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Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 13th 2006

Saturday, I went into Mwenge where the carvers I have started teaching English to at night work. It is a nice market there, lots of individual shop stalls, lots of tourists on the rougher side go there to pick up artwork to bring back home. Usually the carvers that sell (and are exploited by) the shopkeepers work right in front of the shops under a few rows of trees that shade them and protect them from the busy, smelly, loud road. But today I went to learn to carve from one of my friend’s students and all of the trees were bulldozed. The artists were not given any advanced notice and started making makeshift shelters out of tarp and sticks to shield them from the sun, so that was a downer. But then this wonderful man ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area August 12th 2006

12th August Saturday DAY 22 NGORONGORO CRATER to ARUSHA Another chilly 6am wake up, but driving to the crater with the thick fog and moss hanging off the trees gave it a very eerie feeling, and worth it. As we turned and headed to the rim of the crater I was so excited to be finally about to descent into this amazing ecosystem and there was a beam of sunlight piercing the crater ground. We opened the rooftops and headed in. We drove around for a while before seeing anything but Laurence gave us some great Crater info (some animals are actually able to leave the crater). The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unbroken caldera (a large crater in a volcano) in the world. It’s surrounded by very steep walls rising 610 meters from the crater ... read more
The mystic fog
and around the corner, The Crater
The sun shining into paradise

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi August 11th 2006

We left the ranch and after a much needed hot shower and a good night’s sleep we headed to Dar es Salaam by bus. We were hoping to make it to Dar to catch the last ferry over to Stonetown and we made it in time but the ferry was all sold out. Our cab driver told us he could get us there for about the same price by plane and it seemed too good to be true! After much debate and consulting of the Lonely Planet we decided to go for it. In the end we were happy to have made the decision because we made it to the airport and after a 20 minute flight we were in Stonetown. Zanzibar at last! We spent the night at Flamingo house and then headed first thing ... read more
Our hotel

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 11th 2006

There is currently a big controversy over here about the film ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’ which was Oscar nominated for best documentary this year. An Austrian journalist started to investigate the Nile Perch trade in lake Victoria in the north west of Tanzania. What he exposed has enraged politicians and environmentalists alike. He claims that the area is poverty stricken, due to the over-exportation to the West, leaving locals to eat only the unsanitary fish heads that are left behind. The director, Hubert Sauper, also points out that the area is a hotspot for arms trade, with Russian planes unloading cargo of kalashnikovs and ammunitions in return for fish all sanctioned by world banks and politicians. Saupers’ accusations that the nile perch trade is fuelling Africa’s conflict has enraged many. The Tanzanian president is furious and there is ... read more

Africa » Tanzania August 10th 2006

Brought to Tears ….by Julie Richardson In our decision to make the journey to Africa for the first time, Cy had told me to read a book called, “I Walked By His Side” written by Mrs. Claudene Connally. When I read it I laughed along with the stories, I cried along with the pains, I began to see a side of becoming a missionary’s wife that I hadn’t even begun to experience at that time. They endured so much more than we have had to these days, with the modernization of the world around us growing even over in Tanzania. But the simple things, the love of the people, the hearts of the people are all still the same. . It gave me a little insight as to the struggles others faced before us to ... read more
"These things I command"
His Glory Shall Be Revealed in Us!


Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi August 10th 2006

Hello from a very sunny (but occasionally rainy!) Zanzibar! At the moment I'm on a beautiful white sand beach in the north of Zanzibar. Its gorgeous and everyone is having a good time. Went swimming with dolphins yesterday which was amazing....probably about 20 of them swimming beneath us. Tomorrow just chilling out and tghen going snorkelling on another island. Very little time again (African internet is quite shocking) so ill have to leave it there!xxxxxx... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park August 9th 2006

9th August Wednesday DAY 19 NAIROBI to ARUSHA A great way to start the morning is being forced to have a cold shower when you have to also wash your hair. Brrrrr. Good news was that the radio on the truck was now fixed so the new group jammed along, passing into TANZANIA and had our lunch stop in Arusha where I pigged out on a massive macon, egg, beef, hash brown burger and chips. Tried to get more money again and got a photo in the centre of Africa, between Cape Town and Cairo! The name Tanzania comes from the joining of the two former countries of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. (The two united in 1964 to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, which later the same year was renamed the United Republic of ... read more
I'm going that way, no that way???
A little confused
The centre of Africa

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha August 9th 2006

Well in case any of you were wondering, it's now official -Jasons gone completely nuts. Cabin fever, boredom, crazyness or my personal favorite: plain and simple insanity now officially reign supreme. It's been exactly two weeks now since my passport vanished without a trace, and I've yet to confirm there to be any real progress in its replacement. I'd love to give my home government workers the benefit of the doubt, yet something inside me says that I'm going to be waiting quite a bit longer. I know that in a previous entry I already went over my daily routine in painful detail, but there are actually a few new things for me to report. It just so happens my apartment is starting to get a little bit dirtier and the nearby buffet is no less ... read more
Number 9
Number 8
Number 7

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam August 8th 2006

im back in dar and trying to recover from jet lag... the flight feels like it didnt even happen, though it was long. tucson to houston, houston to amsterdam (where a nice man bought me a sandwhich and drink so that i wouldnt have to get euros in change, cheers to all the people in boston that were to good to him. i never would have thought that europeans would ever feel indebted to americans), amsterdam to kilamanjaro, finally to dar. got in at 11 pm the next day (left on sunday at 10 am, crossed 10 hours of time zone difference, and got in at 11pm can see how confusing it can be for both body and mind) slept till 2 in the afternoon. its damn cold here, in the 50s or 60s, i ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro August 7th 2006

A great big "Good Job" to all of us! =) A big shout out to my family who were kind enough to contribute genes that allowed me to climb to 19,164 ft without Diamox! =) How it all began.... Wake-up call at 10pm, tea and cookies at 10:30, and at 11pm we started our final leg of the voyage up. The night was clear, and thankfully there wasn't much wind. the clinking of our steps and trekking poles on the slate sounded like breaking glass or clinking chimes. All I saw was the ground in front of me, Paul's back, and occasional tents set up along the route. We started our ascent with our guide Godi in the lead and the assistant guide, Phillip in the rear. Vaughn and Laura quickly started to pull away, so ... read more
Devil's Tower
We're getting closer!!!
Mealtime on the Mountain

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