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November 16th 2012
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"The Travellers Guide to Applied Psychology!"

How Applied Psychology can save your Life

Applied or "Advanced Practical Psychology" or "AP" for short is the science of applying your knowledge in a useful way in every day REAL life. The word"psychology" actually means "knowing about the spirit or psyche"- in its present form it is misused by modern psychologists to describe the science of human behavior. People go to school for years and years and open up offices to "treat" people with human behavior disorders- and to a degree it is a useful tool to understanding how the human behaves or thinks. Pyschologists and psychtrists often pigeon hole people into one or another disorder or mental illness when in fact it doesnt really equip you to read a situation and respond to it effectively in real life. It is a science which is undeveloped and faulty.Applied psychology starts with the premise that it must work. If it doesnt work its useless.

So, for the purposes of this thesis I would like to give psychology an entirely different meaning.

Psychologists might be able to tell you how to act or react when a gun is pointed at your face...( keep eye contact- dont keep eye contact appear defferent- submissive- compliant with your body language etc)- but they wont really learn that in formal school. It something only learned in the university of life... knowledge of the spirit gives you a special window into the human mind and can help you to survive in difficult circumstances.

As a world traveller, I've had to use applied psychology in many situations of extreme danger and peril to myself and to others. What I can share here is what I've learned from 30 years and more on the road. I've been in various situations- some I wont speak about - some I will- there are many tools you can use to save your skin... so I will try to extrapolate on this more and use practical examples of my own salvation using these tools.

As I've said... applied psychology is the practical use of your innate knowledge of the human spirit. Its using it in the here and now. Practical Kabbalah is a different yet similar field and it goes into the realms of the metaphysical and the magical.... only perhaps a dozen people actually know and use it how it is meant to be used... any powerful science has to used carefully... why? because it can not only harm the person using it... but it can harm others... too.! But with the essence of AP is is flexible and flowing, changing BUT constant.

-as spiderman once said: " With great power , comes great responsibility!"

So here goes-

"The Travellers Guide to Applied Psychology!"


When you are being held up at gunpoint or knifepoint it can be a shock to the system- and some people over react to what is happening or are confused as to what is indeed happening.THIS NEGATIVE RESPONSE CAN COST YOU YOUR LIFE. Your predator or mugger already knows what is happening to you because he or she is the one doing it to you. Your first response should be within milliseconds to read the I am being mugged/raped/robbed/attacked/set up etc. When I was being fitted up by the cops in the UK I realised instantly what was happening and that there was nothing I could do to stop it. Again, when I was being held at gunpoint in Rocky Santeiro market in Luanda by some very wide eyed soldiers... I realised what exactly was happening... this is the first thing you need to know... before anything else... Read it.Be present time.Dont be living in cloud cucckoo land and say to yourself... "Oh but this is England!- OR THIS MAN WONT HURT ME - I'm a good person- Ive never hurt anyone..."

Dont be NAIVE! Be wise. Open your eyes, all your perception within you and read exactly what the person who is your adversary is intending to do with you or to you.


In any situation of extreme danger to yourself... it is best not to scream or to panic -unless that is the reaction that comes to you to save your life... usually when your life is at risk you will feel a tight sensation in your stomach or you will feel a touch of vertigo or even your anus spincter will tighten up.

Your heart rate and pressure will go up suddenly too... andrenalin will be released from your brain and you will feel claustrophobic- this is what psychologists call " fight or flight"- but while you are reading what is happening with ALL your perceptions ( I'll go into that in a minute)- it is important to breathe through your nose and to breathe out through your mouth... to regulate your heart rate and your "fear rate".

People express fear in different ways... some shit their pants...some piss them selves - usually most people sweat from their finger tips and palms.

You will always feel when someone is panicking- mostly in their eyes... and if you are panicking your pupils will dilate- you will freeze up- like a rabbit caught in the head lights of an oncoming car- all your years of education in universities that your rich mummys and daddys paid for... will count for nothing... your mind will just freeze up and you wont be able to put your thoughts together...

...your chest will get tight and you wont be able to breathe properly- your synapses will refuse to fire at will... and your breathing will become difficult - you will feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach... maybe your hands will shake... YOU WILL SIMPLY SWITCH OFF!- but dont worry- it happens to the best of us... the good news is that you can learn not to panic... the best advice here is simpy to REGULATE YOUR BREATHING- TRY TO CONTROL YOUR HEART RATE... AND FIND YOUR CENTRE!


There is always a point where you'll have to ask yourself ... "Is this it?"- whether you are going over a cliff in a moving car- ( as I've done once)- or facing a crazy -illiterate mob who want your blood ( as I've done TWICE in Africa)- or facing some desperate individuals who want to rob you ( as Ive done several times)- the list goes on...

... from evil- minded people who want to do you some harm via false allegations or who actually want to harm you physically or sexually. Its all the same... using AP - you do exactly the opposite of what is expected of you... you smile and be calm - against ALL your natural responses...which mostly is to fight or run away...

- in any extreme circumstances seconds count... your mind is already firing on all cylinders and the only thing you can control is your responses... most perpatrators of ultra violence want you to feel fear or want you to respond-BE AFRAID OF THEM- but somone who is calm and smiling and not panicking... this takes your adversary off guard. He/she feeds on your fear - gets power from it- sucks your lifeblood because of it... THEY GET OFF ON IT!

So DONT PLAY THEIR GAME..!- BE CALM! (Smile before you kick them in the nuts!)

4. ACT TO ACT- " to be or not to be - THAT is the question!"

If you want to learn anything useful at school- learn DRAMA!-learn to act- its not what you think it is...

...most court room barristers worth their salt learn at some point a bit of drama. - What is drama? -it is the ability to deceive by creating an impression or false perception- it is the ability to PROJECT something or someone other than who you are... and it is the ability to convert inner emotions that you are feeling into other emotions that you want to feel.

( Hope that makes some kind of sense)- for example. Youre angry. Youre so angry you cant think normally - all you want to do when you see this person you hate so much is to run up to them and do something bad... - but thats what they expect you to do- so instead what you do is to convert your anger- which is an energy- a powerful emotion of motivation into something else... you ACT!-

If youre followed the first few steps and realise that you are facing overwhelming odds - you will need to play along with the bastards who have hijacked you... youre gonna have to pretend to comply... and they must believe it... if youre a bad actor - youre dead meat...

...they'll see through you like a cheap Louis Vitton handbag. SO BE THE DRAMA QUEEN if necessay to save your skin... Even if you're able to run or fight... always choose the path of least resistance to gain your advantage over your enemy. Because when it comes time for you to act positively to defend yourself - you will take them by total surprise and win.

Put on the performance of your life. When I learned the power of drama - I studied it every monday for 3 years- wrote 3 plays of my own and have used many of the techniques to improve my life skills. Possums act- they play dead so they dont get eaten by a greater foe...

... nature acts all the time with one purpose in mind : TO DECEIVE... hell why do black women wear fake hair... they want to attract men- we act all the time in order to get what we want- whether its selling a vaccum cleaner or acting disgusted in a court room so you can turn the jury against the person in the dock...or telling A WOMAN YOU LOVE HER BUT DONT...

-or if youve been kidnapped -you will need to put on a persona that isnt you for the purposes of survival.


In any kidnap or ransom movie coming out of Hollywood- you will always see the good guys trying to buy time so they can catch their adversaries off guard... and thats what you should do when you are in the hands of an overwhelming force that doesnt seek justice or knows what the word means... but instead only wants to inflict pain on you and what you represent.They are criminals who dont care about justice.

So as part of the whole process - dont worry about time... time is your friend... not theirs... you have plenty of tim when youre life is being threatened or your freedom - dont be anxious about time at all... in fact - where you can- buy more time... say anything -do anything to buy time... if youre being or going to be raped or killed on your travels- it makes sense to buy as much time as you can... and HOW you do that is ENGAGE - ENGAGE!


Most people who are doing the robbing or stabbing or killing know they are doing something wrong anyway- so why should they show you any mercy? Yes, you can keep quiet if you have been told to shut up... but where you see a gap... ENGAGE...

,,,by engaging you are buying yourself precious seconds that can make the difference between your life or your death... try to bring them back into a noraml state of mind... for psychopaths and sociopaths- being crazy - is normal...but even with them... it works to make small talk... IF theres a gap... if you see you need to keep quiet and NOT engage...

,,,do so- but this is only after you've read the situation clearly.When you engage you do open a line of communication between you and your adversary- either to put them off balance or to put them at ease in a stressy situation. Again if the situation requires it -you engage-


Imagine you are facing an angry mob of people in a dark place -or youre youre facing almost certain death whether it is by accident or situation- the power of prayer -vocal prayer is a powerful instrument to turn things around. It doesnt matter if youre a believer or not... is the substance of things hoped for- the evidence of the unseen- in you. Im going to give various examples of what Ive done with thepower of prayer in life threatening incidents. What I can say is this: 1. IT WORKS! and 2. IT IS APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY IN ACTION. Ive seen immediate responses to earnest prayer.

Not once or twice so I can call it random... but many many times under extreme pressure. And it has an effect on those you pray with or to. No matter what your opinion about prayer is... it works. Prayer is YOU standing before the ALMIGHTY- the GOD OF GODS- KING OF KINGS...LORD OF LORDS... and asking for HELP!- Try it sometime.


Self confidence comes from within you. You can go to the military- and it can give you certain kinds of self confidence- sport can too- so can your intellectual ability at school- this is the power of the mind- it all helps for you to gain this self confidence- but what I've found when Ive embarked on my travels 30 years ago was I needed to lose my prejudice, fears and angst. I realised to become who I am supposed to be - I had to unlearn most of what I had learned in the first 18 years of my life... I had to open up my mind and my heart... I had to find myself by losing myself.

When you are faced with a decision to make- the difference between you and the sheeple around you who cant be decisive and do something when something needs to be done is simple... they are in shock. Nothing they have learned in their formal institutions whether it be in the army, school or elsewhere equips them for real life.

The only thing that does however is when you are tuned into the Great Spirit and you are moving in the anointing... you have the self confidence that comes with taking responsibility for your dont ask permission... in the words of Peter Tosh..." I am ( you are ) permission!"- You have already read the situation and what you do just comes... and it comes instictively.

And when you act decisively in a certain direction- DONT COUNT THE COST!- because whenever you act altruistically- or in any way- there is always a cost to it...and thats why most people dont act... they dont get involved because they think" Im fearful- Im afraid- I have a wife and kids- It cost too much money- I could get arrested!- I could get hurt!-

-It could cost me my job!- What will my friends think if I step out on my own initiative? I will lose my freedom... I will lose my reputation...

Being a leader- acing decisively- making a differnece requires COURAGE- so never never count the costs... they are a by product of the action... but they are not WHY you are doing it... you are doing it because it has to be done... again... they dont teach this in school. A man of action needs to take action... needs to ACT!- AND DONT THINK OF PERSONAL SAFETY...


Even the atheist who is hanging from a cliff crying for help... will often call upon God for assistance. We cant know how we shall react or not when in a tight corner... but if you are and youve realised that its not up to you - its a higher power thats in control... LET GO!...just let go...and MOVE ... in the anointing that is upon you... if its to help somone- do it- if its to save your life- do it- if that means going crazy - or being crazy in a given situation- do it.

There are many things you can do...once youve made the decision... but what I can say to you is that what you do will be an instinct... you wont even give it a second thought... youll just act... whether its lashing out in the dark at a hidden enemy... or doing something you have NEVER done before... my advice here is simple and as Benny Hinn once said..." Move in the anointing ... "

The spirit in you is from God and it will teach you all things you need to know. So go with it- flow with it and let go with it!


There are times in your travels that you will be faced with a decision whther or not to take resposnsibiloity... what is your alternative? we can leave things to run their course... dont intervene in what you see but just observe it as you would a TV show.It is a commonly known fact that the majority of people DONT take repsonsibility because they DONT believe they can make any least bit of difference... of course... this is POVERTY MENTALITY AND UNTRUE!!!


Hitler could not have come into power had not the people who could have made the difference stood up... and said NO... sometimes there is the inevitable tide of human madness that must run its course... but sometimes... it doesnt have to go down that road... if enough people take responsibility in the world for what is happening around them... we would see an entirley different world... a world free of crime, disease and war. A world free of oppression, rape, and power trips.... wouldnt it be wonderful?

A world free of injustice... why? -because what is right is embedded within you... and you already know it. If we are to love one another sacrificiallly and without need for payment - much of the ills of our society will soon disappear into the annals of our pagan past.

Response- Ability is the ability to repsond... if you see the job...its yours... and if you give away your responsibility for any reaosn from fear to selfishness... you remin a slave to your circumstances - in perpetuity- you are imprisoned within your own mind...!

And part of applied psychology is about freeing your mind and living in REAL TIME... the here and now...and responding to it fully as you can ... you are not ineffective..oyur actions are not useless... the universe sees all you do and smiles or cries.

Our job is simply to accelerate our consciousness - first of ourselves- then to impart our wisdom to others by taking that responsibilty... sometimes you just have to do something becuase you can and are able to.

If you leave it to others ... it is less likely to be done. Of course you cant do everything... but you can do the things that are on your heart to do if you apply yourself to these principles of life.


Ten points should have been enough... but I almost forgot the most important of all!- NEVER SHOW YOUR FEAR!-All the other points are ALL valid... but if you show fear in a difficult moment - its all over- you become the bitch!- your adversary will feed on it... will use it to terrorise you... and you will die...!... They dont teach this to you in most formalised institutions...but you learn it on the road... no matter where you are and no matter what the sitution is... you NEVER NEVER SHOW FEAR!...fear is the killer... its the gameover... if you show it - youre doomed... finished!... ITS THAT simple...

EVEN IF YOURE PISSING IN YOUR PANTS... smile!... AND EVEN CRACK A JOKE... also if youre in a leadership position by showing fear - you undermine the confidence and the ability of the others around you... its better to say to your comrades... its ok to be afraid...but when facing your enemy... NEVER SHOW IT!- keep it to yourself... its good to have but convert it into a motivational force or power to give you the strength and the concentration and clarity to do the job at hand... and remember- dogs can sense fear... so can psychos... dont give them that pleasure...keep a stiff upper lip!- and carry on regardless...your enemy feeds on your weakness... it gives him or her power... if they know you are afraid... they will be like a shark in for the kill.YOU NEED TO BE STRONG AND ASSURED...


My dad once said to me as I embarked on my first great adventure overland through Africa at the age of 19 - if you get in trouble smile a lot, wave your hands about and make lots of noise..."- funny enough- being a drama queen actually works in some circumstances... women get away with a lot because they use their physical weakness to their advantage ... its ok for a woman to shout and scream... to throw their toys out the pram...we men think... oh..." I cant do that... I must be strong...!"- truth is... if its a choice between getting beaten up and knifed and acting like a drama queen... I'll choose the path of least resistance... BUT- having said that... sometimes its necessary to fight... but when youre facing a mob or a corrupt police officer or soldier or hostile person in a hostile country- wave your hands about...make some noise!!!

Another and final point I want to make in the aquiring of these skills - learn how to use your hands... In places that dont speak English or any native language... you need to communicate...and if you dont do so effectively- it could cost you your life. So learn how to use your hands... and learn how to project your voice ( through acting) and make some noise... I once spent a month with the Beoin and a month with a tribe in South Sudan- both times I used limited words and most times... it was by hand signals. Its all part of learning applied psychology... communication is key to survival.

And what is communication?

Ive realised it as the data flow between two points to create understanding between those two parties.Use whatever means at your disposal to communicate what you are thinking or wanting... always carry a notepad and pencil with you so you can draw your intentions if necessary... these are ALL INSTRUMENTS AND TOOLS- necessary to make things happen for you in situations where common logic doesnt work... cultural anthropology is another subject that is good to know... because some words and actions have differnet meanings in other cultures...


Perhpas the easiest way of identifying thjreat levels is knowing about the scale of tones or moods. This is an entire chapter in itself and Im not going into it in detail suffice to say this... a tone or mood begins from just above death to depressive- fearful -paranoid- to apathy-alert-joyful-happy-enthuisiatic-reserved- sad- power-assertive-aggressive-angry etc... the list goes on. Why it is important to applying your response is that it is all part of WHAT you say... and part of READING the situation. Without all the data it is difficult to form a good response. Training yourself in identifying what mood a person is in helps you to survive effectively... For example, if someone is in a very dark need to know where on the mood scale they are so you dont bring them up too fast. When you go down to the level they are on it is easier to communicate with them and reach them - where they are emotionally- this too can save you... how you match the tone of your voice to their mood... all this they dont teach you in college. It comes only through practising it on the road meeting people in different contries and in differnet moods.But, it is useful to have this bow in your quiver.


Again - all part of the training. When you do so it is a survival mechanism to assist you in what you are faced with. Project the wrong perception and you could so easily end up at the end of the food chain. Everything- virtually is all about projecting the right perception. Those people who are media savvy know this - thats why youve got media consultants who coach their clients what to wear, how to dress, which colours to put on - to have tattoos or not .. things like that. Personally I dont wear any jewellery or have any tattoos - but if I wanted to meet someone in a particular situation I might wear a braclelet or a necklace or a ring... why-? because AP is about knowing what perception to project - to friend or foe. It is really amazing how easy it is to create false impressions by projecting negative percetions though word association - trigger words... all of this are the tools used by unethical courtroom barristers...


Examples of USING Applied Psychology in my own life.

I'm not going to tell you them all because there are too many. But I will give you a few as a taster.

1. GOA, INDIA- 1990

- I was organising a GOA PARTY/TRANCE PARTY with my friends- one an Israeli( OR OROVAN) and others. I refused to payoff the police chief- Mr GAONKAR. In fact we made signs saying : " NO BAKSHEESH!"- Needless to say- we pissed him off...and later that night with the party in full swing( there must have been around 600 people there)- GUNKAR arrived with 100-200 cops in brown uniforms and brandishing bamboo sticks( Lassis)- He picked out me, my Israeli friend and a Swedish guy who was completely off his head on LSD.

- ( He told us later he was dremaing he was in a golden palace with lots of servants running aorund him-) Anyway, they descended on my Israeli friend Or who was quite fit- and he started fighting them- of course they beat the hell out of him with the sticks... and as for the Swede - he just curled up into a ball and dreamed of his palaces and the beat the hell out of him too... then they surounded me - I dont know now what made me do it... but I put my hands together in the sign of a prayer... and shook it at the policemen around me...

-not even one of them ( there must have been at least 20 around me)- raised a stick against me.It was as if a ball of protection had descended on me and I walked towards the jeep myself and got in...none of them touched me. This is applied psychology in action. How was I to know that I was wishing them long life and much blessing? It was instinct- I was moving in the anointing...the knowledge - the spiritual knowledge just came at the right moment.


I was with another swedish friend- Bjorn Norrgard... Bjorn is a Mbira player and he wanted to show me some spirit mediums who go into a trance in a very dodgy part of Harare - at night- on a Saturday... I was with another guy from Europe and we had our backpacks and were on our way back to South Africa. It wasnt the wisest thing to do - but I found myself being sucked along with the spirit.

Bjorn got split up from us and went soemwhere else... whilst he was gone we were alone... and somehow- I dont recall exactly- but our bags were stolen.... then as we were trying to deal with this situation- another developed- these very same people who had stolen our bags now demanded money from us... and whats more as we were being followed through the tonship- whatever had been said snowballed and suddenly there was this group/drunken mob of around 100 people around us... immediately we were ushured into a shop by the shopkeeper... I refused to go in... my reasoning was two fold.. if this mob wanted us it would be easy to burn us out... - in any case -I have nothing to fear...if I was to die here...then so be it... but IF I show any fear- its game over- Ive done nothing wrong. So I simply addressed the croud and used applied psycholgy by saying: "Does anyone here believe in God?"

One guy came forward. "Lets pray!"- I said. If Im going to die might as well get my soul prepared for it. So we prayed the Lords Prayer ( Our Father...)

Suddenly from nowhere a white car drove through and gripped my hand and said... "Come with me"- THIS ANGEL RESCUED ALL OF US AND WE LEFT THAT PLACE... MINUS OUR BAGS BUT PLUS OUR LIVES.


I was jumped by two killers in Mexico City after the World cup there. I was strangled so that I lost consciousness. I felt I was dying but suddenly I saw a door of light. I wanted to go through it. But an inner voice came to me and said :" Robin- its not yor time yet"-you must go back. "

I did go back...

and as I regained my consciousness I let loose an almighty scream of rage and fury as I saw these two killers ransacing my pockets for money and other items. I jumped up and lashed out making a lot of noise at the same time...

these guys were so afraid they ran...with me chasing after them...

Nothing teaches you what to say or to do... but it is perhaps the understanding of the human spirit that gives you the answer at just the right moment... its an anointing within you... as well as on you. This understanding of spiritual knowledge in behavior is what applied psychology really is.

4.Gavle , Sweden- 1990

A guy gets knocked down by a car... he is surrounded by people staring at him... doing nothing... just standing there... I at the tme was writing my first philosophy book called Universal Concepts- ( I've never published it as the manuscript was stolen in Zimbabwe)... I decide to take repsonsibility and I walk over to him I cradle his head in my hands and start to stroke it and say to English... " youre alright!"- in moments( I'm not kidding)- he wakes up and gets up on his feet... all the other people are staring at me in wonder... I just smile and walk away...

5.27TH APRIL, 2000,Northampton Maturnity Hospital, UK

My ex wife was giving birth. Her labour was especially long and hard.The doctors wanted to give her an epidermal injection drug to induce the birth of the baby. I refused... I even threw them out of the room and I said to my ex- wife- " If you have faith a small as a mustard seed you will get up out of this bed and walk!"- She replied: " Im too tired to argue with you... I said walk to the canteen and if you dont go into the labour then take as much drugs as you want!"- She literally took 3 steps and BAM!- she went straight into her final labour giving birth only 15 mintues later even the midwife was astounded and said she was amazed at the power of prayer...

Yes... it was prayer... yes... it was Gods grace... and Mercy... but you see it was also psychology- understnading the spiirt of man... how it works... it is the spirit that activates the man... this is what applied psychology is...amen!


I've only skimmed the surface of my experiences on my travels using these unusual techniques... much of what I have done has been completely spontaneous... off the cuff... I didnt think about it... I just did it.. I had no idea at the time that it could be a science in its own right. It didnt occur to me.

But there can be NO doubt that there is a connection with how you act and with how others act to what you do or say... applied psychology when properley practised can save your can stop you from being raped- shot- hurt etc... of course if youre dealing with a homocidal maniac intent on hurting you ...theres not much you can do- but you can mitgate the damages by acting relaxed and doesnt help you if you get stressed out and go to pot - I know - it doesnt help at all... youre going to have to get the therapy.

Use the medication - suffer the PTSD( Post traumatic stress disorder)- But here I've only given you the surface level of the multiple tools at your disposal when youre on the road... I've never used a gun to defend myself or a knife... I've only used my innate knowledge of the human mind and spirit... the power of my words... and the ability to stay calm in a pressing situation when most people would freak out completely. Its not just a gift I have but its a skill that can be shared with my brothers and sisters on the road...

Applied psychology is using what you already know inside of you in a practical way in real life. It can most defiantely not only save your skin ...but it can help others you meet on the journey. Its a tool for life. I thank you.

Ps. I'm quite happy to answer any question about this article or to do seminars on the subject. If you apply these techniques and are successful with them - let me know..."be empowered and embrace the chaos!"

Paul R. Denton



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