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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar August 14th 2006

After a week of volunteer training in Dar es Salaam, we were headed to Zanzibar. The ferry was crowded and we sat huddled together, listening to the sound of the rain pelting against the windows and the hum of people speaking Swahili around us. It had been raining all week, but it wasn’t like the steady, gentle Canadian rain we were used to. This rain started and stopped in an instant, and it fell so hard it sometimes hurt my skin. It was just another reminder of how far we were from home. It was dark when the ferry docked in Stonetown. We piled into a small truck with our backpacks and headed towards what would be our home for the next ten weeks. We were five new acquaintances, Canadians thrown together in a strange country ... read more
Dala Dala
The duka
AIDS orphan

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 14th 2006

Hello all! We arrived safely in Dar es Salaam after a 7 hour bus ride. It was great, like a plane on wheels. The guy served us cookies and coke (in the old-school glass bottles, with straw!), and we were able to stop for lunch in this great place that had beef kabobs for only 200 ts a piece. That's about 20 cents. We had a decent night in a BUDGET hotel, and we've just moved our bags to the next hotel which will store them while we visit Zanzibar for 4 days. It's a relief not to have to carry all my climbing gear and extra stuff all over the place. We have burned some photo cds, and I'm hoping to upload some of those when we get to Zanzibar. Internet places are plentiful, but ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City August 14th 2006

14th Aug Monday DAY 24 TEMBO - DAR ES SALAAM Today we drove to Dar Es Salaam (Dar) and again my card wouldn't work so I again had to borrow cash from Robin. We all cracked up back at the bus as Ollie and Dave had bought some new TEXIAN knickers and they had to run back and get bigger sizes, but we had to wait for them in the stinking hot irritating truck. We caught a 10min ferry over to our campsite, which is located right on the beach. We went straight in for a swim to cool off and we mucked around with the Volleyball and it wasn’t only me pissed off this time as the Swiss sisters decided to take advantage of the game and be all over the boys. The water was ... read more
Beach at our campsite in Dar Es Salaam
Beach at our campsite in Dar Es Salaam
Beach at our campsite in Dar Es Salaam

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park August 13th 2006

Hello Friends and Family! Well, I am pleased to report that no one became the meal for a hungry something. =) Our adventure started with visiting Lake Manyara where we were introduced to the art of watching wildlife.....see where the other trucks are parked, and go join them. I kind of felt like we were part of a giant herd of metallic wildebeasts! We saw some baboons (even baby ones, giraffes, elephants and flamincos, but the real animal watching started when we continued on to the Serengeti National Park. We all became adept at scanning the grassland and shouting out if we saw something moving in the brush. Ironically, it was only the prey animals we could find....thompson and grant gazells, DikDicks(gazells the size of small dogs--so cute!), guinea fowl, and an assortment of birds. We ... read more
Lion peek-a-boo
Then look what we found...

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 13th 2006

The 10 of us went to our Kiswahili professor’s house, F.E.M.K is his name, a big new impressive house for the region, and he wined and dined us for hours. Lots of toasts and good variety of food. Went to an outdoor “nightclub” full of all sorts of nations and races and types of people after the professor’s house, The Garden Bistro, and would not recommend its music, though haven’t really found a good music venue yet. Surprised by the lack of a reggae scene. Surprised by the regimented prostitution scene, avoid certain places on certain nights because that is where and when the prostitutes go, I am told. Nilikuwa na bia Serengeti chache. I had a few Serengeti beers, very tasty. Much better than the Safari, which are watery and tasteless. Our wonderful teacher’s assistant, ... read more


Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 13th 2006

Saturday, I went into Mwenge where the carvers I have started teaching English to at night work. It is a nice market there, lots of individual shop stalls, lots of tourists on the rougher side go there to pick up artwork to bring back home. Usually the carvers that sell (and are exploited by) the shopkeepers work right in front of the shops under a few rows of trees that shade them and protect them from the busy, smelly, loud road. But today I went to learn to carve from one of my friend’s students and all of the trees were bulldozed. The artists were not given any advanced notice and started making makeshift shelters out of tarp and sticks to shield them from the sun, so that was a downer. But then this wonderful man ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area August 12th 2006

12th August Saturday DAY 22 NGORONGORO CRATER to ARUSHA Another chilly 6am wake up, but driving to the crater with the thick fog and moss hanging off the trees gave it a very eerie feeling, and worth it. As we turned and headed to the rim of the crater I was so excited to be finally about to descent into this amazing ecosystem and there was a beam of sunlight piercing the crater ground. We opened the rooftops and headed in. We drove around for a while before seeing anything but Laurence gave us some great Crater info (some animals are actually able to leave the crater). The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unbroken caldera (a large crater in a volcano) in the world. It’s surrounded by very steep walls rising 610 meters from the crater ... read more
The mystic fog
and around the corner, The Crater
The sun shining into paradise

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 11th 2006

There is currently a big controversy over here about the film ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’ which was Oscar nominated for best documentary this year. An Austrian journalist started to investigate the Nile Perch trade in lake Victoria in the north west of Tanzania. What he exposed has enraged politicians and environmentalists alike. He claims that the area is poverty stricken, due to the over-exportation to the West, leaving locals to eat only the unsanitary fish heads that are left behind. The director, Hubert Sauper, also points out that the area is a hotspot for arms trade, with Russian planes unloading cargo of kalashnikovs and ammunitions in return for fish all sanctioned by world banks and politicians. Saupers’ accusations that the nile perch trade is fuelling Africa’s conflict has enraged many. The Tanzanian president is furious and there is ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi August 11th 2006

We left the ranch and after a much needed hot shower and a good night’s sleep we headed to Dar es Salaam by bus. We were hoping to make it to Dar to catch the last ferry over to Stonetown and we made it in time but the ferry was all sold out. Our cab driver told us he could get us there for about the same price by plane and it seemed too good to be true! After much debate and consulting of the Lonely Planet we decided to go for it. In the end we were happy to have made the decision because we made it to the airport and after a 20 minute flight we were in Stonetown. Zanzibar at last! We spent the night at Flamingo house and then headed first thing ... read more
Our hotel

Africa » Tanzania August 10th 2006

Brought to Tears ….by Julie Richardson In our decision to make the journey to Africa for the first time, Cy had told me to read a book called, “I Walked By His Side” written by Mrs. Claudene Connally. When I read it I laughed along with the stories, I cried along with the pains, I began to see a side of becoming a missionary’s wife that I hadn’t even begun to experience at that time. They endured so much more than we have had to these days, with the modernization of the world around us growing even over in Tanzania. But the simple things, the love of the people, the hearts of the people are all still the same. . It gave me a little insight as to the struggles others faced before us to ... read more
"These things I command"
His Glory Shall Be Revealed in Us!

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