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Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja December 31st 2013

It has been an interesting December in Uganda. From what we saw Ugandans don’t really do a build up to Christmas, which was quite refreshing on reflection although it was quite surreal walking down the street in the blazing sun to occasionally hear Jingle Bells being played. Now we have been here for over four months, I think we are starting to understand the culture here. Well I say understand, I mean realize how things work. During December I did a fair bit of work with Softpower Education. This was the charity I went worked for with my in-laws, we dug a trench in the October sun. I was helping out in a school each afternoon that caters for children with disabilities. There are around 35 of these children who board at the school, along with ... read more
Merry Christmas from Ugandan Children
The Gaddafi Mosque and minaret we climbed
Inside the mosque

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja November 17th 2013

Me again! First of all I must warn you it is very hot here… so don’t read this if you are in a fragile state due to the cold weather in the UK. We had a brilliant time with the in-laws. After a lovely cruise along the Nile we flew to the far North of Uganda and had 3 nights in Kidepo National Park. This was a planned safari trip as a little treat for completing the first two months of our stay. The lodge was amazing - each room was an individual log cabin with a balcony and private outside bathtub overlooking the game park. Once we arrived and unpacked of course (Ness’s favourite thing about going away?!?) we went for a swim in the infinity pool that had views of the park and the ... read more
Amazing infinity pool
Apoka Lodge
Oustside bath tub

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja November 7th 2013

Sorry for the delay, don’t worry Ness’s blog is coming, we have just been busy the last couple of weeks, so it’s me again! So two weeks ago I went on the Three Stone Health Preventive Training course. It was brilliant to see Alfred (one of the trainers) wearing a Welsh tie – he didn’t have a clue where it came from or what it was, but brought a smile to my face! As we drove from the Guest House to the village we saw Muslims outside each mosque having special services for Eid. As we passed a rather large outside service, Charles (the person from the village hosting the training) stated he needed to stop and buy the beef for the lunch. Next thing we knew the service was over as most people had got ... read more
Inquisitive Muslims
Three Stones Training
First Screening in Uganda of the March of the Penguins

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja October 13th 2013

The rainy season has really started: I keep leaving the house without my raincoat and getting caught in a thunderstorm. Unless you want to wait a couple of hours for it to pass, you get very wet! I was in Kampala last week and but Ness said one day the rain was so heavy in Jinja it was like a river flowing down our street. Yes, I left Ness in Jinja and I went to the bright lights of the city. I decided to save money and take a Coaster. There are three types of long distance travel: Matatu Coaster Private hire A private hire is for exactly what it says, a car, a driver and a big price attached. Like most things a private hire comes with two prices, Ugandan and Muzungu. We have a ... read more
House being built out of mud
Flooding in the slums
Can you see what's on the roof?!?

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja September 27th 2013

I went to a village near the Kenyan border this week (don’t worry I didn’t do any shopping) and all I heard from the children was “JAMBO!!!!” This is Swahili for “Hello!" I started writing this blog on Tuesday, during an amazing thunderstorm and I was slightly wet as I had just run outside to bring in the washing that had taken me 3 hours to do. The washing had built up as we are now entering the short rainy season. It can be a beautiful day, you’ll go into town without your raincoat, although your wife stated you might need it, and the next thing you know you’re stuck in a café with no power for 2 hours waiting for the torrential rain to stop (please note this is a made up story… I always ... read more
3 Stones supporting the cooking pot
Charles working the Tippy-tap
Me after the Tippy-tap was fixed


Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja September 16th 2013

We’ve started to settle into our new home in Jinja. Ness has completed two weeks in the hospital, still mostly shadowing but has seen a few patients who speak “Muzungu” during one or two clinics. Also Ness went out to village close to Jinja last Friday to observe a talk to families in the community. It was really interesting, but very hot as it was under a tin roof. Was funny when she walked in… it was straight for a cold shower! I also had a little road trip, again not too far from Jinja. I went to visit an orphanage, which took an age to find as once we were off the main road there were no signs for it. It was a sad visit – not because of the state of the children, just ... read more
and the rain came..
Enjoying a nice Pineapple Juice
Fridge being taken away

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja September 9th 2013

First of all, I forgot to add the photos of two celebrities (Cindy and Lillian) we saw in Kampala. As we left Kampala the rain started, at one point it was so hard you couldn’t see the end of the bonnet of the car, let alone the road in front of us. I took a video of it but oddly enough it was clearer through the iphone than our own eyes. Anyway it was straight to Jinja Hospital for Ness to have a tour, as you can imagine it is smaller than Mulago Hospital in Kampala. As we were there our landlord William appeared as if he was a patient at the hospital. After the tour we went to our new home, where we’ll be based for the next six months. The house (sorry not a ... read more
Lillian on the left
Our Home for 6 months
Back Yard

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja December 31st 2012

Resumo: Impossível me arrepender deste ano, da decisão que eu tomei de viajar por 18 meses. Estou Bem! Comecei a escrever um pouco de como foi o meu ano, mas vigi .. iria ficar grande. Assim, guardarei apenas como o meu diário. Passei diversos paises, onde trabalhei como voluntaria, ensinando ingles, artes, cuidando das criancas, brincando com elas, abrancando os bebes, sendo garconete, recepcionista de um hostel, cuidando de porcos e galinhas, semeando, arando terra, criando blogs, refornando escola, apoiando outros projetos ... Conheci diversas pessoas. Corrego dentro de mim um pedacinho de cada uma delas. Mas o que eh mais importante .. encontrei o que eu buscava. Bom, pelo menos eu acho que encontrei. Tenho um projeto em mente que eh a minha cara. Enfim .. contarei quando eu chegar ao Brasil em 2014. =) ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja December 28th 2012

Hello! Its been a little while since I wrote – but its been so hard to get online recently!! Apart from the fact that we have been really crasy busy, the WiFi has been a constant fight to get connected. Unfortunately, with all the new fangled i-phones and i-pads and teeny tiny tablets that everyone else has brought with them (honestly – have they not read all the warnings about theft?!!!) everyone is ‘online’ constantly, they never turn off their Wifi roaming – so for all the people who genuinly want to access something or google search something, the connections are so clogged up and excruciatingly slow….. it is rather annoying!!! Let me see…. Since the gorillas (still A-mazing) we have been to a place called Fort Portal, then onto a three day safari at Murchison ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Namutumba December 5th 2012

Entebbe is so beautiful - we love it here and we only arrived very early hours yesterday!! we were only meant to be in Entebbe (where the airport is) for a day, perhaps two, but as the bloody airline has left our bags behind in Istanbul we are a bit stuck!!! we dont actually mind, tis the beauty of travelling for a long time, you dont really have a deadline (unless you have a trip scheduled) so we are happy to stay here - luckily the hostel had room for us for an extra couple of nights!! we are hopefully (the airlines word) able to collect our stuff tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for us! right now we have very bad breath and really smelly pits so its a bit gross, but we happend upon ... read more

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