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Today is Kristi's birthday!!! A fellow July baby. :) There are multiple birthdays that have taken place while we have been here and mine is soon on the way as well! Seeing as it was on a Tuesday I wanted us to be able to do something special for it but seeing as we are in the middle of nowhere and they don't have much around, I thought it would be fun to head to Kumi (a neighboring village) for something different and some good food. Julius, our main bota-bota, had said there was really good Indian food in Kumi and seeing as Kristi had really enjoyed Indian food in Kampala, I thought it would be fun. Plus, there are actually grocery stores in Kumi where we can get some American snacks.....Pringles, chips (you have no ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 5th 2014

Our first Saturday in Ngora. Brittany, Britta and I had decided we might go for a run the night before and got up early before breakfast to try to beat the heat. During the run, as we would pass different houses, the Ugandans would just come running out at us and laugh and yell at the Muzungas passing by. They thought it was hilarious that we were running for fun. Even the adults would just sit and stare at us as we would pass their houses. Some of the comments we got were "Good job" "Well done" "I'm impressed" It was funny how impressed they were. On the way back, we passed by a school and had a ton of kids running after us. The group split up today. Kevin, Andrew, Cara and Amy decided to ... read more
Ugandan Futbol
Some of the players
Head coach

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 4th 2014

Brittany, Kristi and I returned back to the maternity unit today. Earlier in the morning we got to assist with the prenatal advice again and then towards the afternoon there were two mothers who were close to giving birth so we headed to the birthing suite. When we got there it was empty. It's a new suite, just built, and it was completely empty and covered in dust. So we went to work and scrubbed it down and set the room up with beds and all of the other equipment they needed. We moved the mothers into the suite around the corner. It's interesting to see how unconcerned Ugandans are with the patients. They made the mothers walk through the hospital to the beds in the new suite on a still wet freshly mopped floor. One ... read more
Kristis first baby delivery
Baby Número One
My first baby delivery

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 3rd 2014

Today was our first day working in the clinic. Yesterday we all went to the same hospital and were familiarized with things. Today we split into various groups and went to the three different hospitals. Brittany, Kristi and I went to Ngora District Maternity Unit. It is a free maternity clinic located across from the main hospital. In the morning, we started off by helping the nurses with the vaccinations for the babies. We were set up in a large lobby type area and all the mothers come in and sit together with their children. The vaccines they had were BCG (tuberculosis), DPT, PVC1, PVC2, and Measles. After around an hour, we were told we were needed more in the Prenatal area. When we showed up they had gathered around 30 mothers in a hallway area. ... read more
For Premies
The delivery area
Women lined up for Childhood Vaccinations

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja June 25th 2014

I met some really interesting people on my flights. A guy from Jerusalem who was working as a camp counselor in NY, a family of six with children all under the age of 8 who are moving to Uganda from Ohio to be part of the organization Kisses from Katie..... That should be a bit of a change for them. The wife/mom is a psychologist and she is going to use that background with the organization and the dad is planning on raising the kids. They have four boys (ages 2,3,6,8) and the two older ones they adopted from Uganda. It sparked a bit of the spirit in my soul that has always randomly thought someday I would do the Peace Corps or some organization like that. Quite interesting to see other people's walks of life ... read more
Uganda Street Life


Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja June 20th 2014

20 June: Jinja, Uganda Today was our day of white water rafting on the Nile. so exciting! Off at 8AM we stopped by the rafting place for briefing, life vests, and helmets. We were then off with a take away breakfast of fruit and tortilla rolls ( I had just the fruit). While in the truck, Samantha and I were seated in the back with two guides. I was talking to Ben about working with the rafting company and his life in Uganda. He was excited that if he did well this year, either this August or next, he may go to Colorado which was fun to talk to him about having been from there. We arrived at the river an hour and a half later and set up to raft. In our raft we had, ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja June 19th 2014

19 June: Jinja, Uganda Being able to sleep in was quite nice as our activity today is only horseback riding at 2PM for two hours. Samantha and I decided to get some laundry done after breakfast. Breakfast was fruit and yogurt for me at the restaurant at the campsite as that was one of the food options on the menus that I could eat and it turned out tasty. After our laundry, we enjoy a little time to read and get ready for horseback riding. Before heading off horseback riding we had lunch which was a nice chicken avocado with coleslaw. For horseback riding, we had a boatman take us across the rive. Along he way, was really nice to seeing different birds and enjoying a nice ride with Julie, Mirium, Samantha and Myself. Once we ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja December 31st 2013

It has been an interesting December in Uganda. From what we saw Ugandans don’t really do a build up to Christmas, which was quite refreshing on reflection although it was quite surreal walking down the street in the blazing sun to occasionally hear Jingle Bells being played. Now we have been here for over four months, I think we are starting to understand the culture here. Well I say understand, I mean realize how things work. During December I did a fair bit of work with Softpower Education. This was the charity I went worked for with my in-laws, we dug a trench in the October sun. I was helping out in a school each afternoon that caters for children with disabilities. There are around 35 of these children who board at the school, along with ... read more
Merry Christmas from Ugandan Children
The Gaddafi Mosque and minaret we climbed
Inside the mosque

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja November 17th 2013

Me again! First of all I must warn you it is very hot here… so don’t read this if you are in a fragile state due to the cold weather in the UK. We had a brilliant time with the in-laws. After a lovely cruise along the Nile we flew to the far North of Uganda and had 3 nights in Kidepo National Park. This was a planned safari trip as a little treat for completing the first two months of our stay. The lodge was amazing - each room was an individual log cabin with a balcony and private outside bathtub overlooking the game park. Once we arrived and unpacked of course (Ness’s favourite thing about going away?!?) we went for a swim in the infinity pool that had views of the park and the ... read more
Amazing infinity pool
Apoka Lodge
Oustside bath tub

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja November 7th 2013

Sorry for the delay, don’t worry Ness’s blog is coming, we have just been busy the last couple of weeks, so it’s me again! So two weeks ago I went on the Three Stone Health Preventive Training course. It was brilliant to see Alfred (one of the trainers) wearing a Welsh tie – he didn’t have a clue where it came from or what it was, but brought a smile to my face! As we drove from the Guest House to the village we saw Muslims outside each mosque having special services for Eid. As we passed a rather large outside service, Charles (the person from the village hosting the training) stated he needed to stop and buy the beef for the lunch. Next thing we knew the service was over as most people had got ... read more
Inquisitive Muslims
Three Stones Training
First Screening in Uganda of the March of the Penguins

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