced with a more repsonsible leader who will respect his people and not act like a despot. Who will respect the rule of law and not abuse it ...

Long live zimbabwe...Bambini ( forward!)

One day Zimbabwe will again be the Shining Star of africa... one day ! Lets hope soon for the peoples sake... ! The only thing the British government and the European and the US government should do is to sanction this country, close it off... western union should not be allowed
screw the people..!screw the people..!screw the people..!

Hell, I earned it... if Im going to hell I might as well enjoy the trip!
to operate there... and neither should the international banking institutions... the time for action is NOW...!( ACTUALLY 10 YEARS AGO)
Who is the owner of this mansion?

Finally somebody managed to take these photos.
Can you imagine who it is?
An American billionaire?
An Arab Prince?
Louis XIV of France ?

NOT PRESIDENT MUGABE ... HE HAS AN EVEN BETTER ONE!!!! HOW ABOUT THAT... one day we will see mugabes palaces and the world will be even more shocked...

mugabe... a crocodile that has outstayed his usefulness by around 10 years. If he had left in dignity when we all respected him - he would have been regarded as a great african statesman... now history will view him as a despot. Let us try to remember him as what he was... a man who spoke his mind,who did what was right for the unity of zimbabwe and her peoples...

e-by gum ... i used to think theres a man with balls...!...

what happened to robert mugabe? was it the death of his wife? imsure that when we learn the truth about what has been going on behind the scenes... ALL zimbaweans will be shocked...

one maniac, that has his people starving, while he fills his pockets with millions and the world looks on without doing anything and the African nations are very proud of him for standing up to the white farmers that fed the nation. Most Africans outside Zimbabwe thinks of him as a hero!.

...surely we will have to organize, again, one solidarity campaign with the people of Zimbabwe ;

but if the people are being abused by this will they stand up?

vote for SIMBA... the lion...

Additional photos below
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the location of mugabes mansionthe location of mugabes mansion
the location of mugabes mansion

this is an aerial view...
from the top...from the top...
from the top...

this seems to be the real mccoy//

14th November 2007

darwin theory
iam not racist but the fact is black people have less developed brain compare to the other civilisations who have organised themselves for 5 thousand years.
10th December 2007

you are a racist
you are being a racist. What does the Mugabe's greed have anything to do with the rest of us? Secondly, the "organised" people managed to do that by pillaging and using African manpower - study your history!!!! Should I assume just because crusaders went around killing people and Bush is still killing people that all white people are slow, evil people? Get a clue. Mugabe will never allow pictures of his house to be taken. What do you think Zimbabwe is...America? It does not happen. Secondly we have seen those pictures attached to ALL African leaders - recently Tokyo Sexwale (I dunno but I hope you know who that is). Are you people so gullible? It helps a lot when people are not sheep. Well the good news is tables are turning and black people are organising themselves and soon I will be owning a plantation ....guess who will be working in my sugar cane fields....I can taste the sweetness.
10th December 2007

oh and to answer your question
This is not Mugabe's mansion, take from me a Zimbabwean who doesnt even like the guy. These pictuures have been circulating the net and have been linked to all leaders African. Quite frankly its annoying when people go out on a limb without checking facts. I know you are askiing but.... Anyway the answer is no...there is no way pictures can be taken. There is security everywhere and people all over...let us all use common sense
12th December 2007

racism is nothing to do with it!
do you know me? no you dont. ! the truth is - these photos were sent to me and i used them to highlight the injustices of the president of zimbabwe who has been given the coutnry to steward - the TRUTH is - it doesnt matter if it is or not... hes abused the zimbawean people and their hopes and dreams. IF he had been an honest leader - RACE would have had nothing to do with it. hell, i would have worked in his garden if he paid me the wage i requested. the issue here is - how can this man claim to be the legitamate leader of the nation if he got his wealth through illegitamate means... ie ripping off black and white people... even if these pictures are not from mugabes mansion- the truth is that he does have not one...but several... houses - some of which he has appropriated... does that mean we need to hold him to account or the people that created zimbabwe in the first place?
21st December 2007

Number 10 Downing Street
Bet some one thinks the queen of England lives in poverty. Or bush lives in a tree house. Which actually he should. Live to tell Erictjie about "Organised Civilizations".... Africans have been ruling themselves for less than 60 years. Hear that: 60 YEARS! And look where we are today. We have cities and economies that are way ahead of what "Other" civilisations had but achieved in but 60 years. There is another side to the coin. You thieving bastards!
26th February 2008

Not Mugabe's mansion
That is Philippe Chiyangwa's mansion in Borrowdale, Harare. The flamboyant former politician and business man has a huge house along Crowhill road. Chiyangwa is Mugabe's cousin and was a partner in his dastardly deeds. He would later run afoul of Mugabe and was imprisoned in 2005 and has since been released. Mugabe's mansion is much, much larger, and furnished much nicer. His pool is indoors, and the grounds of his estate include huge greenhouses where his food is grown specifically for himself.
1st March 2008

stop corrupting travelblog with propaganda
erictjie you are a Rhodesian fascist, go suck Smith and Hitler. Moronic c*nt. Paul Robin Denton, considering all the bumming around the earth as a proclaimed "spiritual traveller" you come across as a bitter twisted fantasist. Get a life, get a job, stop hanging out with Nazis and stop corrupting the travelbog website with your pidgin English and unsophisticated political propaganda. You sound like a mouthpiece for the British government. The fact you took umbrage, not at erictjie's racist gibberish but at the post pointing out the mansion photos clogging your blog page are nothing to do with Robert Mugabe and have been circulating the net about all African leaders, says it all. Creep.
17th March 2008

thanks but no thanks
i try not to judge ;so that is why i allowed your post. firstly im not a mouth piece for the british government - in fact if you read someof my other blogs- thats IF youre an intelligent man who is able to be objective; then read them. as far as pidgin english, thats your opinion;in fact its obvious your main motivation is to provoke a response by attacking. the truth is simply this : mugabe was a good leader until he started putting his nose into places it didnt belong... for example the congo.then after he lost his wife - who by the way stole money fromdonors and financed pet private projects with them... this is NOT about racism; this is simply about accountability to the peopleof zimbabwe , who are suffering because of bobs ideologies- most of them self centred and not nation centred. Put a good leader like SIMBA MAKONI into power and you will see the star rising again on zimababwe. right now ...lets face it corruther... its a friggin mess.! - and theres no one to blame for that except mugabes stupid policies and corrupt ideas and his cronies. if he really cared about the peope he would put them first and stop acting like some kind of emperor... and fianlly ; this ISNT mugabes mansion...i am told... his is even better... so please go dig a hole and hide in it... or face up to reality and see it for what it is.
25th April 2008

11th May 2008

probably not..
i've been to chiyangwa's house several times. this is NOT it.
4th June 2008

Mugabe's Mansion?
It has been said that "When we are foolish, we want to conquer the world. When we are wise, we want to conquer ourselves." Back to the so called "Mugabe Mansion," I would like to know whether the pictures were taken from a well known luxury real estate magazine, or they really belong to one of the fine properties in a land where man made hunger, miserable existence, and absolute dysfunction has turned a once properous nation into the world's numero uno basket case? And talking of greed, lust for power and unwanton waste of resources that would have been used to uplift many citizens of the world from abject poverty; does anyone living out there ... , know of a country (name withheld) that continues to spend over 'five million euros' a year in maintaining the residence - not the embassy - of its ambassador? Mugabe type of gross wastage on pharaoh-mansions continues - to take place 24/7 - right under our watchful eyes, and it should be condemned by all. Will likes of Simba Makoni turn out to be a mixed blessing or another vicious curse for Zimbabwe? Are Zimbabweans going to have another Jokaya Kikwete or worse Mwai Kibaki in Simba Makoni and company?
20th June 2008

no aim?
Who cares whose mansion it is - there is no question mugabe is a pig who needs to go. Don't any of those safari guides ever learn how to shoot?
27th June 2008

Less Developed?
Erictjie! Your grammar is obviously less developed! You should have wrote 'COMPARED' to other civilisations!! Not 'Compare' to...
29th June 2008

"Black Africa unite"
Hey Africa stand up against Mugabe,then resist white imperialism and propaganda.Yes Mugabe is out of mind but let us black africans solve our own issues,As ayoung African Nationalist from Uganda,i think Mugabe is Avictim of Circumstances created by the white masters in Rhodesia.
7th July 2008

I am not sure, these are Mugabe Mansion pictures!
I am not sure about other pictures, but I recognize a couple of them as an Indian Actor Shah Rukh Khan's residence, as I have seen him giving interview in front of his house on TV Channels a couple of times & they also showed these pictures on a TV news channel as Shah Rukh Khan's residence. I myself have seen his house from outside. So at least, the outer side is SRK's house & not of Mr. Mugabe, as you claim!
8th July 2008

I find the british governments public condemnation of Mugabe hypocritical. The west has a tradition of supporting people like Mugabe as standard foreign policy. Now they decide he has gone too far when they need a distraction from Iraq or whatever else and get they show how humanitarian and good they can be. Why has nothing been said or done before now? Mugabe has been destructive dictator for a while already.
10th July 2008

Cyrill Ramaposa
This is Cyrill Ramaposa's house - not Mugabe
13th July 2008

the pics.
one day we will know who this house belongs too. for now...we do not have any authentic pictures inside his mansion... but then again..who cares? he has done his country a great service ...why , because now all zimababweans can claim free benefits in england , get free education and a good job... and guess what after most of them are sick and tired of england... and its bitchiness... they can return home and build and invest in the country that is the land of their birth... there are already around 8 million zimbabweans outside of the country. its a brilliant move on mugabes part... zimabwe will be economicaly very good in a few years once he steps down...
15th July 2008

It's actually Bollywood Indian film star Shahrukh Khan
17th July 2008

This mansion does not belong to Mugabe , it belongs to Shahrukh Kahn SEE:
17th July 2008

weve discovered the origination of whose mansion it is... now... can anyone send us pics of mugabes home..???
18th July 2008

Mugabe's Home
This is as close as I can get:
3rd August 2008

Looks like it's not Sharukh Khan's house
There are many comments here that it's not his house and this site also supposedly shows the inside of his real house with a picture of him inside it.
29th August 2008

Who's house is it?
I just saw a video on youtube, and these pictures were on the video. The owner was an actor from India, his name is Shah Rukh Khan. Who is right?
1st September 2008

thick line between propaganda and distortion
Well, let us hope both Mgabe and Toyko Sexwale have same mansion. These pictures were previously presented as Sexwale's mansion. Are they co-owning it or what. This is a distortion and whoever doing it is weak. The people who can be believe this piece of rubbish are those who are mental disturbed and not well informed. You have no dignity,pride and self respect. Your weakness is in your thinking. Your brain has been twisted.
25th September 2008

Mugabe reigns as a fool
Mugabe may have money now but where will he be when the Lord comes again. Fools will be parted from there money and he will be with the rest of the foolish people, self centered people, and all the rest who do things for their own glory. God will punish him in the end.
8th October 2008

yes it is his house
life is unfair believe me you work hard to buy a one bed room flat and here is a man with 25 rooms yes that is his house i have just bought i plot in zimbabwe and they have amazing houses i feel like my time in london has been for nothing and by the way that i one of chiyangwas many houses sad but ture
6th November 2008

mugabe must go
we are sick and tired of this old man. zimbabwe arise .mugabe must go
11th November 2008

I found it!
This mansion is avaliable for location (film, television and commercial). Is located at West Sunset Boulevard, Bel Air, California. See Satellite:,-118.437236&spn=0.001611,0.002403&z=19
6th January 2009

The truth does matter.
Principles matter. The truth matters. If you use a lie to prove your point, you prove only that you are a liar. If you use a lie to incite mob violence, then you are to blame for the one who tramples a child in the mob's rush to lynch the object of your hatred. This home is a Hollywood showcase to feed the greed and jealousy of the masses. It does not have Robert Mugabe, Sharukh Khan, President Pervaiz Musharraf and the former Secretary of Health Care of Azerbaijan, Russia all living in it, as the internet anarchists would have you believe.
11th January 2009

To the guy who wrote the comment of november 14th 2007. You are overly stupid and RACIST you ignorant WHITE RACIST FASCIST PIG...from a very independent with a well developped brain unlike your small unsignificant brain and person. Shut up if you ain't got nothing to say. From a very PROUD BLACK AFRICAN NUBIAN woman.
21st January 2009

reply to: darwin theory by erictjie
You are being racist. The reason why we are, as you put it, "organised" is because we exploited them and due to that we appear to have more power and control. Not only, we also have more wealth. There have been many corrupt white leaders around the world, do your history.
30th January 2009

Its his house
Thats Mugabe,s house and its not the most expensive property in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is a billionare in every currency,can somebody tell me whats wrong with that.
14th February 2009

Yes its Mugabes mansion.
It's not Sharukh Kahns mansion, his is 4 story high in a dense indian city center, it don't look like this at all.
10th March 2009

Naw its not his house. I watch disney channel and it was used for this movie that had kyle massy (the cory in the house dude) and a dog. i reconize ALL the rooms. lol
19th April 2009

Burocracy that's all you can do
....If you hate the guy...kill him, that's the only way to adjust things or else you'll be crying all over the world seeking help. You want change you've to fight for it..STOP SENDING STEROTYPICAL IMAGES ONLINE..that won't change anything. Be a racist who gives a fuck..everybody gets kicked around.
20th June 2009

who can tell us democracy
As a Zimbabwean myself I dont understand people who teaches us about democracy yet in their own county the money is stamped with the queen's head . She is like god or goddess in their vision . Some people are more equal than the other Mr Writer yry
22nd June 2009

sick to the core of humanity
23rd July 2009

u will neva see e inside of mugabes house
all u western assholes need to shut up and mid ur own , because u will never see the inside of that house hes to smart to let that happen
1st August 2009

the truth
am sure you really don't know what you are talking about.Robert Mugabe does not have a mansion in malasia and what surprises me is you do not know that one can even get much better through farming only? you expect a president to build a house in mbare the high density area of Zimbabwe
1st August 2009

please open your eyes
people of Zimbabwe,pliz be careful of other people who just want to see us fighting for their personal goals.a lot of things have be said in order to create chaos in Zimbabwe but lucky enough we have people in this country who have dealt with the white man before who know that these people try every trick to get what they want.
1st August 2009

the truth
am sure you really don't know what you are talking about.Robert Mugabe does not have a mansion in malasia and what surprises me is you do not know that one can even get much better through farming only? you expect a president to build a house in mbare the high density area of Zimbabwe
1st August 2009

you shall see
am sure most of are going to get the in the light very soon.most of the people of Zimbabwe are going to regret when Robert Mugabe is gone.
12th August 2009

No, not Mugabe's
that house and it's photos are shown in some brazilian sites that inform that this mansion belongs to the Chief of "Universal Church of the Kingdom of God", Bishop Edir Macedo. The main siege of that Christian religion is in Brazil. About that "Macedo's" house, those brazilan sites say almost the same thing that is said abroad about Mugabe, about Philippe Chiyangwa, about some Nigeria Dictator, a some Bollywood actor, some Azerbaijan politician. So, I conclude that none of those versions are true. I have once read in the Web that such house is actually in Bel Air - Los Angeles - USA, and it is used as scenario location for movies and TV series.
2nd September 2009

Umm why i are these pictues of a Bel Air Mansion? Maybe the Mugabe's rent it out to LA photoshoots?
5th November 2009

The Mansion Lie
So sorry to break it to you (just in case you are not aware) this mansion is one in Bell Air, Los Angeles. The mansion is available as a location for film, television and commercial shoots.
7th December 2009

So what if Mugabe has a mansion?
First and foremost, I am no Mugabe apologist, but this fascination with his house is just ridiculous. Posting pictures of his palace on the web in some kind of half-baked idea to outrage people is really not going to solve our chronic crisis. So what if he lives opulently? For his persona, did you expect anything less. It's amazing how many foreign white people scream and howl at how Mugabe has pillaged Zim to build that house, when ironically cities like Manchester were built with gold proceeds looted from the then Southern Rhodesia and other African states. I find it nauseatingly patronising how some of these whites then want to claim a moral high ground!!! If Mugabe wants a mansion, let the old man have one and then address your digust directly to him, instead boring us with your crocodile tears at how we are all "suffering" under his despotism. He may be wrong in many respects as far as his leadership goes, but I think all Zimbabweans respect the man for being the only African president to tell Bush and Blair to their faces to literally GO TO HELL!!! Africa has been that for a LONG time now. Let's build us another castle just to piss yall off!!!
15th January 2010

what a heaven
am i dreami'n, is this real? maybe its not in zim. i guess so coz this is more like usa's white house.realy um not sure thats Mugabe's house some body tell me the truth, is this for real.......
27th February 2010

The crib
People let me put all your minds at ease, this mansion belongs to the Sultan of Brunei, he has since given it to his son(the one that had the crazy expensive wedding to some floosy) now back to the issue, yes Jongwe has made mistakes but lets go back to the beginning, where, when and how this mess started. If you do your research you will find that he is not entirely to blame for this, i would ask you to call on Thatcher and that 4 eyed sh*t head John Major, start with them and this whole story will unfold, i must admit i cant even begin to complain about Bobs deeds and ideologies because i didnt even vote, i can only beg you to start your background check with those two Brits.
6th March 2010

Are you mad!!!
For starters, this is not Mugabe's mansion. Mugabe's mansion has got Chinese designs and its hard to see from outside the walls and is located behind Borrowdale Brook along Swansea Road between Carrick Creagh and Borrowdale Country Club. If i can say, there are better mansions in that area than Mugabe's but no-one is saying anything about them. Who has really been inside the mansion when you do not have the real pictures of the exterior. Are you mad? Another thing, how many leaders are there in the world? I am sure that most of them have got their own mansions and no-one is saying anything about them and what is so special about Mugabe's. Talking about Zimbabweans and their history will not help matters especially if it is a white man speaking because they are the last people black Zimbabweans expect to hear from given their own history on the African continent. Who put King Leopold on trial for killing 10 million Congolese? Who and what defines genocide if not this? After that whites come back and expect us to bow before them!! That's rude!! Why is it there is always and American hand or British hand in almost every conflict around the world? What are their real motives? What democracy can they teach people when under their colonial rule they took the same democracy from black Africans. You may say that those people are gone but isay a child of a snake is a snake too. Why was the CIA involved in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, why is the USA financing Rwanda to fight against DRC and Britain financing Uganda's war against DRC? Are you all blind to what is happening in Sudan, a war being run by a private security company from USA for what reason, where is UN army, where is AU army, are deaf. Just because you listen to what you want to hear not to what is actually being said!!! Leave Mugabe alone, deep down in our hearts, Mugabe remains our hero. We may not want him as our leader anymore but that does not mean we want Europeans or Americans' inteference in the running of our beloved country. For labelling us as lagging behind, i tell you to go to hell because you don't know what is happening. You are so stupid. If this is free press which allow freedom of expression then i expect this to be published.
7th March 2010

I hate Dictators like Mugabe, and I beleive the people of world should help people of Zimbabwe A Message from Iran
7th March 2010

which one is fake?
i saw these pictures few years ago as the parviz mosharaf's(pakistan president) palace
9th March 2010

This house is in Los Angeles, California, United States.
17th March 2010
31st March 2010

Looking at how people in Zim struggle to make ends meet,l found this "MANSION" as a source that was used to waste the tax payers money,furthermorethe money he invested on building that thing should have been used to better the health facilities in Zim and other institutions that would benefit the nation as a whole.l view this man, Mugabe as a self centered person who doesnt have concern wiyh his people or surroundings.
1st July 2010

I envy this man's mansion . I hope I will own one just like his one day .
7th August 2010
he must have a pretty dirty ass.

mhata imhata chete
this guy is full of shit. Im a zimbo living far away from home and my family coz of him. HOW DOES HE SLEEP AT NIGHT, knowing that the nation suffers. I HOPE DEATH BEFALLS HIM IN THE HARDEST AND MOST PAINFUL OF WAYS. Suggestions please...
19th September 2010

Hakuna Matata
He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal He could clear the savannah after every meal I'm a sensitive soul though I seem thick-skinned And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind And oh, the shame Thought of changin' my name And I got downhearted Everytime that I...
24th September 2010
inside the home of the beast

this is really my house
5th October 2010
let them eat cake!

Karmic return
I see M as a servant during the time of Louis16, (French Revolution). He was consumed with envy, hatred for the couple whom he was obliged to serve. He went about his work swallowing a desire to see the thrones toppled. When it happened he was thrilled. However his turn came when he was arrested as collaborator, in the bloodbath of the last days of the Revolution. When he knelt at La Guillotine, he was still busy vowing revenge, but on whom now? He was given a chance by the gods, and he took it and was born a black man in Rhodesia. Shame hey? Misguided old guy.
6th October 2010

parufu rwemudhara uyu please ndiudzeiwo nekuti pakafanira kudyiwa zvisingaite. ini ndinoda kudya chidya chehuku ndakaisa makumbo patafura yegoridhe ndakatsamira cheya tegoridhe. ndinozviziva kuti achagonya chete ende manje manje. parufu rwacho handikone kuvapo. makaona anenge achichema stereki akafuga jira reflag ndini iyeye saka musazondishaisawo chikafu chakasarudzika. priz
24th October 2010
from the top...

ali love manshsion
28th October 2010

Not Mugabes house
The picture from Google Earth is actually Mugabes house but the other pictures of the supposed inside and front elevation (White House looking building) are not. Mugabes house is more Asian in design because Asians built it for him where as the pictures you have are European in style. A lot of the material came from China i.e. roof tiles and other fixtures. It is built in a suburb called Borrowdale Brook and its where many of Zimbabwes wealthy elite live in the capital city of Harare both black and white Zimbabweans.
28th October 2010

Not his cousins either
Oh and its not his cousins either
27th November 2010
the location of mugabes mansion

Good to be King...!
Thankyou for sharing these great photos of this mansion I love the King size bed and the whole style...Thanks. RJ
9th December 2010

This is not Mugabe's mansion. It is an "on location" mansion for filming. It's located in Los Angeles, CA.
3rd March 2011

You need to do more research
This house is in Bel Air, CA and is used for television shows and movies.
10th April 2012

Hole load of crap
It's agreat thing Mugabe did to chase whites out of his country but they have big egos so they won't let go.We all know these are not Mugabe's real house pictures,so for all those who think that you can post cheap lies that Mugabe lives like this sorry we won't fall for it.

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