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Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Songwe Village February 26th 2013

Days 15 - 22 River cruise in Botswana, the famous Victoria Falls, sunset cruise & walking with lions in Zambia & game watching in our campsite Hey guys, we have had some long bus days, with plenty of time to kill, and needless to say, this is quite a long detailed one. Just thought I would give you the heads up so you can go and grab a cuppa before starting. Saying goodbye to Kruger NP meant saying goodbye to South Africa. Botswana was our next port of call. We were told to watch out for wild animals, as here they were not fenced in and were free to roam as they pleased. Quite frequently Josh (our driver) would suddenly slow the truck down and beep at cows meandering across the road. ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone February 13th 2013

No photos today (well not yet) as too many to look through and select the best of the bunch! (Those who know Lou will know this is not unusual but we took loads and loads!) The day started with a monkey invading the room to steal sugar but because of that we were treated to a family of 2 adult and 2 young zebra grazing outside the balcony. Then we had breakfast folowed by a guided tour of the falls with the fabulous Arson (pic to follow). Wet doesn't even describe how drenched we were. The falls were faster and more full flowing than yesterday as there had been heavy rain and thunderstorms last night. Even so Lou managed to get really close to the river Zambezi at the top of the fall's Eastern Cataract. After ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone February 12th 2013

A quick update, the falls are absolutely spectacular - if you ever get the chance you must come and see them for yourselves!! Guided tour of the falls tomorrow and sunset cruise (which may be minus the sun as it's rained nearly all day!). Even though there has been a lack of sun, the rain has made the water coming over the falls even more impressive - a lot bigger than Niagara was. Back to Johannesburg on Thurs.... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone December 22nd 2012

After four months in Malawi it is sadly time for me to say a temporary 'goodbye' to my friendly yet admittedly taxing "second-home." My experience at Partners In Health thus far has been nothing short of life-changing. In addition to getting an inside look at the drug procurement process - which is unfortunately plagued with corruption, customs problems, and routine stock-outs - I have also been inspired by my clinical experiences here to think seriously about pursuing medicine as a second-career (more on this later...). While I will thankfully be returning to my post at PIH in March, this temporary departure is still somewhat bittersweet. When I return in March, the weather will be much cooler, and the bugs will be much more manageable; but I will nonetheless miss some of my colleagues who will be ... read more
PIH crew
Razor-Edge Bridge

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone November 13th 2012

This article is dedicated to all those people that abuse their knowledge of this art... People study for years in clever universities to learn about human behavior and to predict it...but the best university of all is real life... and Ive found knowing advanced psychology or parapsychology is another completely different level of psychology that can indeed save your life in your travels around the world... i want to speak more about this subject ad i will but Ive introduced this topic here and now ... i want to share with you all some of my secrets and what you've learned in dealing with extreme situations that involve rioting, war, and other life and death situations... the biggest way to survive in these precarious situations is never never show fear...and never panic... but there is more ... read more


Africa » Zambia » Livingstone October 21st 2012

Day 11 - 13 Livingstone Zambia; Crossed the border, got issues but hot at 41! Great campsite at Zambezi Waterfront. Yesterday, Oct 20 went to Victoria Falls...amazing! Today went to a lion conservation centre and "walking with the lions" coming!...another great campground with 2 pools and awesome riverside restaurant....doing vey well...tomorrow, the 22nd, we head north west towards Malawi...quite remote so not sure if and when more blogs will be possible...thx for the comments...miss you all!... read more
More Lions

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Mukuni Village October 20th 2012

We are leaving today to go home, and not happy about it at all. We did get one more quick excursion in which was breakfast on Livingston Island and swimming at the top of the main falls with John being held over it... I was too scared to do this myself and couldn't watch John do it. Beautiful and some of the best pictures of the trip!! Then off to the airport for our 37 hour trip home... John pointed out that if one only works 40 hrs/week, it takes us almost a work weeks worth of hours to get to and from Africa! Yikes! Anyway, I'm finishing writing this with only one more hour until we arrive in SFO, and 7% left on my iPad. No clue what I'll do with the remaining hour... while ... read more
Heading to Devil's Pool
Heading to Devil's Pool
Loo with a view

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Mukuni Village October 18th 2012

This is the best day so far, just truly wonderful day!!! First we went to the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls which was just spectacular!! The water is actually really low (when we come back it will be April-July timeframe to see the falls in all it's glory), but it's still incredible to see, very beautiful. From there we could see Devil's Pool where John is going to hang over the falls before we leave. Yikes! On our way across the border, a guy was trying to sell us a note of 10 Trillion Zimbabwe currency (old currency as they use the dollar now, I forget the name). Our guide told us that 10 Trillion wouldn't buy a loaf of bread, but 100 Trillion would! After getting back to Zambia, we had an amazing 90 mins ... read more
Entering Zimbabwe
Bridge dividing Zambia and Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Mukuni Village October 17th 2012

We had a flight to Livingston, in Zambia, this morning. The food was actually good on the plane. We were met on arrival by John who gave us champaign as a congratulations for getting married... we felt a little guilty that none of the other passengers got any. We've been given complimentary champaign everywhere except the West Cliff in Johannesburg which is a little surprising since it was such a nice place. Zambia was Southern Rhodesia until their independence in 1964, there are 73 languages, with English being the national language. Livingston's population is ~200k and the currency is the Kwacha $1=5,000ZMK and they have new notes coming out where they are dropping all of the zeros. Oct is the hottest month, June is their coldest. Like South Africa, all of the kids wear uniforms to ... read more
Train Safari
Train Safari
Train Safari

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone October 5th 2012

ZOMBIA NO MORE! Zambia has awoken from its slumber and after a very long absence; anyone can see it has joined the growing wave of the African renaissance crossing the continent. The changes have not been dramatic…but they have been profound! I arrived in Zambia from Livingstone – the last time I was here was in 1982- exactly 30 years ago. At the time I was going into voluntary exile from the apartheid government as I realised that even in the law degree I was studying… there was no truth. I determined to myself that I would discover it on the road. That was my goal- and of course to travel with public transport to England to see my grandparent... read more
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