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January 4th 2011
Published: January 4th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

So, as I may have already hinted previously I'm not actually all that keen on exercising, After a day at work the last thing that I'd want to do is to get myself down to the gym, or do anything active actually. I'd much prefer to ponk myself down on the sofa with a beverage of some description, and become an armchair supporter of whatever football match they were deciding to show on Sky TV and relax with my family.

I found that workouts just got put on the back burner and only spoken about around the time that New Years resolutions were getting branded around.

But that's all just an excuse really, and, if I'm completely honest, far from being a gym bunny, I actually hate exercise.

I'm a '30-something' year old male ex-smoker and weekend drinker, who, since stopping playing Sunday League Football, at the end of last season, doesn't actually do all that much other than go out to work, so this adventure represents a massive opportunity to turn things around and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The hope is that publicly exposing myself and writing about the trial and tribulations of my planned training effort, I'll be shamed into sticking to it, and stand a real chance of reaching the summit. (-- see edit below --)

Now that I've done a lot of research, I'm meticulously formulating my plan of attack - not only on the fitness front, but by ensuring that I'm prepped with all the gear and vaccinations I need to be able to make the trip. One thing that has struck me is the sheer volume of kit you need for this expedition - from windbreakers to walking boots, quite an investment needs to be made.

I've started with the basics so at least I am primed for the practice walks I'm doing in the UK before I depart (-- see Note 1 below --). Even if I'm not physically ready for this adventure, at least I'll look the part. I have my Mammut Jacket, North Face walking trousers and Meindel walking boots, which are currently being broken in, er, around the streets of Cherry Hinton and Cambridge. Not quite the African foothills, but it's a step in the right direction!

edit - that didn't work to well. I completed a long run last night, today was the 'rest day', then I'd planned another run tomorrow evening. All good ...... until I was offered corporate tickets to watch the Arsenal -vs- Man City football match tomorrow at the Emirates Stadium. So my run has now been replaced with food, beer drinking and socialising. Oh Bugger, that's the cycle that I was hoping to break :-)

Note 1 - We're off to the Peak District this weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) for a social gathering, meet the additional people who have joined our group since we last met up,...... and sshhsh, secretly assess our own personal fitness against the others to see how much extra fitness effort is needed ............ I suppose we could also fit in a walk or two.


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