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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar October 24th 2010

Today was supposed to be a pool day at Mtoni Marine, my resort on Zanzibar’s west coast. But because it keeps raining on and off, I am instead sitting in the open-air sports bar called Mcheza Bar, watching soccer, listening to a mixture of Coolio rap songs and bad disco music, and watching an orange cat (one of several inhabiting the resort) wonder around looking for food. Every once in a while a mule will walk by on the beach a few steps down. I just had a pineapple and avocado pizza, which was delicious, along with a coke. I’m not sure why, but there is a shortage of Coke Light (diet Coke), so I have been drinking the real thing. I arrived Friday evening, after a 20-minute ride in a 12-seater plane. I had the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi October 20th 2010

Hi all/few, It’s been a while that I have been unable to update the blog. We left Rwanda and rolled onto Tanzania. We followed the southern shore of lake Victoria to the Serengeti/Ngorongo parks where we saw some incredible scenery and wildlife before stopping over in Arusha on the foot of Mt. Meru and Kilimanjaro (sadly there were clouds so we did not get to see anything at all) change truck. I had decided at that point to stay extra days in Zanzibar and wait for the next truck coming down this way. I will look forward meeting a new group and do the next leg of the journey and meet extra people even if I feel sad having waved goodbye to some great characters. So I am now on my own in Nungwi on the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City October 14th 2010

What a different crossing a border makes, from the moment I crossed from into Tanzania from Malawi I seemed to get hassled, I had a few really bad days and just wanted to get on the first flight home. I will not bore everyone with the details except to say that a white person is seen as a meal ticket and everyone seemed to want to rip me off. I traveled to Mbeya, then on to Dar es Salaam I disliked both places, so headed to Zanzibar as quickly as I could, I had heard positive things about it and it was one place I had always wanted to visit. The very name of Zanzibar puts the imagination into overdrive. It is also know as the spice islands, and was once the center of the slave ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City September 23rd 2010

Our shack on the beach at Dar Es Salaam was across the harbor from the ferry docks so we had to cross on a short shuttle ferry then catch the fast ferry to Zanzibar. Fortunately it was Sunday morning so the shuttle was not handling work travelers. The fast ferry was fast and smooth and comfortable but very full. Zanzibar is two hours away across open ocean. Kayla and Richard stayed inside and watched Rowan Atkinson in The thin Blue Line on TV so the time passed. We arrived in Stonetown and were met by Hamim our guide. He had a waiting Mini bus to get to our hotel. Then we all agreed to take the "Spice Tour" for $25 each. This started with lunch at a local diner. It had good tasty hot food. Richard ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi September 23rd 2010

This morning we went on a walkabout in the old quarter of Stone Town, with photography of the famous doors on Kayla's agenda. Emily joined us. There are some 500 mahogany doors with large brass studs, each a different hand carved design, all of Indian origin. The studs were originally to keep elephants from rubbing against the door. Interesting to note that there have never been elephants on Zanzibar. However that doesn't take away from the beauty of the doors. Although she didn't get photos of all 500, Kayla did take shots of many interesting designs. Stone Town is on the ocean, which provided other sights of interest, including a secondary school for Muslim youth, and a very high end hotel opened by the Aga Khan, with room rates starting at $450 US. We luxuriated on ... read more


Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City August 20th 2010

Hello hello! DENTIST TRIP: Well we are on the island of Zanzibar currently and I am recovering from lasts nights emergency dental work. As it turns out my last filling somehow came loose when eating some caramels. I had managed to eat an astonishing 12 of them at the same time but I lost my filling in the mean time. Additionally I had another cavity near the first infected tooth, so at 9pm (after the dentist ate his evening meal as it is Ramadan now and everyone here is fasting all day long) we arrived to a rural dental clinic on Zanzibar. The dentist, speaking only a little English, sat me down and I opened my mouth. In about 5 seconds with no anesthetic he started drilling out my tooth. I was like WHOA and convinced ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City August 19th 2010

Been on the road nine months now and been moving faster then ever, attempting to see as much of east Africa as possible. Malawi flew by with highlights, truly enjoyed it, their experiencing many great people so friendly and generous. With a wonderful lake, fertile land and the stunning Mt. Mulanje. Justin and I were fortunate enough to be accompanied by some students from the USA that have been living their for a few months showing us an insider perspective. Introducing us to many of the local people and taking us through the village they our working in. A nice change of pace from the current touristy trail. From Malawi we took a 35 hour bus ride to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where we met Justin's friend Stephanie that will be traveling with us for a ... read more
garden in village
Local building

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Bwejuu August 18th 2010

Anneke only would climb the Kilimanjaro if we went to Zanzibar afterwards to Relax on one of the we did! Arriving in Stone Town after a long busride from Arusha and then the fast ferry, it was a hassle to find a good place to sleep. Most places were full already so we ended up at this crappy place just outside the centre of Stone Town. At night we went to the Forodani Gardens, along the shore, It is a great place with many food stalls and half the population of Stone Town and almost all tourist will gather there in the evening. Great place to eat fresh seafood.....but with me being vegetarian and Anneke not liking seafood we were not the biggest buyers of the streetfood. We had an OK meal but the atmosphere ... read more
Stone Town by night
Relaxing in Stone Town
cocktail at the beachbar

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa August 16th 2010

Just returned from an amazing two week trip to Tanzania where I climbed (most of) Kilimanjaro and spent a week on Zanzibar. Both deserve a bit of time so in the interest of this entry not being incredibly long I'm splitting them up. First on the agenda: Zanzibar! Zanzibar is pretty much what one imagines when conjuring up images of a paradise beach vacation. Sugar like white sand, impossibly blue water, amazing scuba diving, beautiful sunsets... you get the idea. But first, how we got there. After Kili we spent the day in Moshi showering (alas no hot water) and then boarded a bus to Arusha where one of my friends from U of T, the lovely M, had been living all summer working for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. We had to wait, as ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar August 14th 2010

6th August Day 10 Chitimba Beach, Malawi to Iringa, Tanzania We had an early start this morning and pretty much drove all day with a border crossing into Tanzania taking quite a while. We stopped at a gas station for lunch….yes we only go to the best places on this tour! And we hit a bit of an all time low point with the food situation as we ran out of salad and meat with 7 people still left to eat. It seems that food is a whole lot more expensive in East Africa and the budget just wasn’t covering all our expenses. We made it to camp at Iringa just on sunset and managed to get our tent up fast and run to the showers before the other trucks arrived in camp. It was bliss…..we ... read more
Coke distribution centre in Stonetown
Muslim boys in Stonetown
Talking in Stonetown

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