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Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha August 1st 2006

Ok, so I'm cheating a little bit. We didn't have internet access so I haven't posted anything since the end of July but I wanted to update everyone on the rest of our trip. The summary would be WAY too long if I tried to do it in one update so I'm going to do a few in order of where we traveled. Yes I know I'm not in Africa anymore but I'm going to put the dates from when these events occurred so I don't mess up the timeline too much! --Since our plans didn't pan out with the Arusha SPCA we opted to take a final safari (we'd already seen what little there is of Arusha and couldn't handle even one more day of the crazy touts that are everywhere in town!). We headed ... read more
Just hanging out
Lake Manyara

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha August 1st 2006

I was told after the last entry that I should put a tissue rating on these entries … 1 tissue rating means give it a few minutes and your OK, 5 tissue rating means you could be red faced for 30 minutes to an hour or so, 1 box tissue rating means take the rest of the day off. I think the last one was a 1 box rating .. sorry for not letting you know of the rating system up front! Maybe you had some sick time built up you were able to use. This one is probably not but a 1 or 2 tissue rating depending on how many Hallmark cards you have read lately! And I promise, with the exception of just giving you an update on how Joshua is doing, this will ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha August 1st 2006

Why I’m excited about moving to Africa My name is Emily and I am about to begin the 4th grade. I am exited about moving to Africa because it is interesting and has lots of pretty animals there. Everything is so beautiful there, especially the plants, the people, and the old buildings. And the mountains are really beautiful too. And I already have friends over there, the best part is going and seeing all the beautiful landscapes, the plants and animals in Africa. Well, to me my favorite part of all is going to Africa and being missionaries is teaching every one over there about the Bible with all of the other missionaries in Africa. I can't wait to see Uncle Cy and Aunt Stephanie again. I remember one time in Africa when we, went out ... read more
Emily and her "Rafiki" Hamida
The kids and their friends from church
At the beach in Dar

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar July 31st 2006

Hey allemaal We zijn na een vlucht van 50 minuten veilig aangekomen op zanzibar een mooi eiland, we verblijven in een relaxd resort aan het strans :P. We gaan morgen snorkelen en zwemmen. Mathijs voelt zich alleen niet zo lekker maar dat heeft iedereen hier wel een keer. We vermaken ons verder goed. veel groetjes Ivo en de rest... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West » Kigoma July 30th 2006

It was past noon and sitting on the benches in the shade of steel-roofed gazebo was a small crowd of Africans and more white people than I was expecting. After the usual two or three hour wait, boarding was announced and we joined the queue that bottle-necked through the gate. Once onboard the MV Liemba we were assigned our berths and given our keys. The MV Liemba is a wonderful old iron ship and piece of history. Built the SS Graf von Götzen in Germany in 1913 for the colony of Deutsch-Ostafrika she was disassembled and transported in pieces from Europe to Africa and then halfway across the dark continent by rail to Kigoma on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. There the pieces were reassembled and she was commissioned in 1914. The SS Graf von Götzen ... read more
80 dollar view


Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha July 30th 2006

Well after our pleasant walk through the mountains surrounding Lushoto, we jumped on a small bus and headed further west to the town of Arusha. There's not many nice things to say about Arusha really, the town is totally unbearable, but in the following paragraphs I will attempt to explain. Kris, Jord, Ry and I checked into a cheap hotel up from the bus stop. However before that, we had to fight our way through the local street touts upon exiting our bus. To explain further: as soon as a bus arrives people swarm and cram the exit point making it almost impossible to even get off the deathtrap without throwing elbows. And before that even, the tout network activates itself, and actually touts in Dar Es Salaam (or wherever your bus leaves from) phone the ... read more
Our Beds
Our Prison Washroom
My Diet

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi July 30th 2006

Hi! We are just sending this message because we added some new friends to the list! :-) We are still having a great time! :-) Hugs, Jen. Paul, Vaughn, and Laura... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi July 30th 2006

Hello Friends and Family! After traveling for around 21 hours, we have arrived! We have settled into the Springlands Hotel, had a fabulous breakfast, and are ready to explore Moshi. Today is a day to relax because tomorrow we will begin our trip up Mt. Kilimanjaro! :-) Our hike will last 7 days, so don't be alarmed if you don't hear from us for a while. :-) Everyone is super-friendly and I can tell we are going to have a great time here! Hugs to everyone, and I'll keep you posted on our adventures!!! Love from: Jen, Paul, Vaughn, and Laura... read more

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam July 30th 2006

It’s been a hectic week of zooming up and down the country. I’ve been in places I never thought I’d be involving flights, and days of solid driving along dusty dirt tracks and very very bumpy roads, eating bananas and oranges and packaged biscuits. I’m now back in Dar, but have spent some time in Masasi, and Mtwara, about 60 km from the Mozambique border. Masasi has little to offer other than a thriving cashew nut trade and a tarmaced road (which after 2 days of driving was a sight for sore eyes. The cashew nuts, however weren’t.) On the way down, I stayed in Kilwa Kivinje - a one horse market town, once occupied by the Germans. I was somewhat taken with the 1 pound a night hostel (particularly after the pricyness of Dar and ... read more
zanzibar from the sky
on the road

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha July 29th 2006

hey allemaal we zitten nu in arusha en we vliegen morgen naar zanzibar waar we gaan snorkelen zwemmen en een beetje bijkomen. Daarna gaan we naar Dar es Salam om een oude vriend van marion en zijn familie optezoeken. We vliegen daarna om de 10de weer naar NL en we komen de 11de aan. Misschien kunnen we op zanzibar een paar foto's plaatsen. ik hoop het. veel groetjes Ivo en de familie... read more

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